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Part 9: Surfer Girl

(MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy)

Written by Spacer X (

This work is copyrighted to Spacer X 2004 with all rights reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start at the beginning in order to understand the characters and previous events.

These are illustrated stories. If for some reason a picture doesn't open you may need to refresh the page or right click on a particular picture to open it.

CHAPTER 1 (Tuesday, Oct. 22)

On the cheerleader front, neither Katherine nor Alan ever brought up the idea of counter-blackmailing Kim again, after all their mutual fun in the storage closet and Kim's generous offer for them to use her house. While Kim found the idea of dominating Katherine arousing, she just wasn't the kind of person to be a mean master and keep Katherine in a slave relationship.

In fact, if anyone was in the driver's seat now in terms of setting rules and an agenda, it was Alan first, Katherine second, and Kim last. The fact that Kim was the youngest by far made it hard for her to stay in command. She could have easily blackmailed both Alan and Katherine over their incestuous relationship, but she just wasn't the kind of person to do that. And then there was her horniness. If either of the Plummer siblings suggested a situation that could lead to more fucking and/or sucking, Kim was all for it.

The situation with Heather was a bit more prickly and tricky, but Alan assured Katherine that the head cheerleader could be handled. Luckily, Heather didn't know much.

At school on Tuesday, things went pretty well for Alan. He was more or less able to concentrate. The only strange thing to happen was in his World History class with Ms. Rhymer. He was busy with all the other students taking a test until he came across one particular difficult question. As he often did on tough questions, he stared out the window as he pondered, as if he could find the answer written in the clouds.

Then he noticed the reflection of Ms. Rhymer in the window pane. She stared directly at him. Since he looked at the window, she didn't know that he knew she was staring. Alan noticed that even as she stared at him she also had a strange, far away look in her eyes. She sat on the edge of her desk on the spot where she usually sat when she talked to him after class. She held a ruler with both of her hands, and Alan noticed that she languidly caressed it up and down.

Wait! he suddenly realized. That's exactly like stroking a penis! Still looking thorough the windows' reflections, he scanned the class to see if anyone else had noticed. No, everyone is too busy with their tests.

He continued to stare at her reflection. There was no doubt about it. She treated the ruler just like an erect penis. One hand held it at the base and the other slowly went up and down the top half of it. Then, gradually, the pace of her hands on the penis/ruler quickened. It soon reached a furious pace.

Alan could hardly believe his own eyes. While he'd long lusted after her, it all seemed like a safe fantasy, he could hardly conceive of her actually having sexual desires and actions on her own. He was again shocked to look around the room and find that nobody else saw. It seemed bloody obvious what she was doing, but everyone was too busy with these tests to even look up at her.

She began to pant, and despite all the conservative clothes she wore, Alan could detect her boobs heaving in time to the vigorous stroking of the ruler. He looked around again, amazed that the jiggling of her breasts still hadn't attracted the attention of any of her many horny young admirers who would have killed to see such a sight. However, he was completely riveted, especially since he could see through the window's reflection that she was starting right in his direction the entire time.

Finally it seemed like she and the ruler climaxed. He half expected to see jism shoot out the top of it, and then he realized how silly that idea was. But she panted heavily.

After what seemed to be the climax, it appeared that Ms. Rhymer slowly came back to her senses. She put the ruler down and looked at it a bit shamefully. However, it appeared to him that he could still detect her butt wiggling around a bit, and then realized she sat right on the corner of the desk. Oh my God! Now she must be trying to get herself off with the corner edge of the desk! Did she have a real orgasm with the ruler?

But then she got up and returned to her seat behind her desk.

Alan tried to return to his test. Did she notice I'd seen her through the window? I was looking up and away from my paper for an awfully long time. Certainly she would have noticed that? Was she putting on a show for my benefit?

He looked up at her again, directly this time and not through the reflection. She stared directly and intensely right at him. But when she realized he was looking back, she appeared to get nervous and quickly looked away. He went back to his test, but couldn't think. He looked up again through the window's reflection. She's still staring at me, again! What gives?

Alan then noticed that if one paid close attention, it appeared that she was moving around slightly in her seat. Her face appeared really flushed as well, even more than it was a few minutes before. Then he realized that both of her hands were in her lap. What went on there was blocked by the desk, but he could make a good guess, especially since her arms appeared to move up and down in a piston pattern.

She's masturbating right in front of class! he realized. Not only that, but she's doing it while she's STILL staring at me! God, does she have a thing for me?! Duuuuh. She must! After all this time, two years of lusting, I finally find out she likes ME! Dang!

This is just too bizarre. My most beautiful teacher is masturbating in class while thinking of me, and then I've got to go paint the pussies of my sister and her friend for lunch. And today is a Tuesday, so who knows what that'll mean. Is my mother going to ask for another "abnormality check" of my penis even though Father is home?

And there's Suzanne. ... She could come into my room at any given moment. And another appointment with Akami coming up... This is just too weird! It's like I'm having the total harmonic convergence of sexual luck! And really, it all goes back to my "six times a day" diagnosis. The greatest thing that ever happened to me, but I'm beginning to even doubt the diagnosis was for real.

He saw Ms. Rhymer gasp. Her face turned redder and suddenly showed a very embarrassed look. There's no doubt. She just had an orgasm. I'll be damned!

Needless to say, Alan did very poorly on that test. He lingered after class to see if Ms. Rhymer wanted to speak with him, but not only did she not say anything, she appeared to be bashful and ignored him completely. He was the last student out the door, but she still ignored him. As he left, he noticed that Ms. Rhymer still hadn't even gotten up from her chair behind her desk.


There really was no painting to speak of that day.

Alan removed Katherine and Kim's skirts, and then actually had to perform the relatively unfamiliar act of taking off panties to thoroughly check the paint jobs. But the paint was so durable that the paint jobs from the day before still held.

So he had more of a social visit with Kim and Katherine in the supply closet.

They only stayed a few minutes, and the talk was entirely nonsexual. Mostly it was a chance for Alan and Kim to learn more about each other. Katherine was definitely on her best non-teasing behavior because of her promise to cool it until Thursday.

And so things went relatively normally until Alan got home. Then, once again, his charmed and strange life seemed to get particularly surreal. He walked inside to find his mother seemingly waiting for him in the kitchen. Just seeing his mother these days, no matter her attitude or what she wore, usually got him hard. At the very least, all he would have to do is see her hands or lips and remember what she did to him with them, and he'd have an instant boner.

But being alone with her in the kitchen today got him especially hard and horny. He recalled their one wild day together when he came up on her washing the dishes at the kitchen sink and extensively fondled her ass. It was all he could do not to whip his shorts off and climax all over her backside.

Susan was dressed today in her usual conservative, around-the-house clothing. But no matter what she was dressed in, there was no way for her to completely hide her fantastic tits. In fact, drab clothes had a way of drawing attention to her assets even more, as if the tits rose to the challenge of proving their ability to attract one's eyes no matter what she wore.

Jesus Christ, thought Alan, her tits look like they're ready to burst through even that heavy fabric. And it pains me to think about the rest of her fuckable body 'cos it's all too huggable and touchable. What an ass! Certainly she has to remember what happened last Tuesday vividly, too - is that why she's meeting me in the kitchen? Katherine said something about having somewhere to go with Amy after school; has Mom manipulated things to make sure we could be alone? She's going to be touching my cock soon, I just know it!

Susan appeared to be very nervous. She said without looking at him, "Tiger, there have been some changes around here lately, changes for the good. We've been able to make this a respectable, Christian house again. I wanted to talk to you about this last night, but, uh..." She paused and struggled over what to say.

Then she continued, "Since your father has come back, things are more the way they should be. I'm sure you'll agree. But we still have your medical problem, and since today is a Tuesday, I think it's still important that you have your check for abnormalities on your ... member. You told me last night how it's getting more difficult for you to achieve satisfaction, and Suzanne warned me that you're suffering soreness and chafing down there. I'm concerned. Do you think that we can forget what happened last week, and do such a check in a much more clinical and dignified manner?"

Alan nodded his head in agreement, even as he gulped in frightened and excited anticipation.

"Good. I'm glad you agree. Why don't we go to your room?"

They began to head in that direction.

Susan really was determined to perform the abnormality check in the most non-sexual manner possible. She was only doing it because Suzanne had talked her into it and really left her no alternative. She cradled a cup in her hands. "I think it was a mistake to take our clothes off last time. This time, you can just move your underwear to the side or unzip your fly a bit, and then you can shoot into this cup." She held the cup up for him to see.

Back in his room, Susan was the epitome of professionalism. She waited for him to take out his penis, which he did. She began to clinically and dispassionately rub his penis. She didn't say a word and remained poker-faced, even grim. This is no fun, thought Alan. I practically have more fun with my own hands.

He was determined that things wouldn't go like this. He willed his penis to get flaccid, although normally the mere idea of his mother doing an abnormality check had made him as hard as he could get. He thought of two extremely fat, ugly, pockmarked, and pimply men having sex with each other, and that worked wonders to get and keep him down.

Susan tried to stroke his deflated penis, but it continued to soften.

In desperation, he lied to her. "I'm sorry, Mom, but with you all bundled up in your conservative clothes, I just can't get it up. It reminds me of the old, unsexy days. And you're not being very passionate. I need some visual stimulation at the very least. I'm having such trouble sometimes lately getting a reaction down there."

"You're really a handful, Alan Plummer!" Susan said in exasperation. "What am I going to do with you?" She thought, This is not good! I can't allow things to get out of hand. I have to think of my husband! It's not the act of helping with his medical treatment that bothers me, it's all these depraved, sinful, and decidedly un-wifely thoughts that go through my head when I do it! I'm so weak!

After no response, and a long pause, she said, "Okay, just a little visual stimulation. But none of my clothes are coming off, you understand?"

Alan asked with deliberate cluelessness, "How can I get visual stimulation if your clothes won't come off? ... Okay, I've got an idea. Stand up and raise your skirt. That might do something."

"Very well," Susan said, sighing. "At least you didn't focus on my boobs for once, and I don't have to take anything off." She stood up and raised her dress.

Even now, after supposedly "reforming," she still didn't wear any underwear. "I'm a bit surprised, Mom. Didn't you take to wearing a bra and undies again?"

She sighed again, and looked away. "Yes, I did," she answered reluctantly, "but I'm experimenting. Is there anything wrong with that? You heard in the car the other day that Ron and I are having some marital difficulties. Perhaps if I dress a little sexier, maybe that'll help."

In actual fact, though, she was only going without underwear in the mornings and afternoons when Ron wasn't around but Alan was. She didn't even know why she was doing that. She snapped defensively, "Are you happy now? Does that make me a bad person or something?"

"No. Geez. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm just curious, that's all."

"Anyway, Son, are you ready yet?" Susan asked impatiently. "I can't just stand here like this!" Speaking more to herself than him, she said, "I shouldn't call you 'Son' at a time like this. It's so embarrassing! It's not right for a son to look at his mother's most intimate places."

The real reason for her impatience was that she was growing aroused. She was starting to feel tingly all over, especially between her legs, and she worried that Alan would soon start to see moisture down there.

Then there was Alan's extremely distracting bulge, which wasn't helping her effort to keep breathing evenly. She nodded towards his crotch and noted, "I see you're almost there."

In fact Alan got rock hard as soon as he took one look at Susan's fully exposed pussy. But he still didn't want her to touch him only in a clinical way, so he hoped to sex things up a bit more. He thought again of extremely fat men having sex, which caused his penis to deflate halfway just as she reached out to begin stroking it again.

"Tiger, you're too much!" Susan cried in exasperation as she saw the penis fall. "What now?!"

Alan quickly thought of an excuse. "Well, the way you were being kind of snipey and resentful at my question, it broke my mood. And now it's not working anymore."

Susan still held her skirt up with one hand, but she let it down in defeat. "Talk about prima donnas!" she griped. She was unusually irritable because her emotions were in a jumble. Expecting the inevitable, she asked with more than a little frustration in her voice, "What now, oh Mr. Suddenly Can't Get Horny If My Life Depended on It?"

"I dunno, maybe if I could just 'get your attention' you know touch you on the rear a little."

She was even more exasperated at that, and ruefully recalled Alan's massage last Thursday, and how that innocent touching had spun out of control. But with no alternative in sight, she said, "Oh... all right! Go ahead and make it quick. I'm far too lenient with you, you know. It's a miracle you're not more spoiled."

She was frustrated, but she also was secretly pleased. She turned around and let Alan lift up her skirt and play with her ass.

As Alan got into rubbing his hands all over her butt, Susan felt a strong sexual feeling well up in her, and began to intensely enjoy what he did. She thought, It's been far too long since I've felt like this. It's been six days since a blowjob almost a week. I can't go without him that long! God, what the hell is wrong with me? I need some of his sperm in my mouth right now. No. That's wrong. My husband is in town. In theory, he could come home and see this! I have to keep control...

She became so absorbed in her thoughts that she forgot to protest when he stuck a finger in her anus and began to pump a finger in and out of it.

She thought, That's my Tiger. You give him an inch, and before you know if you're lying naked on the bed with a big thick dick shoved down your throat! I love it! He's so forceful!

It was all she could do not to fall on the bed and spread her legs for him. In truth, he wasn't really that forceful, since most guys in his shoes would have lost all control around a woman as physically awe-inspiring as Susan, but she didn't see it that way.

But then, suddenly, she came to her senses and remembered her vow to be professional and dispassionate. She reminded herself of her husband again and that he'd her cool it.

"Okay, buster," she told him. "Enough's enough. You must be hard by now."

She turned around and forced Alan's hands off of her butt in the process. Sure enough, he was hard again. "Quick now, Tiger, before the moon turns green or some new weird excuse, let's get this over with already!"

"Don't worry, Mom, I'll be fine now," Alan said sincerely.

On the surface, everything was strictly by-the-book. With one hand she jerked him off, and with the other she quickly performed the abnormality check. But in fact, she caressed his penis with a passion and intensity she had lacked a few minutes before.

She finished the check quickly, and then she said, "There. Now that's how it should be done. Professionally. Responsibly. But now that we're done with that, it would be good for you to get one of your daily times over and done with. Since you've having such difficulty keeping stiff lately, do you need my help finishing off? Or can you handle it by yourself?"

Alan was no fool. He replied, "Um, actually, I could really use your help."

"Oh, very well." Secretly, she was delighted. In fact, it wasn't that much of a secret because her face beamed with a big smile.

Susan used both hands and really went to town. Her hands flew up and down and around as she delighted in her first real handjob for what seemed like ages. What she really longed for was to stick it in her mouth. She loved a blowjob more than just about anything, though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps because it seemed to be the epitome of naughtiness - both her parents would have had a heart attack even thinking about a penis being put in a mouth. Even her father was so brainwashed to think a penis was inherently filthy and sinful that he would not have found the idea of a blowjob arousing. But Susan had vowed to herself not to allow a blowjob to happen under any circumstances and channeled all her passions into the handjob instead.

Alan was loving life. He was feeling so good that he decided to press his luck a little bit. Susan was panting and grinning and generally enjoying herself so much that he was confident she wasn't about to stop no matter what he said.

"Hey Mom? You know, I can feel it start to go down a little."

"You're kidding me. Son, this erection is so hard and... good. I don't see a problem here." Her hands slid and sloshed all over, sped along by a growing amount of pre-cum.

But Alan persisted, "Trust me. Maybe you can't see it yet, but it's going down, mentally. Just to be on the safe side, I think it's probably better if you pull your top up to your shoulders. 'Cos you're so bountiful and beautiful up there."

Susan narrowed her eyes. "You would say that. You expect to just snap your fingers and your mother bares her chest? Is that what you want? Do you get some kind of sick thrill watching her big boobies bounce all over the place?"

Alan wasn't thinking to clearly by that point. It seemed like a no-brainer question. "Um, yes."

Susan sighed. "What if you father was to see us like this? Don't you think my being bare-chested would just make things worse?" She continued to happily stroke.

Alan had a clever thought. "Well, it might even help speed things up a little bit."

Susan sighed louder. "You have a point there. Very well. But I'm just pulling things up a tad so we can get this done quickly." She frowned, then pulled away and started fiddling with the buttons on her blouse.

Alan didn't realize it, but Susan was so aroused by that point that he could have just as easily talked her into a blowjob. He was too far gone to be thinking clearly and took her protests at face value despite the burning fire of passion in her eyes.

Susan didn't just lift her blouse a "tad," she arranged her blouse so all of it was above her collar bones, giving Alan a clear view of her mighty rack. She didn't know why, but of all things that turned her on, having her son stare at or fondle her bare breasts was at or near the top of her list.

The downside for Alan was that he was correct, his mother exposing herself like that DID speed things up for him. He'd been having a heck of a time trying not to cum too soon, and his recent and regular PC muscle exercises only helped some. As a result, the whole thing was over in five minutes. It end came upon him quickly. "I'm losing it, Mom! The cup! The cup!"

Susan fumbled around for the cup and positioned it just in time.

He cleanly ejaculated into the cup. No more words were said until he was done. In retrospect, he was disappointed that he mentioned the cup because he would have preferred to cum all over his mother. But on the other hand he worried that might have been pushing his luck too far.

When it was over, Susan stuffed his penis back into his underwear, buttoned her blouse back up, and then stood up. "Thank you, Tiger. I really needed that. I needed to make sure that I understood the importance of boundaries myself, and to prove to myself that last week was an aberration. I feel like I've passed a test, and even more so since you made it extra difficult for me. Looks like I'm not going to completely fall apart if you touch me."

She continued as she straightened out her clothes, "Next time, hopefully we'll have better luck getting you aroused, but overall it appears that you have the maturity to deal with your treatment without letting things get out of hand. Otherwise I was going to have to ask nurse Akami to take care of these checks. I'm sorry about some of these changes, but that's the way it has to be, do you understand?"

"Yes, of course," he replied. But he thought, If you only knew about what's happening between Katherine and me, what would you think about my ability to maintain boundaries then?

"Good. I suppose a little bit of visual stimulation didn't hurt anyone. And if you show that you can properly behave, then maybe next time I'll be willing to use my mouth, like we did before." That made it sound as if a blowjob would be a reward for him, but in fact it would have been even more of a pleasure for her. But she acted restrained in her demeanor. "Now, do you think that will hold you for a while?"

"Yeah, definitely. Now I'll be able to take care of myself for at least a day or two," he lied, sure of what Suzanne would want him to say. "I'll think about ... what we did here."

"A day or two?" Susan said incredulously. "Is that it? I can't believe it!"

"I'm sorry mom. But it's just... you're so arousing. The porn we bought, all that other stuff, it just doesn't compare. Suzanne is great, definitely way great, but somehow I find myself thinking of you. And when you're like, all 1800's and Amish, Suzanne has a real uphill battle getting me going at all."

Susan complained, "'All 1800's and Amish.' Come on. I'm not that bad."

"Well, that's true. Not any more, at least. I'll think about you not wearing any undies and that'll at least help a little." He was playing up his supposed difficulties in getting aroused when in fact he really was hardly having any trouble at all. In truth, Suzanne alone was endlessly arousing and he correctly suspected she had lots of tricks and talents she had yet to use on him. But for some reason, he didn't feel like he was lying, just stretching the facts.

Susan thought to herself for a minute, and thought again about Suzanne's plan of having Suzanne take care of him somewhere outside the house. She found that strangely disturbing and wanted to either be the one to help him directly or at least have it happen in her house. The locale was symbolically very important to her; when it took place in her house, she felt connected to the event. "Let me know how it goes, Tiger. Let's have good communication. Tell me when it gets unbearable, and we'll do something, though it may not be what you figure."

She smiled as he nodded back gratefully. Then she left the room.

Alan lay back on his bed and pondered what this latest development meant. I'll bet this event will be very important over the long run. Aunt Suzy told me Mom's return to her prudish ways would only be a temporary thing, and now it looks like she was right. Sweet! Today, Mom was trying to be all proper and clinical, but the fact is she's still jacking me off and she's still digging it, too! Double sweetness!

Given this and what she said last night, when Father leaves, we're bound to slide back to how it was before. If I play my cards right, I bet she'll eventually lose the rest of her holier-than-thou attitude, and become hot-to-trot all over again. I've seen that it's in her, and it has to come out.

Once that happens, the whole facade can finally be torn down. I'll be able to fuck my mom, my sister, and Aunt Suzy to my heart's content, in my own house! Amy is totally in the bag, too, if Suzanne is doing it already. Throw in Kim and God knows who else? Ms. Rhymer even? Imagine inviting my teacher over to my house for dinner, followed by a giant orgy! I'll be the only guy, and four, five, maybe six women will all be trying to pleasure me. It'll be like having my own harem! This is going to be great, and it's just a matter of time! All I have to do is stay on course and not do anything stupid, like get caught having sex with my sister.

He orgasmed again after reveling in his fantasies. Despite what he told his mother, he had no trouble at all climaxing six times a day, these days. True, his penis wasn't always up for it, but he had no lack of erotic thoughts driving him wild. He would have cum twenty or thirty times a day if time and his body would have allowed it.


That evening, Susan and Ron went to play night tennis with each other. Tennis was one of the few things they actually did together. Susan felt conflicted being near Ron. On one hand, she felt guilty for having jacked off her son hours before, but on the other hand she suspected Ron of rampant adultery. She let out her frustrations by playing aggressively.

Not only was she in great shape and playing at the top of her game, but Ron was quite out of shape. Her maternal instincts kicked in. She prided herself on being a good wife, so when they were done playing she said to him, "Ron, honey, are you all right?"

He was panting badly as he clutched his side. "I'm just ... winded. ... I'll be... all right. ... Good game. ... First time ... you beat me."

But Susan said, "You're not all right! Frankly, you haven't looked yourself lately. What have you been doing in Thailand? Whatever it is, it sure isn't exercising."

He griped, "It's called getting old."

"Nonsense. Look at me and Suzanne. Would you believe I got carded the other day when I bought some wine at Trader Joe's? It's true. When did you have your last physical?"

"Uuuh, I don't remember." He was still bent over and gasping.

"You're having one now! I'm going to set one up for you and I don't want to hear you're too busy to go."

Ron just nodded.

Susan thought, AND, while he goes, I'll make sure he has a blood test. Then we'll be able to test him for STD's too. Heh-heh! It's not exactly a Suzanne scheme, but I'll bet Suzanne's gonna be proud of me for my cleverness!

Not long after they came home, Suzanne came over to see if circumstances would allow her to help Alan some more. She noticed Ron watching TV in the living room and wandered upstairs. She heard the stereo in Alan's room, which presumably meant he was studying, and she also heard Susan down the hall in her room just starting to take a shower.

An idea came to her head and she rushed back downstairs to Ron. She told him, truthfully, that her son Brad had been having trouble with his fantasy football team and needed advice. She knew Ron was a big football fan and correctly figured he'd volunteer to go over and help Brad. She further knew that when either of them got to talking about football it was nearly impossible to get them to shut up, so that meant Ron was out of the picture for a good while.

Then, giving Ron a minute or two head start, Suzanne rushed back to her own home, went to her private office there, and called the Plummer house.

Alan's bedroom door was slightly ajar, so he heard the phone ring in Susan's bedroom. Hearing the water running in the shower and the phone still ringing, he rushed over to her room to catch the phone before the answering machine took it. He made it just in time. "Plummer residence?"

Suzanne chuckled. She could tell it was Alan's voice, and there was no mistaking her scratchy voice, so she decided to have a little fun with him. "The Plummer residence? I'm not sure I have the right number. I'm looking for an Alan. I understand he needs to have his cock sucked."

Alan was so shocked by that that he was momentarily speechless, and just muttered, "Uh, ah..."

"Is this Alan?" she continued. "Because this is his friend Christine and I just wanted to know that I'm so sorry about turning him down for a date. I'm just standing here in my opened robe playing with my big breasts and thinking about how I need to make it up to him with blowjobs. Lots and lots of blowjobs!"

Alan was slow on the uptake, especially since his head was filled with an image of Christine playing with herself. He stated the blatantly obvious. "You're not Christine!"

"Oh, but I am. Whom am I speaking to? Is this Susan?"

"No, she's in the shower. Suzanne, I know that's you. I mean, come on. You didn't even try to sound like Christine. Heck, you don't even know what she sounds like. What's this all about?"

"But I AM Christine! And I need your help!"

Her plea for help sounded so urgent and sincere that Alan couldn't help but reply, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know! It's my body. You're the only man I can trust so I'm calling you!"

But what is it? What's the problem?" Against his will, Alan found himself increasing drawn into the scenario. His vision of Christine talking on the phone grew increasingly clearer.

"It's like cats when they go in heat. It's just like that. I'm in heat! I need your help. I need you to come over here right away! My breasts! They're so... needy! They need a man's touch! I standing here in my room, naked, writhing with lust, but when I pull on my nipples it just doesn't do it! I need YOU! I want you to grope and maul them! Pull on my nipples HARD! And my pussy is even worse. It's on fire! I think the only thing that can cool it down is cum. Lots and lots of sticky man-cum! If you don't come over here and stick your big cock in my tight blonde little pussy, I think I'm gonna die! You just have to come here and fill all my holes, over and over, in and out and in and out with your big hard log, all night long!"

She gasped as if attacked. "OH! OH! Oh, my breasts! Oh, GOD! They need to get fucked too! Please, I'll do anything if you just come over here and fuck my tits! Oh God! Please! And then the blowjobs!"

Suzanne was getting herself increasingly worked up with her rapid fire sexy talk. She had to pause to catch her breath.

That gave Alan a chance to finally get a word in. He was extremely aroused, but deadpanned, "Suzanne, if you ever need any money, you could make a fortune as a phone sex operator. Jesus! That was like being hit by a truck! A full-on sex truck!"

She laughed. "I don't know what a 'full-on sex truck' is, but it sounds like fun. But you got me. I'm not Christine."

Alan laughed too. "No, you're not. You're pure sex and pure evil, too."

She chuckled. "There's maybe some truth in that. However, would you be less mad at me if I said I really am playing with my tits and I really am looking for you so I can help you with a blowjob?" She chuckled again, because she could hear him gulping with shock and arousal.

"Oh, man!" He stammered a bit and then said, "Aunt Suzy, God I'd love for you to help, and that Christine talk got me really worked up, although it would have been just as great if you were you, but you can't. Ron is here."

"No he's not. He's over here. He came over just a few minutes ago and he's gonna be here a while. He and Brad are talking about football and even my husband has joined in. I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal."


"I'll help you reach your target with a handjob or blowjob, but you have to ask your mother for her assistance first. But the offer's only good for the next five minutes. You snooze, you lose."

"But Aunt Suzy! She's taking a shower. How can I even ask? And you know how she is lately, especially since Ron came home. What's this all about?"

"She needs to get more involved 'cos I can't handle it by myself. I heard she helped you with an abnormality check earlier today, so you need to strike while the moment is hot. Not only that, but a shower is a perfect time. She's very susceptible to you when she's naked, believe me."

"But Suzanne. I can't just walk in there when she's naked and ask for help with an orgasm. That's craziness!"

"Think of it this way, Sweetie. It's win win. If you go in there and she says yes, then you're obviously a very happy camper. If you go in there and she says no, then you still get my help. AND you get to see her naked. The only way you lose is if you're too frightened to go in at all. Fortune favors the brave."

"But... but... Aunt Suzy! Grrr! You ARE evil!"

"Did I mention the five minutes has started already? Susan and I keep no secrets so don't try to wiggle through any loopholes. Oh, and you can't mention that I suggested any of this. Good luck!" She hung up the phone.

Standing in Susan's bedroom, he was already quite close to her adjoining shower. In fact, Susan probably could have heard his end of the phone call had the shower water not been running. Thinking about her showering there so close was very tempting. Furthermore, thinking about Suzanne's promises and her talk about Christine helping out had put him in such an excited mood that he was practically ready for anything.

Still, he thought too much to be naturally aggressive, and he found himself pacing back and forth in her room, wondering what to do.

He tried to think of some kind of reason to enter the bathroom while his mother still stood wet and naked. Even as I'm thinking, she's probably toweling herself off. Dang. I can't go in there on accident - this isn't the bathroom I normally use. Maybe I could say there's some kind of emergency? Nah. At best I'd get a quick look. ... There's something really wrong with me to even be standing here in this room, but I'm so horny that it's beyond unbearable.

Before long, the only thing he could think about was how his mother would look under the shower, seeing the water pouring down all over her glistening skin. But still he hesitated because he couldn't think of a good reason to go in there and violate her privacy.

Suddenly, the shower came to a stop.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Time is running out! Not to mention Aunt Suzy's five minute window. That could even be over already! I wonder what she's thinking. Today she actually told me she might give me a blowjob sometime soon. And she DID give me a handjob. Hey. Wait a minute. What did she say earlier today? "Tell me when it gets unbearable, and we'll do something, though it may not be what you figure." That's it. I'll just say I can't take it any more and see how she reacts. If worse comes to worst, she can't be THAT mad at me, can she?

Fortune does favor the brave! What the hell, I just have to do it!


Alan knocked on the door before he could think of excuses not to act. "Hey Mom, are you showering in there?"

"Tiger? Is that you? No, I'm done showering."

Alan opened the door. He rushed in and hugged her before she had much chance to react.

"Alan?! What are you doing? I'm naked!" She wore a shower cap, but that was it.

"Sorry, Mom, I thought you said you were done showering."

"Yeah, but I'm still drying off! You have to leave this instant!"

"But Mom. You said I should tell you when it gets unbearable, and it got unbearable." He slid his body down until he knelt with one leg so his head rested between her boobs. He regretted the fact that he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but there were limits to his daring.

"Already? But Tiger! I just helped you out a few hours ago. You said that would last you a while."

Alan was delighted. He was having a conversation talking into his mother's ample cleavage, and she wasn't pushing him away. His hands wrapped around her and held her by her lower back.

By contrast, her arms fluttered in the air as she didn't know what to do or how to get him away.

"Sorry, Mom, I can't help it! These things can't be controlled. I have raging teenage hormones and there's no telling when they'll strike." His words were muffled because his nose was deep in her cleavage.

"Alan Evan Plummer! Listen to me this instant! I am NOT going to give you a blowjob. That is final. Do you understand? Not even a handjob. You'll just have to fend for yourself. Ron is downstairs! Downstairs, I said!" She shivered at that thought, and her voice dropped to a near whisper. "Do you realize what that means? What if he walked up here right now? It would be the end of our marriage! A total disaster! Please peel yourself off me already!"

Alan was happy to hear his mother talk, because the longer she talked, the longer he could hold on. And he was partly right about the raging hormones - he really was thinking with the wrong head at the moment. "But Mom! He left to go talk football with Brad a few minutes ago. He'll be gone for a long time. And I can't help it. Please, Mom! I need some help. Some assistance! Maybe can I get your attention?"

His hands dropped to her ass and started mauling at her butt cheeks. Meanwhile he continued to nuzzle his face between her pillowy breasts.

"Tiger! Please! Get off me. Don't do that! Not in the ass crack, especially. Now isn't the time. And next door is still too close! He could come back at any time and I might not even hear. What about Suzanne? Can't you get her help?"

"But she isn't here," he pointed out. "I have needs right now, big needs! My dick is so hard it hurts!" He licked some drops of water off of her left boob. His tongue worked its way towards her nipple.

Susan freaked out; she worried that if his mouth made it to her nipple and he started suckling her there, she'd lose all control. She decided she had to disengage from his greedy grasp before that happened and tried to wiggle away. "Okay. I'll give her a call, since it's such an emergency. Here. Let me go by."

Alan reluctantly let go and watched her walk naked to the telephone that was beside her bed. He went to the bathroom door and then the bedroom door and locked them both from the inside, then returned to his blatant gawking.

She started dialing Suzanne's number and then realized she was still in the buff. She turned away from Alan and sat on the bed.

That limited his view of her, but he still got to enjoy her bare back. But her backside alone was a very impressive sight. He rarely got to see all of her back because her long brown hair was usually covering most of it, but she had her hair up in a shower cap so he marveled at her shoulder blades and long, shapely neck. He was so out of control horny that the urge to explore her body was almost overwhelming.

"Hello? Suzanne?"


"We have a problem here. It's about Alan. He says he needs assistance right away. It's urgent! Can you come over here and lend him a hand?" She blushed as her words sank in, and then corrected herself. "Um, I didn't mean that literally. Well, actually, that is kind of what I do mean, but I didn't mean to say... Uh, anyway, the point is, you're needed over here. Okay?"

Part of Suzanne's motive for her on the fly scheme was to push Alan to develop more aggressiveness, so she was delighted that he'd done as she had hoped. But of course she acted as if she didn't know anything and said, "Just a second. Call me back on my cell phone."

"But-" Susan found herself listening to a disconnect signal.

She rapidly dialed the other number and got a hold of Suzanne again. "Suzanne, is that you? What was that about?"

Suzanne replied, "I can't talk about tending to Alan when Brad is in the same room. It's too weird, not to mention dangerous. Anyway, I'm in a safe spot now, so what's up?"

Alan meanwhile had walked around so he could see his favorite parts of Susan on her front side.

She crossed her legs to cover up her pussy and put an arm over her chest. Happily for Alan, she needed her other hand and arm to hold the phone. "It's Alan. It's like he's gone crazy. He's standing here with me in my bedroom and I'm naked and he's not! You have to help!"

Suzanne cooed, "Oooh! That sounds hot. Are you excited?"

Susan was hot as a furnace. The way Alan was devouring her with his eyes was almost unbearable. Her legs kept trying to spread apart by themselves and she wanted to thrust her chest out and scream, "Suck on these!" But instead she cried into the phone, "SuzaaaaAAAAaanne! That's irrelevant. By the way, is Ron over there right now?"

"As a matter of fact, he is. I think he's going to be here for quite a while. The men are having a big football pow-wow. Why do you ask?"

"Look, can you come over here right away and take care of my Tiger's big problem?"

Suzanne was having fun teasing Susan a little bit. She could picture Alan standing and staring while Susan squirmed and blushed while talking naked on the phone, and she figured the longer she could draw that out, the more aroused everyone would get. So she asked, "When you say big problem, are you referring to his big erection?"


"Are you sure he's erect right now?"

Alan was standing right next to Susan by now and could just manage to make out what Suzanne was saying to her. Inspired by the question, he adjusted his shorts, causing his erection to poke out the bottom. Because they were short shorts, about half of its length stuck out.

Susan stared and panted, "God yes!"

"How do you know?" Suzanne prodded. "Are you staring at his fat thickness right in front of you?"

"Yes! YES! I can see a good three or four inches of magnificent man-" She interrupted herself. "But that's not the point! I need your help right away!"

"Okay, sure," Suzanne replied. "But what's the big rush?"

Susan didn't want to admit the real reason: she was so aroused that she feared she wouldn't me able to control herself much longer. She had visions of dropping the phone and lunging forward, tackling Alan to the ground in a mad frenzy to get his shorts off. She nearly screamed, "Please come over NOW!" But then she calmed herself and glared at Alan. "You can't wait because Alan is being insistent and demanding like some kind of prima donna."

"All right. I'll be right over."

Blaming all her conflicted emotions and raging desires on her son, Susan vented to him in the guise of speaking to Suzanne. "Thanks. Thanks a million. Isn't he something else? You should've seen his impetuous and spoiled behavior today. Frankly I'm disappointed in him. He needs to learn how to control himself and respect others."

The words hit him like a bucket of ice water. Suddenly shamed, he hung his head like all the spirit had been sucked out of him. No longer listening closely, he couldn't hear Suzanne, but he heard Susan say, "I know. I know. ... Okay. ... Well, I'll see you soon."

Then she hung up. Now she could cover her ample chest with both arms, and did so. She chided, "Okay, Son, Suzanne will be over soon. Are you happy? We're lucky she happens to be available on such short notice. You've been rude to both of us and, had your father been here, it could have been disastrous for all of us. This is exactly the sort of unthinking, selfish, and reckless behavior which I was afraid of, so I hope you feel good about yourself. Can you please give me some privacy now?"

Alan dropped his head even lower. His erection could no longer be seen because it shriveled back up into his shorts. "Sorry, Mom. I'm really sorry. Please tell her she doesn't have to come over. Really. Please. She can't help now, 'cos whatever mood I was in, it died for good."

He started to walk off to his room like he was headed to his own execution. But he paused, turned, and said with sincere anguish, "Mom, I'm sorry for being pushy and invading your privacy. But having to do it six times a day, it's not easy! I wish you wouldn't hate me and say such hurtful things. I can't help my condition." He turned and kept walking.

Now Susan felt bad. "Wait!"

He froze just as he was about to reach her bedroom door.

"I'm sorry I was so harsh, Tiger. But you have to understand, there's a time and a place for everything. What were you thinking? All I can help you with are the abnormality checks, once a week. The rest of the time, Suzanne may be able to help here and there, but your problem is hardly the most important thing in the world. You're forgetting about other people and what's important for them."

Alan hated disappointing his mother more than just about anything. He couldn't bear to even look her way and had to fight the urge not to break down and cry. "I'm sorry, Mom. I don't know what came over me. It's just that I love you so much. And I look at you and I get so aroused, I really don't know what to do! I mean, how many boys have mothers with E-cup breasts? And I don't know how they measures asses or backs or feet or smiles, but whatever part of your body they'd measure it would get a perfect score! How can I handle that?! You're just too hot for me not to want you!" He made a few sobbing sounds as it became more difficult for him not to burst into tears.

Susan stood up, still naked, and rushed to him. Coming at him from the back, she covered him in a big hug. "Awww, my cutie Tiger. That's so sweet. Mom isn't mad at you. Don't cry." She gently rocked his body with hers like she was rocking a baby crib. "Don't cry," she purred as her voice grew softer.

His urge to cry did in fact fade as he felt her love pouring into him via her tender hug. He started to feel a lot better all over. In fact, in less than half a minute his erection sprang back to life, thanks to the way her naked body was all over his like an octopus.

She continued to lecture him, but in soothing tones. "Tiger, I love you, but don't forget the boundaries, okay? If you really need some visual stimulation from me I suppose that's okay, but you can't just wander into my private bathroom and ask for assistance any time you like, like you're some kind of lord! Especially not when Ron is near by. That's insanity. If he's anywhere in California that's far too close for me because he could never understand the complexities of why you need certain highly unusual types of help. I don't mean to be rude, but you really need to go."

"That's okay, Mom. I understand. I'll go."

"Do you still want me to send Suzanne over?"

"No thanks. Tell her sorry, but-"

With perfect timing, they heard the doorbell ring. Obviously it was Suzanne, who could come over at a minute's notice if need be. After all, she lived right next door.

"There she is," Susan said as she gently pressed her nipples into Alan's T-shirt. "She's interrupted her time with her son just to help you out, so can't you at least try to be accommodating?""

Without leaving Susan's embrace, Alan turned around so he could look his mother in the eye. That led to a new and more stimulating alignment of body parts. Most notably, Alan's erection pressed against Susan's lower abdomen hotly and firmly, just as if his shorts between them weren't there at all. "I don't know, Mom. I can't just turn it on and off at will, you know."

She giggled. "But it's definitely 'on' right now, isn't it? You're such a BIG boy," she purred.

He said honestly, "That's all 'cos of you, Mom. When I leave this room, I don't know... I'll probably lose it. I feel bummed about what I did."

"Well, don't feel too bad. Just respect the boundaries and everything will be fine. I'll tell you what: if you're good in the next day or two, I promise I'll help you out with my hands even before next Tuesday's abnormality check. How's that for inspiration?"

Alan's face lit up into a big smile. "Wow, Mom! Awesome! You're so great." He hugged her tighter.


Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Susan? Alan? I can hear you in there. Can I come in?"

The two of them turned and stared at the door. They would have panicked except instantly they realized the scratchy voice could only belong to Suzanne. And it made sense that she would have found herself upstairs by now.

After Susan got over her initial shock, she said, "Suzanne?! I'm not decent."

However, her words came too late because Alan was within reach of the doorknob, and at the same time she spoke, he unlocked it and opened it. "Hi, Suzanne."

Susan's first reaction was to flee and cover herself up, but Alan's opening of the door was so fast and unexpected that she realized that in the time she had, breaking the hug would only expose herself even more. Since Alan was between her and the door, Suzanne wouldn't be able to see much of her, though it was painfully obvious that she was fully naked.

Suzanne walked in. She smiled and teased them playfully, "Well, well, well. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"No! Absolutely nothing!" Susan protested as she squeezed herself closer to her son. "Nothing at all! It's not like it looks! Uh... We're just having a little talk."

"Normally, I would have to snicker about that, but I won't. Besides, I heard a little bit through the door just now. Something about my Sweetie not needing me after all?" Acting as if it was no big deal that Susan was completely nude, Suzanne closed and locked the door behind her and walked past the hugging duo to sit down on the edge of Susan's bed.

Susan, with Alan's happy cooperation, jostled him bit by bit so the two of them could pivot some without breaking their hug. They kept at it until Alan was between Suzanne and Susan again. Susan didn't want Suzanne staring at her naked backside.

All the while, Susan's body pressed into Alan's in the most delightful ways. He especially loved how her boobs seemed to envelop his whole chest. He could actually feel heat coming from her nipples through his thin T-shirt.

As they shuffled around, Susan said to Suzanne while blushing profusely, "I suppose you're wondering why I'm naked..."

"Nah. I got it on the phone. I gather Alan burst into your room while you were naked and you haven't had a chance to put your clothes back on. Not a problem. We'll just have to take care of the horny bugger." She beckoned Alan closer with a crook of her finger.

Alan immediately disengaged and went to Suzanne.

That left Susan without any cover. She rushed back to the bathroom and got herself a big yellow towel. Wrapping herself in it as a temporary measure, she went back into her adjoining bedroom.

Suzanne had been busy in Susan's brief absence. When Susan walked back in, she found Alan and Suzanne sitting next to each other, both fully dressed, except Alan's fly was unzipped and Suzanne was jacking him off with both hands.

"Suzanne! What do you think you're doing?!"

Suzanne loved to tease. Her tone was joking but friendly. "Susan, you should know what this is called by now. You can say I'm jacking him off. Or you can call it a handjob."

"I know THAT! But I mean, in my bedroom! And Ron! You can't do it here 'cos this is his bedroom too!"

"Susan, as for this being his bedroom, come on, look around. Do you see any signs of him except for a picture or two?"

Horrified, Susan noticed a big wedding picture of Ron and her taken on their wedding day. Feeling like Ron was staring at her through the picture, she walked over and placed it face down.

Meanwhile, Suzanne was saying, "He spends more time sleeping in airports than he sleeps here. This is YOUR room, decorated just how YOU like it. I'm the one helping Alan with his problem at the moment, not you, so what's the problem? And I told you Ron will be busy for a while. The guys'll probably be gabbing for an hour or more about quarterbackers and linebacks and all that stuff."

Even though Suzanne was driving Alan wild with two hands sloshing their way up and down his erection, he felt the need to correct her statement. "Quarterbacks and linebackers, actually, Aunt Suzy."

Suzanne winked. "It's true that I hate football, but I knew that much at least. I was just testing ya."

Alan decided that was probably true, since he believed Suzanne was knowledgeable about most everything.

Susan stood transfixed for long moments, just staring at Suzanne's stroking fingers and only barely hearing the explanation about Ron having left. With a large towel around her she at least looked covered up, but she didn't feel covered up. The towel was wrapped tightly around the top of her breasts, but fell loosely the rest of the way down. It still felt like she was effectively naked, especially in her lower privates because the towel hung a few inches off her body and didn't even touch her ass cheeks. Her pussy was throbbing and leaking and it seemed like everyone could see the rivulets flowing down from it. To add to her consternation, one of the few places where the towel touched her was at her nipples, and the rough terry cloth material rubbed against them in agonizingly delightful ways with every move she made.

But she hardly noticed those things because she was so absorbed watching the handjob in action. She did just manage to have enough wits left to complain, "Suzanne, this isn't right. Even if Ron's gone, you can't do this here, like that."

Suzanne pretended to misunderstand. "You're right. Alan's big slab of man meat could blow like Pompeii at any second, and we could make a big mess. God knows that thing squirts like a public fountain. Susan, could you be a dear and take off my blouse? You know what they say about spilling one's seed on the ground. Thank goodness our faces and chests are here to save him from sin."

Susan walked forward as if in a trance. She stood next to Suzanne, who obligingly turned a little, and unbuttoned her blouse from the backside. That put her in much closer proximity to the handjob. She could hear every last juicy squish as Suzanne's magic fingers worked their way up and down.

Suzanne, still acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, asked Susan, "Could you take the bra off too? Can you believe I came over here in such a rush that I didn't even have time to take my bra off? And it's such an expensive black lace bra, too. When Sweetie shoots his hot jizz all over my chest I don't want to ruin it."

Still feeling like a zombie or under some enchantment, Susan undid the blouse and then got to work on removing the bra. She had tucked the two ends of the towel tightly together at the top of her cleavage, and that left a potential gap right down the middle of her front side. She was in such an erotic fog that she didn't realize that the way she was standing caused that gap to open up.

Alan, however, definitely noticed. Even though he'd just seen and felt a lot of naked Susan a few minutes before, his eyes bugged out as he stared at his mother's bush through the gap in the towel. Getting sneak peaks were somehow even better than seeing full on nudity.

When Suzanne came over, she had just expected to meet Alan in his room and give him a blowjob, and that would be it. She had no idea a situation like this would arise, but since it did, she was rolling with the punches. Her goal was to speed up the reigniting of Susan's lust for her son. She worried things were moving too quickly and could cause another setback, but Susan had already informed her (in clinical terms) of the abnormality check earlier in the day, so Suzanne figured the odds were good Susan was already well on her way.

With that in mind, Suzanne said, "Susan, isn't it just amazing how long it takes for Alan to cum? I mean, here we are, and if you believe all the hype, we're both centerfold material. I'm topless, you're flashing your pussy, and I'm stroking Alan's massive log with both hands, and he STILL is holding out on us! How do you do it, Sweetie?"

Susan, hearing the mention about flashing her pussy, immediately straightened up and held her towel to close up the gap. Since she'd finished taking off Suzanne's bra she didn't know what to do with herself and just remained there with her hand on a corner of the towel to make sure the gap didn't open up again.

Suzanne knew Susan would do that when she said that. But she also knew that Susan would get even more aroused knowing that Alan had been looking at her pussy, and furthermore, Suzanne had seen Alan looking at her pussy. In fact, Susan was such a raging inferno of lust by this time that the rivulets of pussy juice started to show below the bottom edge of her big towel.

Alan noticed the rivulets as well. He was so aroused that it seemed the room was spinning and he might pass out any second. He'd heard Suzanne's question and tried to form an answer, but his mind felt like mush. "Um... I, uh... The PC muscle..." He was practically hyperventilating too, making it all the more remarkable he could say even that much.

Suzanne picked up what he said and talked on his behalf. "Did you say the PC muscle? So you're doing your exercises. Excellent! Are you practicing right now even as both my hands are flying up and down your marvelous pole?"

Alan just nodded.

"How delightful. I can tell you must be practicing religiously and it's paying off already because, look. What if I do this?"

Suzanne knew some special moves where she could place the tips of her fingers in his most sensitive spots, like the piss hole. Her fingers fanned out and covered all of his most arousing zones with the skill of an acupuncturist. Her fingers worked on his scrotum as well, and even the surprisingly sensitive perineum (the space between the penis and anus).

Alan groaned as her fingers did all her tricks at once. It was like he'd been slugged in the chest, but by a wave of pure pleasure. Somehow he managed not to cum, but he didn't know how.

(In fact, Suzanne had rapidly moved some of her fingers to squeeze tightly at the base of his penis to cut off the orgasm just before it started, because she knew he couldn't hold on after that assault given his current state. Alan was so close to passing out that he didn't even notice.)

Nonetheless, Suzanne was honestly impressed by his staying power. "Susan, this is remarkable! He's cum so far in such a short time, so to speak! Heh-heh-heh! If we don't watch out, we could be here for hours. Can you just picture Ron's face if he came in here and saw my fists sliding up and down his son's big thick monster cock with you naked on your knees, masturbating in front of us? Talk about a surprise!"

"Suzanne! That's so improper!" Susan protested. But the visual picture Suzanne presented was so hot that Susan found herself climaxing all of a sudden.

Caught unawares, her knees buckled and she fell to a squatting position on the floor. As she did, the precariously tucked towel fell open and dropped to the floor around her. Ironically and more or less by pure chance, Susan found herself in nearly the exact position Suzanne had just described. She realized this and it only made her that much more insanely aroused as waves of pure orgasmic bliss washed over her.

Alan had already been on the precipice of a great climax when Suzanne started to describe how it would look if Ron found them. That started to push him over the edge. But as he began to lose control, he saw Susan collapse and her towel fall away as if she was kneeling before him to worship his erection, and he truly and completely lost it. Such arousing sights and sounds all around him was too much for any human being to endure without cumming hard.

As he started to shoot off, Suzanne repositioned herself, dropping her face into his lap and swallowing his entire penis head in one gulp. She bobbed up and down frantically on his stiff pole as he shot his load into her mouth. She worried that taking it in the mouth in front of Susan was going too far, but she was more worried about Ron coming back and finding his bedroom smelling of a strange man's cum. So she very cleanly swallowed all but a few drops.

Alan was so overcome with orgasmic joy that he actually passed out briefly. His upper body turned to jelly and he started to slump over until Suzanne caught him and held him in place, causing him to wake up. Happily, he didn't miss much. The waves of pleasure washed through him relentlessly until he felt like he'd died and been reborn several times over.

When he grew aware of his surroundings again, he found himself leaning into Suzanne's side as she sat next to him. Susan was on the floor in front of him, sprawled out, nude, and completely passed out. Multiple orgasms hit her so relentlessly that she finally couldn't take it any more and lost consciousness.

Suzanne gently stroked his upper arm as the two of them watched Susan's chest rise and fall with each breath. "Have fun, Sweetie?" She laughed because the answer was so obvious.

She spoke freely to Alan about Susan, knowing that Susan was completely zonked out and even lightly snoring. "Just look at her. I'd have to say your mother has fallen off the fuddy duddy wagon in a big way. Most women never had an orgasm like the one she just had in their entire lives. I think it's safe to say she's hooked on sperm and orgasms like that and her fall back to her old ways phase is over. Just look at all that naked motherly goodness that's going to be yours to play with. Look at that juicy pussy. Mmmm. Yum."

Alan was still so out of it he could barely string a sentence together. "Aunt Suzy. Don't say that." He was concerned she'd arouse him yet again while he was still too tired to stand.

But Suzanne didn't listen. She readjusted herself so his head drifted into her pillowy breasts instead of leaning against her side. Even though it was the back of his head facing her cleavage instead of his face, it still felt great for the both of them.

She said, "I gather you got her upset just before I got here by being too aggressive. I'm surprised at you. Remember: don't push your luck. Trust ol' Aunt Suzy on how to proceed. You just have too much cock for me to handle all by my lonesome self and we're going to need Susan's help. Let me bring her along, and before you know it your mother and I will be taking turns blowing and stroking you every couple of hours. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Alan just moaned affirmatively. There was an incredulous tone to the sounds he was making because her suggestion sounded too good to even fantasize about. Yet he couldn't deny the reality of seeing Susan laying there, the post-orgasmic bliss still evident in her face.

Suzanne helped him stand up before he was really ready to go anywhere. She playfully slapped him on the butt. "Time to get a move on. This was far too risky, to be honest. Susan was right about that. There's really no telling when Ron will come back and I've got to do some serious damage control first. But boy, was that worth the risk! Don't you agree?"

Alan nodded his head as he staggered off to take a shower. He was so orgasmically shattered that he operated by rote.

Suzanne, meanwhile, did have a lot of damage control to take care of. After dressing, she woke Susan and assisted her to a shower as well. Then, while Susan showered, she cleaned up the bedroom. She opened windows and used copious amounts of air freshener to rid the room of any sexual smells. She even dimmed the lights and lit some candles so the smell of melting wax could serve as an olfactory distraction.

When Susan finally came out of the shower, she again wore nothing but same the big yellow towel as before. She dragged herself to her bed and lay down under the bed sheets. She was too tired to even move the towel.

Suzanne was still there, ready to work on the mental damage control.

Susan was despondent. "Suzanne, how could I? What happened just now, it was so wrong! So very improper!"

But Suzanne came back with, "Why? What happened? I gave Alan a handjob because he seriously needed one. Doctor's orders. There's nothing wrong with that and in fact it's a very good thing, a big step to his getting back on track with his daily target. You gave him a heaping helping of visual stimulation. Again, doctor approved, nothing wrong with that. You didn't touch him improperly; you didn't do anything wrong at all."

"But I felt it pressed against me when we were hugging," Susan complained. "That counts as touching. And did you see me at the end? I... I... I had a tingle! A strong tingle! It's so wrong!" She shamefully covered her face with her hands, even though it was a big effort to do so in her noodle-like completely drained state.

"Now, now," Suzanne soothed. "There's nothing wrong with that at all. I keep telling you, as long as we have to help Alan with his treatment, why can't we enjoy it? That's no sin! It would be stupid to force ourselves to suffer. 'Tingles' are nice. Why run from them?"

She lied as she went on, "Besides, Alan was so far gone by that time that he didn't notice you falling to the floor. He has no idea that you collapsed in a naked orgasmic heap. In fact, he completely passed out himself. I picked him up and carried him to his own bathroom before he woke up. So as far as he knows, you just stayed there watching dressed like you are now, in that big towel."

"Really?" Susan could have swore she saw Alan staring at her on the floor while Suzanne's head bobbed up and down over his long stiff prick, but now she wasn't sure if that was real or her fevered imagination.


I must have been fantasizing. Hallucinating? Maybe I'd passed out already. Yeah, I probably had passed out and was dreaming. Thank goodness too, because that was so depraved and out of control. And still I feel bad about it, even if Alan couldn't see everything.

She said, "But Ron! What about Ron? I feel so horrible! If my husband only knew what we're doing here, he'd kill me."

"Look. There's no point in telling Ron about Alan's medical treatment because guys can be irrational about those kinds of things. But in any case, Ron has no right to be angry about anything you do. Don't forget about all of his blatant cheating overseas. You're just being a good mother, helping your son in his time of need. As you get better at it, you'll be able to control your feelings better too."

"But... But... It just doesn't feel right. Anything that feels that good, it HAS to be a sin."

Suzanne laughed. "I really like your parents generally speaking, but they seriously messed you up about some things." She went to the candles she'd lit and blew them out, leaving the room in near total darkness. "It's late and you're exhausted. Go to sleep and we'll talk about it some more tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." Susan felt like she was a little girl and Suzanne was her mother tucking her in. Suzanne even went to Susan's dresser, got out her nightgown, handed it to her, and then took her towel away.

Susan worried about Ron coming to bed and finding her naked, so she just managed to get her nightgown on. But she was so exhausted that she fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes. Soul-shattering multiple orgasms were extremely tiring.

Suzanne then took a shower too. She left the Plummer house feeling extremely good about herself. Her impromptu scheme worked as well as she could have hoped for. True, it was a bit bumpy and risky for a while: when she'd arrived less than an hour before, it seemed like Susan and Alan were having a big set back in their sexual development due to Alan's unusual loss of mental control. But by the time she left that incident was nearly forgotten by everyone and all of Susan's great orgasms brought Suzanne's ultimate plans that much closer to fruition. Now she could openly talk to Susan about sex and bring her along a lot faster.

She chuckled to herself when she got home and saw Ron, Eric, and Brad still hanging out in the living room and arguing about football statistics. She thought, Ron, poor Ron. If you only knew what goes on in your house right under your nose! But then again you deserve it all and then some for what you did to Susan. The chickens will all come home to roost. I'll see to that, that's for sure.

CHAPTER 6 (Wednesday, Oct. 24)

The next day was a relatively sex-free day for Alan, by his recent standards. It was almost like any other school day, but with a few exceptions. For one, he briefly spoke with Ms. Rhymer after class ended.

"Young man," she said, "I noticed your concentration is all over the map. One day you're focused, the next day you're on some other planet. Are you having trouble with your, uh, medical treatment?"

"No, I'm making my daily quota without problem now. My only problem is that I get so excited in school. You know, hanging out at lunch with all the pretty women, and then seeing their cute bodies later in P.E. I'm really hopeless!"

"So I guess what you're saying," concluded Ms. Rhymer, "is that you could really use some relief right around lunchtime."

"Yeah, I guess. I get, I dunno what you call it, blue balls. I'm so used to quickly relieving myself that it's getting to be a problem." Given what he saw Ms. Rhymer do yesterday, he tried to frame his explanation so it could lead to an offer for her to "help him out."

"Hmm... This seems to be a real problem, young man. I think you and I need to discuss this in more detail. However, it looks like you have to run to lunch and I do too. I'd like to help you out... in some kind of way. Why don't we meet after school and discuss it in more detail? Can you come to my classroom, say, after school tomorrow?"

Alan thought about that. He was solidly booked. That's when I to go over to Kim's house and fuck my sister! If Ms. Rhymer only knew! She'd hate me for sure. Friday was better, though he had an appointment with nurse Akami at five. I think I can squeeze you in before that, Teach, he thought in a naughty frame of mind. Or maybe, you'll squeeze me in between your legs, heh-heh!

More and more, Alan's genial nature was being replaced by a lustful one.

But on the outside none of this showed. "How about Friday," he asked in a level tone.

"Okay, Friday then," the teacher answered.

"That sounds great. You're right, I do have to run. But I'll be there on Friday. Later!" He skipped out the door.

The irony of the situation was that Ms. Rhymer was in no position to chastise Alan for loss of concentration. Ever since she'd heard about Alan's big sexual needs to climax many times a day, she'd begun to drift away into fantasies in class more and more, thinking about helping him. One part of her brain would teach by rote while another part would daydream about having sex with him.

In the past couple of days she'd even begun to expose herself during Alan's class, but she always did it just out of eyesight of her students. For instance, she would pull up her dress and pull down her panties while she sat at her desk or behind the podium. She ran a big risk that she would eventually get found out, but that only drove her erotic feelings even higher. She fantasized about calling Alan up to speak to her so that he alone could see her nakedness, but she dared not actually do so.

Then, yesterday she'd blatantly stroked a ruler like it was a twelve inch penis, right in front of all of her students. True, they were all looking down while frantically working on a test, but she loved the thrill.

She didn't want to actually get caught by any of her other students, only Alan. That's why she would only pull these stunts in her fourth period class, because it was the idea of Alan seeing her that turned her on.

Nobody noticed, but that very day she lectured behind the podium for a few minutes with her bush completely exposed and pointed directly at the class.

Only the podium in the way prevented what would have no doubt been a huge scene with administrators and possibly even security rushing into her class and sending her away. If the podium were just a few inches lower, she would have been in grave danger.

But she just couldn't help it. The idea of physically helping Alan with his need to cum
every day during lunch had taken hold of her and was making her do crazy things. She had no greater fantasy than making it with one of her students and now that fantasy was close to really happening, if she allowed it to. She had little doubt Alan would gladly accept now that he was clearly no longer a shy and scared boy, but more of a sexually mature man.

She fantasized that Alan would come up to the front of the class on some pretext. Perhaps he would be co-teaching a particular lesson. He would see her nakedness and not react at all, except to slightly smile. Then, casually and assuredly, he would stand right next to her and pet her pussy.

The class would be none the wiser as his fingers explored their way into her slit. She would continue to point at the chalkboard and teach without any hint of disturbance. But inside she would be burning up, utterly consumed by lust.

Alan would sense her growing need. Dropping to the floor, he would hide inside and behind the podium. She would press right up to the edge of it, and below that edge his head would bury itself into her sex and madly lick her. Of course to have the students simply forget Alan was hidden inside the podium would never happen in real life, but such things didn't matter in her fevered fantasies.

In fact, with each imagining, such dreams grew more and more unbelievable. Glory herself would drop behind the podium as well, and the two of them would madly kiss and tear each other's clothes off.

By that point, Ms. Rhymer would typically lose track of her teaching as she fell further and further into her fantasy world. Suddenly she would snap to, and hastily pull her panties up and her skirt down. So far this had happened three times, and each time she was left frustrated, just short of orgasm.

The only exception was the orgasm she had in class the day before after stroking the ruler. She realized she'd gone too far that day, and promised herself not to do it again. She didn't notice that Alan had realized what she'd done by looking at the reflection in the window. She would have been extremely embarrassed had he found out how badly she wanted him.

Alan was slightly late to his meeting with Kim and Katherine. He finished a touch up job on their butts in the supply closet within minutes. Despite the no-touching rule, he was obliged to finger Kim briefly until her pussy lips became engorged enough for him to check the paint job there.

Katherine, to her intense frustration, found that she was already so aroused that Alan didn't have to touch her. Everyone was very restrained, but clearly the anticipation amongst all of them was intense over what would happen tomorrow.

Cheerleading practice went as usual for Kim and Katherine. Heather kept her promise with Kim to wait until Thursday, and had no special tricks in store.

Katherine and Kim were still very much in danger of discovery by the other cheerleaders, however. They couldn't help but look at each other's paint jobs much more than they should have. They tried not to bend over around others, however sometimes they got too excited. Doing cheerleading routines while "commando" was a huge turn on, and the sight of beautiful cheerleaders bending and stretching all around them only fueled their lusts. (Kim already considered herself lesbian and Katherine was rapidly discovering bisexual desires, especially towards Amy.) Both of them purposely flashed each other when they guessed they could get away with it. It became a secret and very dangerous game, given that Heather was there. But again luck held for them.

However, both Kim and Katherine assumed that cheerleader practice would finally be a blast in their next meeting, since Thursday meant Heather could finally do what she willed with Katherine.

Meanwhile, Alan thought to himself while he daydreamed in class, Tomorrow, not only do I have to look forward to having sex for the very first time, and with my sister no less, but I'm also guessing something kinky will happen while doing the painting during lunch, too. On top of that, I've got a special meeting with Ms. Rhymer after school on Friday, and then an appointment with Akami at five on the same afternoon! Sweetness. Could life get any better?


Wednesday was also the day Susan and Suzanne held the first of what they hoped would be a regular weekly card game with Brenda. The two best friends liked playing cards, but usually only with each other. But Suzanne wanted to have the buxom divorcee Brenda around the house more, for Alan's sake, and she thought it would be good to have more formal card games too. So they planned to get together every Wednesday and play bridge, poker, hearts, and the like.

Susan wasn't thrilled, but she realized that playing cards with a foursome was better than with a twosome. Katherine rounded out the group. They figured that if she wasn't available, Amy could also be the fourth. Suzanne privately boasted to Susan, "No matter which one is the fourth, our card game will represent the greatest collection of boobs since Hugh Hefner opened up the Playboy Mansion." She hadn't exaggerated much with that boast.

Brenda came over right on time, and soon Susan and Suzanne were playing bridge against Katherine and Brenda. As they played, the obvious fact that all four of them were so well-endowed came up, and they spent a lot of time talking about the plusses and minuses of having extremely large boobs.

The issue was especially pertinent to Brenda. Even though Brenda was a good six inches shorter than the nearly six-foot-tall Susan and Suzanne, her boobs were both relatively and absolutely bigger. Brenda's tits were so big that they dominated her life in many ways. For instance, she never had to hold a job, as she could coast through life getting everything she wanted from men who were enamored with her body. With her recent divorce settlement, she in fact was now a multimillionaire, and trying to figure out what she would do with her life once the divorce went through.

Brenda loved to talk to Susan and Suzanne about boobs and related issues, because she'd never had friends stacked enough to be able to relate to her situation (Katherine, despite her sizable hooters, was largely a quiet observer to these boob discussions).

Brenda's tits were a great boon for her, but also a great curse. For instance, she could never really trust any relationship with a man, even platonic ones. Were they just interested in her cute, busty look and not her personality? She could never know. In fact, she had virtually no women friends at all due to jealousy and envy.

The boobs even caused physical problems: she could hardly run at all without a bra, and her back sometimes hurt. She was forced to exercise regularly because if she didn't her back pains would be much more frequent.

She was amazed at how much Suzanne and Susan avoided some of these problems, though admittedly it was mostly because they stuck together for friendship and didn't get out much. Brenda loved this new card game tradition, because it gave her a rare opportunity to just be "one of the girls" and not worry about her overwhelming appearance.

Although she didn't even realize it herself, the truth was Brenda was desperately lonely. Most of her friends were also her husband's friends, and in the divorce she was falling away from them. In fact, she was nearly completely bereft of real friends at the moment, aside from her head maid and her only son. To find other kind women so similar to her was a real godsend.

But it turned out the atmosphere didn't stay female only. After they had played for several hours, Alan came by the dining room area and did his best to furtively check Brenda out. The visual impact of Brenda on Alan was just what Suzanne had expected. Her obscenely large tits were something new to him, and he couldn't help but linger around the card game and try to get a (mental) grasp on how big Brenda's tits were.

Brenda was doubly-cursed, or blessed, depending on one's perspective. Not only did she have gargantuan tits, but she also had long and pointy nipples which seemingly could poke through steel. She wore the thickest bras she could find, but there was seemingly no use in hiding them. There was almost nothing she could wear, not even a loose sweater, that her nipples didn't make themselves aggressively visible in.

And that was when the nipples weren't erect. As Brenda complained to them later, one of the biggest problems with her nipples was that everyone who saw her assumed she was aroused with erect nipples, when in fact that was their normal state. It didn't help that she lived in constantly warm and sunny Southern California, where there was rarely any need to even wear a sweater and it was awkward to dress in layers.

But still she did her best to always cover her chest. For instance, on this day she tried to wear a thick, high-collared shirt and business jacket.

Alan's eyes nonetheless were drawn to her tits and nipples like a magnet. He thought, Dang, it's like she's hiding two beach balls under there. This is where it's at, man. Mature, curvy, and sexually experienced women. Sweetness.

Brenda was lucky she also had a very pretty face, or she practically would never have been able to make eye contact with anyone at all.

The four buxom women had a grand time playing cards. They all got quite tipsy and giggly.

Brenda got easily annoyed at men who ogled her chest, and fully expected to get angry at Alan. But to her surprise, he spent just as much time admiring the looks of the other three women, even though she knew one was his sister and another was his mother. She found that odd, and also found herself annoyed by the relative lack of attention. She was chagrined to find that she always fought to be ignored, and now that she was being somewhat ignored she fought to be the center of attention.

Being ignored, even in a relative sense, was something she was completely unfamiliar with because she'd never had serious female competition like these women. Somehow that drew her closer to them. It was like she'd finally discovered the "impossibly gorgeous women club" and wanted to be a member. It was both a chance for her to be treated relatively normal for once and also latch on to an entirely new group of fun-loving friends after going through a painful time with her divorce.

Alan was just an observer and eventually left, but the card players went on all afternoon until finally Susan's husband Ron came home and griped about being hungry.

So Susan had to cook a late dinner, and Suzanne had to go home and cook for her family as well. But by the end of their day together, they had all become tight friends. Even Susan, who was initially reluctant about getting to know Brenda better, looked forward with anticipation to another round of cards next week.

Suzanne was pleased. She wasn't sure where this scheme with Brenda was going or why she did it, exactly. She had the vague vision of herself in an orgy, fucked by Alan on one end, and sucking on Brenda's tits on the other. But she had a long way to go before she could hope to make that a reality. Amongst other things, she'd heard Brenda make a derisive comment about lesbianism at the party where Suzanne concocted the scheme. But Suzanne considered that a challenge and she loved a good challenge.


It turned out that Alan didn't even have to wait until Thursday for life to get much better. That night, his parents went to see a movie. Katherine joined them, but Alan chose to stay at home.

It was a wise choice. Mere minutes after the rest of the Plummer family went out the door, Suzanne let herself in. She knew of the movie plans and had watched and waited very impatiently until the car left.

Suzanne had a natural flair for the dramatic. She came over dressed in a robe, and threw it off after she got in the door. Underneath she wore something that Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard TV show might have worn, but even that character would have been too modest to wear it.

She was unusually embarrassed at first, because it was not the kind of clothes she would normally ever wear, even if she wanted to look extremely provocative. The outfit simply screamed "trailer trash" and that was the last thing in the world the sophisticated and cultured Suzanne was. She hoped that Alan was into costumes and role plays, but she wasn't sure if he was.

It didn't help that he just stood there and gawked.

She pressed ahead, breaking the silence with a Southern drawl. "Howdy, stranger. I'm thinking that someone in this-here house has been lackin' in visual stimulation lately. Am I right?"

"Holy fucking crap, Aunt Suzy! You are so right!" Alan was so excited that his penis sprung out of his short shorts, snaking down his left thigh on its own volition.

Suzanne wore cut-off jeans which were quite short in the front, but even shorter in the back. In fact, in the back it almost seemed as if she wore a G-string made out of blue denim fabric. Her top was a light green tube top that she'd cut from below right up to the nipple line. Any slight movement on her part would cause the fabric to ride up her boobs all the way. As she modeled the outfit for Alan, she used her upper arms to strategically push her boobs further forward and out. It made her look so top heavy that Alan was half-convinced gravity would force her to fall forward at any moment.

Since he knew he was just alone with Suzanne and his erection was poking out anyway, he unzipped his fly and grasped his rod. "Dang, Suzanne! You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"

She smiled, greatly encouraged by his enthusiasm. She went on with her faked Southern accent, "I've been a-thinkin' that someone in this-here house is way overdue for a good ol' cocksuckin'. What do ya think about that-there idea, partner? I reckon that's yer third leg you're holdin' there. Looks like it could use a good tongue bath. I bet it would look real purdy with a lipstick ring way down at the root, too. How 'bout it, mister?"

She said all of this with the most exaggerated Southern accent she could conjure up, and she was very good with accents. As if that wasn't stimulation enough, she moved one of her hands to a tit, which instantly come uncovered, and the other to her crotch, and began to stroke herself beneath her shorts. "I'm so doggone horny, it's right lucky there ain't no farm animals in sight," she drawled as she tried to keep a straight face.

Alan was so excited that he nearly creamed then and there. In fact, he ran to his room to give himself a chance to cool down some, saying, "See you in my room in a few minutes, partner," as he sped off. He would have loved to banter back in this manner for a while using a Southern accent of his own, but he was forced to retreat instead so he wouldn't lose it completely and ejaculate before the fun really started.

Alan sat in his room and drew upon the most unarousing thoughts he could come up with, just to calm down a bit.

Suzanne soon came in. She had a way of swishing her hips when she walked that sprouted boners wherever she went, but in these short shorts she was so sexy that she could practically be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Alan said, "Phew! Best Visual Stimulation Ever award! I'd love to banter, but I'm so ready. Please do me now!"

"Who?" she asked innocently. "Lil' ol' me? I just luuuuv to suck a cock, don'tcha know? Any cocks here that need a-suckin'? Oh, here's one!" She dropped the accent and the role and got down to what she loved the most, lately: slurping and licking Alan's stiff bone.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! So good! So good!" screamed Alan, safe in the knowledge that the house was completely empty for once.

Alan tried his best to endure, but he couldn't last for long in the face of such an erotic assault. Her tongue was so long and agile that it seemed to wrap completely around his erection, though it just seemed that way since not even Suzanne was capable of such a feat.

Alan was glad to know the rest of his family was at the movies because it gave him the freedom to cry out. As the urge to climax welled up inside of him and grew unbearable, he yelled at the top of his lungs, "YES! GOD YES! SUCK IT!"

The cum pumped out of his penis and down Suzanne's throat. Alan could tell that most women probably stopped sucking and licking at that point and just guzzled the cum down. But not Suzanne. If anything, she redoubled her efforts. She sucked on him so hard he thought she might pull it off completely or turn it inside-out. Her hand never stopped jacking him off either, until she rung the last drop of cum out of him.

It was that kind of extra effort that made her blowjobs truly awe-inspiring. She hadn't given such treatment to all of her previous lovers, or even many of them, and even then she saved a lot of tricks for special occasions only. But she loved Alan so much that she wanted to pull out all the stops every single time.

After he shot his seed into Suzanne's mouth and she'd thoroughly "cleaned" his penis until it was too sensitive to touch, the two of them rested.

In her normal voice, Suzanne teased, "I leave you alone for nearly twenty-four hours, and this is what happens. Horrible, horrible cum build up and a quick trigger. You hardly lasted a minute there. I'd hate to see your reaction if I was gone for a week! Isn't anyone taking care of you?"

Alan thought it prudent not to mention what happened - and what WOULD happen - with Katherine. He said honestly, "Well, the last time I got any help was last night with you and Mom. Since then, Ron was home and we had guests for the card game."

"You poor thing. Forced to abuse yourself because your mean old mother doesn't help enough and your father being in town. I'm looking every day for a chance to come over, but with Ron around this is the best I can do."

Then in a playful but chastising tone, she complained, "However, I expect a little better from you. More staying power. Can you do it again? I just happen to know the movie is exactly one hour and thirty seven minutes long."

"Can I do it again?" he asked incredulously. "With you dressed like that, that's like asking does a bear shit in the woods. God yes!"

"Dressed like what?" She stood up and turned around, then backed her butt up almost into Alan's nose.

He reached out and stroked her butt cheeks, sometimes going over the rough blue jeans fabric too. "Like this. I know you're alwasy dressing in power suits and nice clothes and stuff, so to dress up like a trailer trash slut just to help get me hard really says something. I think it shows how much you love me."

With his fingers trying to pry under the fabric deep in her ass crack, he said with complete sincerity, "I love you, Aunt Suzy. You're the greatest. And I'm the luckiest guy alive."

She laughed, then turned around to make eye contact. "You are that, for sure. But 'I love you' - are you just saying that? What do you mean? You love my blowjobs." She reached down and resumed stroking, as if to emphasize her point.

"I mean just that. I. Love. You. I know I haven't been very expressive of my feelings in the past, but I'm proud to say it. I mean I love you, in every way. Sexually, hell yeah. But also as a friend, and as a person, in every way. It's not just the handjobs and blowjobs, although those don't hurt!"

He laughed, and then got serious again. He ran a hand through her wild and curly red hair adoringly. "You've always been so kind and good to me, ever since I was a baby. I'm so lucky you're in my life. You've been so caring for me that you're practically like my second mother. If that's not love, then I don't know what is."

"Oh Alan!" Suzanne exclaimed, suddenly dizzy with happiness. She'd been around the block with men many times, but she felt giddy, as if Alan were her first crush. "My Sweetie! I love you too! In all those ways too."

They kissed for many minutes. Suzanne's top was already up around her shoulders, having rode up during the blowjob, but now she pulled it the rest of the way off.

Alan's hands joyfully roamed all over her body. As usual, though, for when he had these kinds of opportunities with Suzanne, "all over" meant an intense focus on her chest and some exploration elsewhere. But she loved it. And she happily made a mental note that Alan was quickly improving his kissing skills.

When she sensed his penis was ready to revive, she asked while their hands explored each other, "So, tell me everything that happened between you and Susan last night before I came in."

Alan explained in great detail how he walked in on Susan as she was finishing her shower. His penis started to rise as he recalled the events.

Suzanne stroked his growing erection while he talked. When he finished at the point Suzanne arrived to the bedroom, she said, "Nice story. I have to admire your aggressiveness. I hope we see more of that from you."

"I just basically did what you told me," he admitted.

Suzanne continued as she slid her fingers all over his shaft, "True, but you did do it, and you did it well. That said, you know what I really like? How Susan never put on her clothes through all of that. Think about it: she was in her bathroom and then in her bedroom. There are towels everywhere and cabinets and closets full of clothes all over the place. She sat on her bed and didn't even try to cover up with a sheet or a pillow. Susan's no rocket scientist, but she's not dumb either. If she didn't think of covering up, it's because she didn't want to on some level. The fact is, she WANTS to be naked for you. Don't listen to her verbal protests in a situation like that, look at her body."

Alan joked, "Well, if you insist, I'll force myself to check her out."

"You do that. Did you see how much she was dripping? Give her a couple more days, tops, and she'll be slurping on your pole. Hell, I'll bet you she'll be wrapping those red lips of hers around your Johnson even before Ron leaves. Can you just picture that? Imagine your mother kissing your father while the taste of your semen is still in her mouth. Kinky!"

Alan groaned. "Aunt Suzy, please stop! If you go on like that, I'm gonna have a quick trigger again."

Suzanne had a wicked gleam in her eye. "Okay. But that reminds me. True, I was trying to arouse you last night when I said you had surprising endurance, and despite my teasing about the occasional quick trigger, you really do. I AM really impressed what you've done with PC muscle control in such a short time. We've got a long time until the others come back, so let's work on your endurance."

She sucked him to orgasm again, but this time they took over an hour to do it. She kept him right on the edge, always aware of just when to pull back and give him a rest. For the first time, Alan felt his PC muscle exercises really paying dividends. She taught him to warn her when he was getting close and then they would take a break until he was ready to go again. Meanwhile, she was able to rest her jaw and hands so she could keep going too.

Somewhere along the line her Daisy Duke shorts came off, and his fingers pistoned in and out of her pussy and anus until his hands were sore, often doing both holes at the same time. He kept her on the edge too, and then some, as she had orgasm after orgasm. In fact, she had more than she'd ever had in her life at one time.

Suzanne however wasn't ready to have him go further, purely because of the continuing long-term danger of getting caught. She realized that at the very least she had to wait until Susan's husband was gone, or else the odds of getting caught would be too high. Opportunities like this movie night were extremely rare, and once she started she didn't want to get fucked only every once in a while.

After Alan came for the second time, he complained, "That's kind of unfair. I mean, what you do with your hands and your mouth is just so great. That gets me off, big time. But then, whenever you have your mouth free, you're always saying the most insanely sexy stuff. The double whammy is unstoppable. And then there's the 'visual stimulation.' It's a triple whammy, really. You're such a relentless cock drainer that it's almost cruel. And what about your extra long tongue? That makes you a quadruple threat. Not only that-"

She cut him off and pointed out, "But look what you did. True, we had lots and lots of breaks, but you kept going for a whole hour without cumming. Trust me, that's really unusual. I'm actually wondering how you manage it."

Alan explained, "Well, the thing is, when I'm having fun with you like this it's so great that I never want it to end. Literally. I wish we could go on for days and days. When I finally cum, it's like popping a balloon. The party's over. I'll do anything to keep the party going. I really, really, REALLY fight that urge to blow my load."

Suzanne pointed out, "A lot of guys would like to say the same thing, but when it comes to it, they can't stop or even take a short break to save their life. I think I'm just too much woman for some guys. And then there are the clueless ones. I've known guys that look pretty hunky, but are content to coast on appearance. Let's just say they think five minutes is impressive."

Alan winked. "Sucks to be them. Though I can definitely relate to the ones who think you're too much woman to handle. Actually, I owe everything to you. You're teaching me to be a good lover. I think we need to practice some more."

"Whoa. Recovered already? I just love eighteen year old boys!"

Suzanne had the timing of her visit worked out down to the minute to maximize her time. She jacked him off and sucked him off for yet a third time, and then the two of them quickly cleaned up and used air freshener to erase all traces of their activities. Both were so sticky and sweaty that they had to take quick showers.

Suzanne got her Daisy Duke clothes from Alan's room, slipped the jeans shorts back on, and finally turned to leave.

But Alan said, "Wait a sec, Aunt Suzy. Can you just stand like that for a minute? I want to admire your remarkable back side and take a mental picture."

"Anything for you, Sweetie." She wiggled her butt suggestively as she stood by his door.

All she had on was the tiny mockery of cut-off jeans. And to please him further, she pulled it up with her hand, which caused it to ride even further up her ass crack. Alan also noted that somehow after everything they had just done together, she still wore high heels as well.

Ever since he began his "medical treatment," she was rarely in his sight without high heels, and that was one thing about her that turned him on so much. If nothing else, it showed a remarkable dedication to please him. About the only time he saw her without heels was when she was completely naked.

"Damn, you are one healthy woman, do you know that?" Alan enthused. "And Daisy. I can't wait to see her again and her cocksuckin' ways."

"Cocksuckin'?" Suzanne turned her head around and used her Southern drawl again. "Someone in these here parts mention a cocksuckin'? Why, I'd just die for a mouth-waterin', tit-jigglin', pussy-tinglin', friendly neighborly cocksuckin'! It's been nearly ten minutes since my last one, and that's far too long. Everybody in town says I's the best cocksucker around, and that's no boastin', just plain factualizin'. Why, my pappy says I's better at cocksuckin' than I am at fuckin', and he should know first hand about both, better than anybody! Even all my brothers say Daisy's better at cocksuckin' than any of her sisters, and that's sayin' a lot, since us Duke women win the Annual Lower East Podunk County Cocksucking Festival prize every single year! Ain't that the truth, Sweetie?"

"Enough!" cried Alan. "You're driving me wild and my penis hurts already! I beg you don't make it hard again."

But Suzanne was having too much fun to stop. "I hate to boast, but, why, I'll bet there isn't a single man in the whole county who won't tell you from hands-on experience what a good cocksucker I's is. Even at school, the principal made me a special allowance so I could take all my classes lyin' on a bed instead of a-sittin' in one of them uncomfortable chair thingies. That's so's how the other students and teachers can have one cock or another in my mouth all day long, and another one up my cute lil' cunny. Can't be forgettin' my bum hole, neither. Why, it's gotten so's that I can hardly think straight unless all three of my holes are gettin' pumped full of somethin'. That's a Duke women tradition it is, them beds at school. I never use one of them chairs for nuthin', on account of people always makin' me lie down and get fucked, if'n I want to or not. Course, I almost always wanna."

She drawled, "Doesn't matter what I think, though. The town council passed an ordinance, all special for me and us Duke women. Says the rape laws don't count for us, but instead we's commitin' a crime if we refuse to be fucked at any time by anybody. Don't even know why I ever bother wearin' these here shorts, since it's likely least three different people'll take 'em off before I even reach school in the mornin'. Always late to most everythin', I am, on account of being fucked so much by passin' strangers."

Alan, to his amazement, found his penis hard yet again. He immediately began to stroke it.

"Course, we Dukes just have one big bed back at the ranch. 'Bout as wide as a cornfield, that bed is, but it's plowin' season every day on that bed. Why, it gets just plain confusin', that big bed does, tryin' to reckon who's plowin' who. I never can tell if that tongue up my ass belongs to my mammy, one of my sisters, my aunties, the neighbors, or just one of them many strange folk passin' by. And there's a tongue up there I reckon just about all the time, unless of course there's a cock fillin' the hole instead. Always a tongue somewhere on me, anyhow."

She took over the stroking on his erection. "Yes siree, we Dukes sure know how to have fun. Speakin' a-which, lookee at this cock raaaght here. Bet it could use some powerful cocksuckin' this very moment. 'Course, I noticed most cocks do. 'Bout the only thing I learnt in school, now that I think about it. So many special classes set up just for me and my sisters, with the word 'cocksuckin'' somewhere in the title."

She brought her mouth closer to his crotch. "Too bad I gotta run, 'cos looks like this-here cock would darn near split me in two. Gotta go to the big McCoy orgy tonight. Mammy and pappy wanna fuck me in front of all the neighbors again, like they always do. Says we gotta show them McCoys who's the closest, fuckingest family in these here parts."

She flicked her exceedingly long tongue at his penis, driving him crazy by just failing to reach it. "Since I gotta skeedaddle, just stop by the ranch sometime and say howdy to me with yer big prick. Why, it's hardly a proper hello without at least one thorough fuckin' down my tight little love hole, don't ya reckon? I'd be right offended if y'all didn't give me a good hello fuck, plus a good-bye one! Besides, once y'all see my sexy mama and all my sexy, naked sisters, you're gonna want to spend all day there, just fuckin' and suckin' 'em all. That's true southern hospitality for ya. See ya!"

Suzanne winked and hurried out of the room, leaving him groaning with desire and a hot and throbbing hard-on.

She threw on her robe by the front door and made it back to her house just minutes before the rest of the Plummers got back from the movie.

Alan was actually glad Suzanne didn't make him cum one more time, because he could instinctively tell that his penis had reached its limit. He had to rush to the bathroom and take a quick cold shower even as everyone else started to mill about the house.

When he was done he felt relatively normal again, though there was a strange ache deep in his ass that he couldn't explain. He figured maybe it had something to do with an overworked prostate gland.

He marveled at Suzanne's many abilities at work at once: faking accents, spontaneous horny stories, and of course her excellent "cocksuckin'."

Then he pondered the very incestuous nature of Suzanne's story, and his own situation. Unbelievable. I'm really going to fuck my own sister tomorrow. And I'm getting blowjobs from my mom. Everything is becoming sexual, like I've fallen through an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole into a sex world. It's like I'm half way to that mythical county in Suzanne's story! I think I'm gonna have some kind of death by sex nervous breakdown. Fucking unbelievable!

CHAPTER 9 (Thursday, Oct. 24)

Thursday started quite early for Alan. He was sleeping in bed when he awoke to the sensation of someone gently shaking him. "What? ... What?" he mumbled and opened his eyes.

It was pitch dark, and his sister was leaning over him, naked. Her shapely boobs dangled inches from his face.

"Is it morning already?" he whispered. Then he answered his own question with a glance at the clock next to his bed. It read one minute after midnight.

"It's Thursday already, Very Big Brother," whispered his sister very quietly, "and you know what that means! I'm now your complete cocksucking fuck toy, and today's the day we consummate our love!" She kissed him passionately on the lips, pulled back his covers, and began to fondle his rapidly-rising prick.

She paused in her kiss and added, "I thought of waking you up with a blowjob, but I was worried you might be confused and yell out. And we wouldn't want that!" She planted another kiss on his mouth.

Alan reached out and fondled her tits at the same time. There was no reason to maintain any boundaries with his sister any longer, except for the fear of getting caught. However, that was a huge consideration, and he felt panicky even though he couldn't stop himself from returning the kiss.

When they finally had to stop to catch their breath, Alan urgently whispered, "We can't do this! Mom and Ron are in bed just down the hall! What if they hear something, and catch us? You're totally naked!"

She agreed, in theory. "You're right, we can't do this. There's no way I'm going to get caught and lose out on all the fun. But just this one time, pleeeeaaase?! I'm so worked up for today's special treat! ... I'll tell you what. If I put your penis in my mouth, then that will shut me up from talking..."

She bent her head down and fed it in between her lips even as she said this, effectively shutting herself up just as she'd suggested.

Alan had resisted her charms for several days, but had next to no willpower left. He feebly protested, "Sis, what do you think you're doing?!"

Katherine thought that was so amusing that she burst into giggles, which was an interesting experience for Alan since more than half of his erection was between her lips at the time. Finally, she stopped giggling to mutter with her mouth full, "What doeth it wook wike, thilly?" That resulted in a new burst of giggles.

Alan groaned with pleasure and frustration at his lack of willpower. "Okay, dumb question, I'll admit, but we're just gonna stop there, right? I mean, we don't want to ruin our first time with all kinds of fears about being too noise, don't we?"

Katherine tried to nod in agreement, but since her head was already bobbing up and down on his rod, the nodding just looked like more bobbing.

But still, Alan took her silence for agreement. "Good. To tell you the truth, there's something I want to try and Suzanne won't let me. She says it violates the boundaries. What if you swing around and put your ass in my face so I can finger you down there? Would you like that?"

Katherine immediately disengaged and began repositioning herself. "You kidding? Having you eat me out would be a dream come true!"

Alan soon found her pussy lips inches from his nose. "Well, I didn't say anything about eating. Let me take it one step at a time, okay? Just try your best to keep quiet. Real quiet."

He plunged his index finger in her hot slit and twisted her clit at the same time.

Katherine wanted to yell so loud that she'd wake up everyone in a ten zip code radius. But thankfully, although her mouth opened as wide as it could, all that came out was a quiet little yelp. Then she let out a long sigh. "Brother, watch out! Don't arouse me so much or I won't be able to help myself!"

Now Alan giggled. "Okay. I'll try to be bad at this. He tapped and stroked a spot on her hip far from her erogenous zones."

"Not there, you doofus!" she whispered even as she giggled back.

"You said be bad."

She let out a loud sigh. "Brothers!" she whispered with exaggerated exasperation. "Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. I guess I'll just have to blow you instead." Her lips clamped down around his penis head again.

Alan didn't exactly follow that logic, but he wasn't about to argue with it. As she nibbled and licked her way up and down and all around his penis, he concentrated on her pussy lips. He plunged two fingers in and out of her slit, trying to time it with the bobbing of her head whenever possible. But knowing that she wasn't the greatest when it came to keeping quiet, he went lightly on her clit, brushing against it lightly from time to time, but never pressing hard on it or giving it a good twist.

What he didn't realize was that she loved his feather light brushes even better than the harder treatment. But she was determined not to get caught and even kept her purrs and moans to a very quiet level.

Since Alan didn't want to get caught, he didn't struggle with all his might not to cum as he had earlier in the day with Suzanne. After about five minutes, he whispered, "Sis, I'm gonna lose it; it's coming fast! Watch out!"

She had time to pull away if she wanted to, but instead she took him deeper. It was a struggle though not to choke or gag as the cum flooded into her mouth. She had to pull back bit by bit and ended up taking the last two ropes on her cheeks and chin.

She sat up so she could look Alan in the eye through the darkness. She ostentatiously swept her cheeks clean with her index finger, drawing all the cum into her mouth. "Mmm. Yummy midnight snack," she said in his ear. "I could make this a nightly habit."

"Don't you dare!" Alan whispered back. "What about Father?"

"Father schmather. You heard he cheats on Mom. Like I care about what he thinks. Anyways, that didn't stop you or Suzanne when the rest of us went to the movies."

"You know what we did?! Did Aunt Suzy tell you?"

Katherine rolled her eyes and sighed. "Duh! Men are so clueless. You were pacing around and making a pathetic attempt to act nonchalant before we left. Mom totally noticed, too. She was distracted through the whole movie, thinking about what you and Suzanne were doing, I'm sure."


Katherine just shook her head with mock disdain, acting like she was talking to an idiot. "What did you two do, anyways?"

"She basically blew me for an hour and a half straight," Alan quietly admitted.

She whispered, "Shoot. Some women get all the fun. Next time, I want to be the one who stays home with you. But until then, Very Big Brother, I promise to be good around the house, dad or no dad. And quiet, too." She flashed a naughty grin. "Whenever I get too talkative, just stick your fat slab in my mouth to shut me up. And remember, after school... I'll be waiting for you..." She got up to go.

With a quick thought to spur him, Alan hopped out of bed and reached the door first. He figured it was much better to have his head poke out and scan the hallway than his sister's. He took a quick peek into the hallway, to make sure the coast was clear.

Deciding it was safe, he let his sister scamper the ten or so feet to her room across the hallway.


Katherine and Alan behaved completely normally at breakfast. Their parents ate with them that day, so there was no chance for Katherine to tease him. The only difference was she appeared unusually antsy, as did he.

Alan's classes seemed to drag on interminably until the end of fourth period. His agony was only heightened when, through the window's reflection, he noticed Ms. Rhymer staring at him again. Certainly it'll only be a matter of time before the other students figure out something is up!

They had a short quiz near the end of class, and Alan noticed how Ms. Rhymer guiltily brought a Magic Marker into her lap. Then he saw her arms move and her face get flush. He had half a notion to go up to her after class and say, "I lost my pen, do you have one I can borrow?" but he decided that would give the game away, and besides, he had to hurry to the supply closet as soon as class was over. He wanted to make the most of every minute there.

Nonetheless, in the last few minutes of class he fantasized her answering his question by handing him a Magic Marker covered in her pussy juices. With these kinds of thoughts to fill his brain, he didn't do very well on the test.

He quickly met Kim and Katherine at the door of their special closet. He checked to make sure the hallway was completely empty, and then kissed both of them on the cheek rather innocently.

But they weren't feeling innocent. Katherine whispered to Kim, "I know what I want to eat for lunch today, and they don't serve it on the cafeteria menu!"

"So do I!" Kim whispered back.

Katherine went on, "Wouldn't it be fun if they did, though? 'Today's special: Alan's tangy cum.'"

They both giggled while Alan modestly tried to pretend disinterest.

After again checking to confirm the coast was clear, they made their way inside. Alan brought some industrial-strength chemicals to mask any smell they might make. As soon as they settled in, Alan said, "First thing's first. My first responsibility is to check my sister's paint job. This'll just take a minute, Kim."

Katherine bent over at a ninety-degree angle to expose her panty-free ass to Alan. It was strange to see a painted butt. "Big Long Brother, take your time. Please."

"Ooh!" Katherine let out a surprised moan, because Alan immediately got down on his knees and stuck his face right into her ass. "Oh, yes! Like that!"

Alan pushed his nose right into her pussy lips. He inhaled and savored his sister's feminine smell. He didn't know if he liked it or not just yet, but figured that over time he'd come to love it in any case. He'd been tempted to lick her there during her midnight visit, but he was too distracted with her blowjob to try something new. But now he felt he owed it to her to reciprocate at least a little bit.

Speaking directly into his sister's pussy, he said to Kim, "Since we're in a hurry, checking the paint job with my tongue is probably the fastest way."

Alan tentatively tried to lick his sister's pussy, but he didn't really know what to do. The idea of his tongue buried directly in her hole seemed too strange. He decided he'd have to work up to that. So, instead, he licked her outer mound and used his fingers to probe inside. He got Katherine dripping-wet within seconds.

"Oh! Big Brother! Big TONGUED Brother! Yes!"

"Sssshhh! And for the love of God, please don't words like the 'B' word here!"

She giggled, and then she whispered, "Oops. Can't say 'big.' Sorry, my Fat, Thick, Soon to Be Sister-Impaling Brother!"

Alan made an annoyed "grrr" sound as he licked up and down her moist nether lips. Because they were painted black, he could taste the paint and flakes were getting on his tongue. So he was "forced" to open her lips and lick the coral pink insides instead.

Needless to say, she liked that. A lot.

He kept at it until she came, which didn't take long at all. He had a suspicion that his sister was so horny, that just reading the telephone book out loud would have sent her over the edge.

He pulled his face back while she climaxed because she was gushing freely and he didn't want cum all over himself. Despite his love of spraying his jism all over female body parts, he still was getting used to female juices.

He switched his attention to her ass and crotch more extensively, and at the same time he actually did check the paint job. As he suspected, it didn't need any touch-up painting except for the pussy lips, and he decided keeping them painted was a lost cause.

He got up. "Okay, Kim. Your turn. I know you're not into guys, so do you want me to do this like I did it to Katherine, or do it the more professional way?"

Katherine, who now stood, shot her hand up in the air and jumped up and down as if she was an eager student. "Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Pick me, teacher!"

Kim and Alan had a good laugh.

Then Kim commented, "You two are a lot of fun, you know that? Last time I found out a finger was just a finger, so I might as well find out if a tongue is just a tongue." She bent over. "Lick it up. It's already wet from watching you two."

Alan did the exact same thing to Kim that he did to his sister, except that this time he didn't bother with the painted pussy lips and tried as much as he could to keep his tongue plunging in and out of her hot box instead. He was happy to discover that he could get Kim off just as easily.

She commented, "That was nice. Very nice. True, you were stabbing around blindly like a bull in a china shop, but you'll get better. It was actually kind of a turn on knowing a man was doing that to me."

"You've dated guys, if only to keep up a pretense," Katherine noted. "Haven't any of them gone down on you?"

"Ha! Fat chance. Even Heather has had trouble finding guys willing to do that, and she has the pick of the school. Men suck." She added hastily, "No offense, Alan."

"None taken."

When he finished they'd still only been in the room less than five minutes. He announced, "There's no need for any touch ups and thus no need to let any paint dry. So there 's nothing left to do but fool around some more."

Now that they all stood again, Katherine wrapped herself around Alan. "Big Thick Brother! Aren't you the best?"

"Hey," he said sternly. "Enough with the cute 'Big Brother' names. I told you, no mention of the 'B' word in this kind of situation, okay? And let's all try to make as little noise as possible. We're like a herd of elephants in here. We should even whisper only when necessary. And also, we all need to keep our clothes on, and just open the clothes up to expose the most interesting parts. That way we can hopefully quickly recover if someone comes in."

"What, you mean like this one, V. B. B.?" Katherine unzipped his shorts and dropped them to his ankles.

"V. B. B.?" he asked quizzically.

"Very Big Brother." She whispered the last word very nastily, and then made a motion like she had zipped her mouth shut.

Kim and Katherine were braless again now that Alan's several-day cooling down period was over, and they had their shirts up around their shoulders. Their tiny cheerleader skirts were still on, but those posed little impediment from anyone wanting to probe their pussies or asses.

Their main problem was a lack of room to maneuver. It was hard for two of them to even kneel at the same time in the small closet, but they managed. Katherine knelt in the middle. She sucked on Alan's penis as he stood, while he placed his hands on her head and played with her beautiful long hair.

Meanwhile, Kim knelt behind Katherine, and ground her mouth into her new friend's pussy from behind.

Kim complained between licks, "Hey, there's not much paint on her lips as it is, and my tongue and fingers are ruining what's left of it. Ugh, I don't like the paint taste at all."

Alan said, "I think keeping your pussy lips painted is a hopeless task, the way you two are both so sexually active. Kim, just rub off what's left."

"Can do!"

She licked at Katherine's core for a little bit, then commented, "But you know, that means our pink pussies will be on display for anyone to see all throughout our practices and the game, too!"

"Well, you're just going to have to deal with that," Alan replied. "Both of you are so wet so often that painting down there is like trying to paint orange juice."

Katherine obviously was very turned on at the idea of having her pussy lips show, and she proved it by devouring her brother's erection with even more vigor. She had no clue how to deep throat someone, but she tried taking him deeper and deeper with each downstroke until her gag reflex was triggered and she had to back off.

Alan had been holding out, testing his PC muscle control at the same time, when he felt Katherine's whole body shake. He correctly guessed she was having a nice climax, and he decided to give up the struggle right then.

Within seconds, his cum started to shoot, painting the back of her throat with his white goo. This just excited Katherine even more, and she was hit with a second orgasm right as her first one was finishing.

Alan didn't realize it, but Kim was cumming at the same time, so they had one big group orgasm. Torrents of pussy juice rolled down the legs of the two girls as their climaxes seemed to last forever. Both Alan and Kim repeatedly bumped into the shelves behind them and knocked all variety of supplies onto themselves and onto the floor. But they didn't care.

They all collapsed when it was over, knocking even more things off the shelves. Physically spent, they grinned at each other like happy idiots.

Kim preferred her exploration of Katherine, but her curiosity about Alan grew the more she saw how good he made Katherine feel. And she had to admit his fingers and tongue felt pretty good. She figured, I may not like men, as in males in my life, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy certain body parts they've got.

They just sat there for a couple of minutes resting.

Katherine eventually broke the silence, commenting, "This is great, a lot of fun, but it's just the warm up. I can't wait until school is over!"

"Me neither," Alan admitted.

Katherine added, "Kim, I know you're not crazy about guys. God knows they're useless idiots who think with the wrong head." She winked at Alan to soften the blow of what was meant to be just a tease. "But that said, penises are really wonderful things. You'll never get a better chance to try one out on a nice guy without all that dating and emotional stuff you don't like. Why not give it a taste?"

Kim started at Alan's flaccid penis. "You want me to put that in my mouth?"

"Why not? Worse comes to worse, you don't like it and take it out. No risk."

Kim continued to stare at it.

With all the attention his penis was getting, it started to grow.

Kim's eyes went wider, but she asked, "Alan, since you're getting ready again, do you suppose I could try a taste of your semen 'fresh from the source', as Katherine puts it?"

"Sure," Alan replied. "Always happy to oblige."

"Ha, ha, Mr. Don Juan," Katherine said, a bit surly at sharing. "Kim, I give you permission, but remember I always get first dibs, 'cos he's my brother, okay?"

Alan interrupted with a stern whisper, "I told you already: don't say that word at school, ever! You never know if the walls have ears." Truthfully they were beyond screwed if they were found there and Alan knew he should have been a lot more careful but there were just too many exciting things happening for him to really think straight.

"Sorry, V. B. B." his sister answered.

Kim replied to Katherine's first dibs comment. "That sounds okay with me, Katherine. And who knows, I might not even like it. Let's see."

They had to rearrange themselves considerably so Kim could kneel in front of Alan's penis. Finally they were ready, and without any further ado Kim took Alan into her mouth.

Luckily, since Alan had climaxed a short time before, his cum was drooling all over it. Kim had a taste of his seed, liked it, and pulled the wide shaft in a little deeper so she could swallow some more.

Katherine meanwhile stood behind Kim and frigged her friend's pussy, which guaranteed that Kim would enjoy herself no matter what she thought of the taste of a penis.

Katherine and Alan were very curious to see how Kim liked cocksucking and if she was on the road at least to bisexuality, but Kim wouldn't stop sucking long enough to give them her opinion and her facial expression didn't show her feelings.

At first, she mostly sputtered and gagged. Kim was a small person with a small mouth, and it was obvious she had trouble just getting her lips around such a big thing. But she persisted and soon got the hang of it, once she realized she shouldn't go so deep.

Katherine wanted to whisper pointers, but figured Alan wouldn't be happy about that for "security reasons."

The only sounds were the occasional moan or suck from Kim. To judge from her noises and the way she kept at it, the others finally realized she must enjoy it, or at least she was a really dedicated experimenter.

Finally, Kim came up for air. "That was .... nice," she admitted. "Are all cocks that tasty?"

"No," Katherine answered. "Remember that mystery woman I was mentioning before? She says his cock is as good as it gets. If it were any bigger, it would get uncomfortable, not to mention who'd be able to suck on it? And his cum is supposed to have a very special taste. I'm thinking that's maybe 'cos Alan lives on fruits and orange juice and hardly eats any meat except for fish."

"Could be," Kim commented. "It does taste kind of fruity, now that you mention it." She inhaled his penis head to experiment with cocksucking some more.

Katherine whispered, "So, V. B. B., how does it feel to have two cheerleaders taking turns blowing you in the middle of school? Is that something you wouldn't mind turning into a daily habit?"

"Oh yeah!" he groaned. Kim was finding a good rhythm already, but he muttered, "No teeth. Please, no teeth."

Katherine added, "Now that we've found this closet, we might just have to 'cum' here every day." At the risk of bumping into more objects, she slowly bent down so she could taste what painted pussy tasted like.

Alan just backed up into a filing cabinet to make room, and let Kim know what he liked with a pat on the head at the right times.


Once Kim got going on cocksucking, she didn't want to stop for the world. And it was a good thing they were too busy sucking and licking to talk, because with only about fifteen minutes left in the lunch period, they all heard the sound of the door to the outer supply room open.

They instantly froze in place. Kim of course had her mouth wrapped around Alan's rod at that very moment. Katherine still had her nose in Kim's pussy.

But as quietly as they could, they began to wipe themselves up with moist towelettes Alan had so thoughtfully provided and pulled their clothes back up or down as needed. Covering up only took a few seconds, but the smell of sex was still there and bodily fluids were leaking all over the place.

However, Alan realized the gig was up, because they had left the light to their little closet on.

They all listened as they heard the person in the other room finally begin to move.

Alan realized, It sounds like a person is walking right towards the closet we're in!

He zipped up his shorts and quickly said out loud, "Hello, someone out there?" and grabbed the first supplies he could lay his eyes on.

Acting preemptively, he opened the door a bit, slid out through the crack. He hoped to deny whoever it was outside a glimpse inside by getting in the way first. He leaned back against the door and doorknob to further prevent anyone from being able to open it, and looked into the darkness lit only by the light which came in the open door from the hallway to see who had discovered them. He was ready to fight to keep the door closed, if need be, given that his sister was in there.

"Alan?! What are you doing here?" said a very shocked voice. It was Mr. Jackson, Alan's art teacher.

Thank God! thought Alan. He was on good terms with the man, who was near retirement age. "Mr. Jackson! You surprised me!"

"YOU surprised ME! Alan? I said, boy, what are you doing in here?"

"Um, Ms... uh, Rhymer, asked me to get her some supplies. So I was just getting it. Um, them." He held up what was in his hand to show Mr. Jackson, and saw for the first time that he was holding a bottle of Windex. That's works, pretty much, he thought. He couldn't help but give out a sigh of relief.

"Hmm," said Mr. Jackson. "I was just getting some supplies myself," said the teacher warily. He clearly was very suspicious of Alan's explanation. He stared at Alan's hair, which was more mussed up than usual.

Worse, Mr. Jackson was sniffing. Alan realized that given all the seeming gallons of cum they'd all just expended, Mr. Jackson could not fail to smell the potent aroma of sex in the outer closet, and it was far worse in the inner closet. They didn't intend to use the chemicals he brought to cover up the smell until after they were done. Plus, Alan realized he himself probably looked all flushed and disheveled. Shit. Busted!

Alan looked like he wouldn't let the door open for anything. He figured that while he was busted, maybe he could somehow save the other two from getting caught. It was a desperate plan, but he was grasping at straws.

Mr. Jackson looked around the outer supply room, found what he sought, and picked it up. "Here it is," he said. He looked back at Alan. "You sure Ms. Rhymer gave you permission to be here? I thought students weren't allowed in here."

"Of course she did." Alan forced a fake smile

"Well... I guess I'll be going, then. Aren't you leaving, too?"

"Um, I just spilled something in there when I heard you come in. You surprised me. I'll have to go back and clean it up."

"I'll bet you did," said Mr. Jackson with a smirk. "By the way, Alan, how are things going with the ladies? Do you have a girlfriend these days?"

"Uhhh... They're going very well. Um... Yes I do. Kim. You know, one of the cheerleaders."

"She's very pretty. You're a lucky man. I wish I was your age." Mr. Jackson began to walk back towards the hallway. Just as he reached the outer door, he turned to Alan and said, "If you see her, say hello for me." He gave Alan a wink.

He totally knows I was in there with a woman, and doesn't mind! Alan realized. Thank fucking Jesus he thinks it's just Kim!

After a knowing pause, the teacher continued, "However, in the future, be absolutely sure you have permission before you enter a room like this. You wouldn't want to do anything foolhardy and tarnish your sterling reputation."

"No, sir. Of course not, sir!"

"I suggest you leave immediately. See you later, then." Mr. Jackson closed the door.

Alan immediately went back into the closet where Kim and Katherine hid and immediately put a finger over his mouth to indicate they should stay quiet. He was extremely wary now and figured they wouldn't be completely safe until they were all far from the room.

But the two had heard his conversation very clearly and were elated at not getting caught. Silently, they all gave each other high fives.

Finally, Alan whispered to them incredibly quietly, even though he'd tested and knew this room was nearly totally soundproof from the hallway with both doors to it closed. He was all business. "That was too close! Mr. Jackson figured I was in here with just Kim. He even winked at me! Talk about luck. We have to get out of here, and now! First, let's spray the air to get rid of the smell of sex, which he couldn't miss, by the way. Then I'll leave first, and check if the coast is clear. If it is, I'll bump against the door, and then you, Kim, can come out next. He may even be out in the hallway to see who else comes out! If it's all clear still, then Katherine you come out like five minutes later. Stay in here with the lights off until then. Kim and I will linger by the door. We'll thump against the door again to let you know it's okay. Agreed?"

The other two nodded.

He added, "And no way in hell am I using this closet again! Mr. Jackson will probably spread this around as gossip. I can just hear him now saying to the other teachers: 'You wouldn't believe who I saw in the supply closet with a girlfriend. Honor student Alan with a cheerleader!'"

"He wouldn't dare!" gasped Katherine.

'How do we know that?" Alan asked. "I'm not even going to think about what would have happened if I hadn't acted fast and prevented him from opening the door. He would have had a heart attack seeing you in here Katherine, even with all your clothes on. And word would have gotten to Mom, I'm sure, even if nothing could really be proven. No more closet fun. No way! We have to play it safe. Now, let's get out of here!"

His plan of escape worked like a charm. The second-floor hallway was completely empty, as it almost always was in the middle of lunch. They all made it out and away with ten minutes to spare, which turned out to be a very good thing.

The elderly Mr. Jackson went to look for Ms. Rhymer and eventually found her outside, headed towards the teacher's lounge.

"Ms. Rhymer! You're just the person I'm looking for," he said as he walked up to her.

She spiraled around to face him.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight of such an attractive woman.

She wore an elegant formal dress that somehow greatly accented her breasts even as it mostly covered them up.

He asked, "You didn't happen to ask your student Alan Plummer to get you some Windex from the supply room, did you?"

"No, of course not! If I needed some Windex I can get it myself. Whatever are you talking about?"

"I thought not. I was almost sure of it. Did you lend him your key to that room?"

She began to realize that Alan might be in some kind of trouble. It occurred to her that she should try to cover for him. "Yes, I did," she lied.

Mr. Jackson nodded, and then said, "I hate to say this - do you promise to keep this under your hat?"

Ms. Rhymer nodded.

"He used your key to sneak into the supply room. I just caught Alan in the back closet there, while I was getting some supplies. He was there with a girlfriend. I didn't actually see her, but I'm sure of it. And they were having sex! The smell was overwhelming. I let him off the hook, 'cos boys will be boys, and it was Alan, after all. I'm sure he was well-meaning. Frankly, I can't tell you how surprised I was about that, to find HIM there, of all people! But we can't allow this to continue and have that turn into a little orgy room back there. I'm sure you agree."

"Of course!" Ms. Rhymer was shocked, but also not too surprised. So he really is turning into some kind of sexual... He's sexually insatiable, that's what he is! Alan, of all people! She found herself both jealous of whoever the girl was and hot at the possibilities this implied. Maybe he and I could make use of that little "orgy room" one day, she thought wickedly.

To Mr. Jackson, she said indignantly, "I'll take care of it right away, and get the key back." She realized that the only time he'd borrowed the key was last Friday. Did he secretly make a copy? Goody-two-shoes Alan?

Covering for him, she said, "Of course we'll all have to be more careful with this kind of thing in the future. And you did the right thing in not punishing him. Kids at that age are just discovering sex, and they do stupid things. There's no need to ruin his stellar record for ... some overactive hormones."

"That's what I figured," said Mr. Jackson.

By this time, they'd reached the teacher's lounge, where she often went to eat lunch. She grabbed some food out of the refrigerator and tried to act nonchalant. "Since I know him well, I'll have a talk with him, and gently hint that he needs to be more careful. And I'll give him an earful about the keys. I hope the girl is careful, too. Do you know who it is?"

"He all but admitted to me he was in there with his girlfriend Kim, who you probably know as one of the varsity cheerleaders. You know, the short, young one."

"Ah, yes." Ms. Rhymer was jealous that Alan was with someone so good looking. Very jealous. Kim, eh? Fucking cheerleader slut, thinks she can steal him away from me! And Alan? This is the guy I've been risking my job over, the guy I've been masturbating in class about? So he thinks he can go and sleep with some slut right under my nose?!

But to Mr. Jackson she was cool and collected. "Ah well, hopefully by the time I'm done straightening him out, he'll catch my drift and warn Kim to be more careful as well."

The two of them continued to talk about Alan and how he now seemed "all grown up" while Ms. Rhymer ate a sandwich.

She freed herself from the conversation as soon as she was able and quickly made her way to the supply room.  She opened up the back closet and to her disappointment found it completely empty. Nothing was out of order, except for an unusually strong smell of chemicals. He's a clever young man, she thought. I'll give him that. And he's lucky the ol' softy Mr. Jackson found him.


Meanwhile, back in her quiet house on her quiet suburban street that morning, Susan was lost in her erotic thoughts. She could hardly wait until her husband left for work and her children left for school so she could get naked. And get naked she did.

Oh, dear Lord, I'm so depraved, she thought to herself as she took off her clothes, even as she looked out the front window and saw her husband drive away towards work at his company's home office.

I'm growing worse every day! Please, please, I beg of you, Lord, please give me the strength to resist temptation! You know what I speak of. My son. My dreamboat, handsome son. So kind. So innocent. So...

Arrgh! I'm getting carried away here. But how can I not be affected by all the sexy things he does? The way he made me run around my bedroom starkers and then forced Suzanne to suck him off right there in front of my eyes... It's like he's sexually insatiable and can't be denied!

Who would believe that such a good boy needs to be sucked off so many times a day? It's really not fair to Suzanne. I should help her out, daily. But I can't. I can't! It's wrong! Sin. Evil! Hell, Hell, Hell! The burning flames of Hell! I have to STOP!

My point is, Lord, I HAVE to resist, don't I? Please! Answer my prayers. Give me a sign, some kind of sign. Tell me what I should do!

By this time Susan had all her clothes off. She moved away from the front window for fear that someone might see.

As she walked towards the kitchen with her clothes in her hands, she thought, There's nothing wrong with just being naked. It's not like I'm doing anything immoral. We're all naked before the Lord anyway, right? I just need to release my urges in a private, harmless way. I don't know why, but taking off my clothes makes me feel sooo good. I really don't know why. Maybe it's because I imagine Alan looking at me. What if he could see me right now, what would he do? Would he want to do nasty things to me? Like, would he want to take his magnificent, hard COCK and grab me by my long hair and pull my head down, down, down...

No! Don't think those thoughts, Susan. Just let your mind go blank. ... Blank. Breathe deep and count to ten.

She slowly counted, breathing deep each time.

Okay. That's better. Everything is under control. I think I'll just clean up the kitchen a bit like this. Why not? I'm home alone, so who cares?

Susan raised her arms above her head and stretched. Aaaaahhhh... This feels great. I have nothing to be ashamed about with my body. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty darn good-looking. That's what people always say to me, at least. And the way that my Tiger looks at me sometimes shows that-

No. I can't think like that. I can't think of how Alan plays with my body and tells me all kinds of wonderfully kind things. He's such a charmer. If I listen to him, I'll just end up back on my knees with a big fat penis head in my mouth. Again! God, give me strength. Please, Lord, please! Someone, help me!

She put her clothes on the kitchen counter and picked up a sponge.

Then she paused. Ahhh, shit. Who am I kidding? This nakedness isn't enough. I've gotta go masturbate, like, NOW, just like I did yesterday at this time, and the day before that. I'm doing it too much! Too many times a day. It's like I've become addicted.

But just then she heard the front door open. Oh holy mother of God! Suzanne! Shit!

Susan dropped the sponge and ran frantically down the hall way and into the lower bathroom before Suzanne could see her in her complete nakedness. How stupid of me, she thought bitterly. Suzanne is coming over sooner and sooner these days. She's not even giving me time for a quick masturbation session after the kids leave. Damn! And worse, what am I going to wear now?

She looked around the bathroom. To her great relief, she realized a hamper for dirty clothes was in it. She fished around and found a top and skirt of hers that weren't noticeably dirty. She put them on. Then she flushed the toilet, to help explain her absence to Suzanne.

Elsewhere in the house, Suzanne walked around to look for her best friend. When Suzanne reached the kitchen she saw the pile of clothes still on the kitchen counter. Hmm. This is odd, to say the least. Susan is normally so neat. I wonder if this was what she wore earlier. I'll have to ask Alan or Katherine later on what their mother had on at breakfast. Hmm. Intriguing.

Susan came out of the bathroom and entered the kitchen. "Hey, friend," she said to Suzanne as she smiled and waved.

Suzanne replied in kind as she sat down at the counter.

But Susan had a guilty look on her face - she was a horrible actress and a bad liar. Then, noticing that Suzanne had seen her pile of clothes there on the counter, Susan's guilty smile turned to open-mouthed horror. She lamely tried to cover for their presence. "Oh, what a mess. Here, let me put these away." She took the clothes and went to put them in the same hamper where she had gotten her present clothing.

As Suzanne was left alone, she thought to herself, She's acting guilty as hell about those clothes. What's going on here? Think, Suzanne, think. ... Wait, I get it! She must have been naked in the kitchen when I came in. I thought I heard some running around. I must have interrupted ... what? Why was she naked in the kitchen, all alone? Doing the dishes naked, maybe? There's a sponge on the floor here. Hmm.

Wait a minute. I know what this means. She's so fucking horny all the time now that she's naked or masturbating, or both, every chance she gets! Why, Ron only left a couple of minutes ago. I saw the car drive away. She's tearing off her clothes just as soon as she can get the chance! That gets ME so hot! Fuck! To think she was so frigid all these years; now she's like a nymphomaniac. And it's my scheme pushing her to Alan that's doing it. This is so great. If she has any bisexual tendencies at all, my bigger scheme to bed the whole Plummer family is really going to come true! No shit! Damn!

Suzanne was lost in a reverie. She had the most blissful and joyous expression on her face, as if she'd just won the lottery.

A quizzical "Suzanne?" from Susan snapped her out of it.

Now it was Suzanne's turn to look guilty. But Suzanne was a much better actress than Susan ever was. She covered up her true feelings within seconds. "Sorry, drifted off there for a second. I guess I'm still waking up. Still dreaming."

"I know the feeling," Susan said perhaps a bit too truthfully. "Must have been a good dream."

"It's a great one, Susan. My favorite fantasy."

"Oh, sounds fun. What is it?" Susan asked happily. Her earlier guilt and nervousness were gone.

"I can't tell you just yet. Maybe someday. What's your favorite fantasy?"

Susan's guilt flooded back. She stammered, "I, uh, uh, I, I can't tell either." She turned away and blushed.

How cute, Suzanne thought. Talk about being able to read someone like a book. As if we don't both know exactly who she's thinking about in her fantasy. But I just love Susan for her cute and innocent ways like this. What an angel. To think this shy and proper woman was just standing in this same room a couple of minutes ago, completely starkers. It beggars the imagination.

She said, "I have to apologize again for what happened on Tuesday night. I can't tell you how sorry I am to give Alan a handjob right there in your bedroom with you standing there. I've done some insensitive things in the past, but that one really takes the cake."

Susan interrupted, "You don't need to apologize again and I truly mean that. You already apologized, like, four times yesterday! It's okay, I forgive you. Really."

Suzanne secretly grinned. She loved apologizing for what happened because it was a good excuse to start talking about Alan and handjobs. So she protested, "Sorry. I guess I am repeating myself. It's just that I can't forgive myself for my rudeness. I mean, here you are, trying to get your head on straight, trying to work things out with Ron, and the LAST thing you need to see is my hands sloshing and sliding up and down your son's thick erection."

"You got that right," Susan complained.

"I mean, there you are, wearing nothing but a towel, which through no fault of your own is opening up so Alan can gawk at your pussy, and what do I do? Do I say, 'Sorry, Susan, obviously you need your privacy, I'll go now,' or something to that effect? No. I actually have the gall to ask you to take off my blouse and bra and then I just keep jacking that big stick of his, up and down, up and down, up and down."

Suzanne motioned with her hands in the air to illustrate her words and better fluster Susan. She noticed Susan's eyes were staring intently as if Suzanne really was holding a penis.

Suzanne continued, "Here you are, trying to rationally decide if you should help Alan with his daily orgasms and how many times a day, and I totally frazzle you like that. Honestly, I wasn't trying to influence your decision, at least on a conscious level, though God only knows how much I can use your help. That boy is simply insatiable! As you could guess, I spent the whole time you were at the movies last night sucking his cock, sorry, I mean his member, and I only managed to squeeze out three loads. By the time I was done I thought my jaws and my hands were going to fall right off my body, and yet three times is only half his daily target."

"You did?" Susan had her strong suspicions, but this was the first time she found out for sure what happened during the movie.

"Of course I did. Blowjobs don't happen by themselves, you know. You have to take your mouth, open it really wide, and feed inch after inch after inch of delicious cum-filled goodness between your waiting lips. But then, you know that already from having taken him deep yourself. I hardly need to remind you how good it feels when he squirts a big load down your throat." She rubbed her chin. "Man, my jaw. It's still sore from last night. His endurance is a literal jaw breaker."

"But I thought you said he was having trouble getting it up lately," Susan said in a timid voice.

"He was, until he got your help on Tuesday. I tell you, he thinks the world of you. If you're acting sexy, then he just cums and cums and cums. But if you pull back and cover up, there's not much even I can do to raise his pole. Nothing arouses him more than your curvy naked body, and that's the truth."

Susan was trying to keep her cool, but she was already burning with lust before Suzanne even came over. Now she was so horny she was forced to clench her hands together to stop herself from masturbating in front of her best friend. She looked like she was wired and her hands flitted all over the place, uncertain of where to go.

Suzanne thought, This is too much fun! I just love it when I can get Susan's chest heaving like that. But any more teasing would be cruel. I'll bet she'd love nothing better than to frig herself into unconsciousness, right now, thinking about her hunky son. She must be hoping that I'll leave and I really should. This is all getting me so hot, I'd better go do myself back at my place. Good thing no one else is home.

"You know, Susan, I just thought of something. I'd love to sit and chat like this all day, but it occurred to me I actually have an important errand to run. For once in my life."

Susan laughed, but it was still nervous laughter.

"Anyway, sorry again for the other night. I won't bring it up again. Forgive me?"

"Of course. There's nothing to forgive."

"You're too kind. Well, I'd better get going. Let's hang out later. I'll be back in say, two hours?"

"Perfect!" said Susan. That'll give me plenty of time to rub myself. I'm still so worked up!

After a few more pleasantries, Suzanne went back to her house next door.

Just as Susan had done earlier with her husband, she watched Suzanne go and waited until the coast was clear. Then she shucked her clothes off again. She ran upstairs and hopped in bed. Despite her eagerness to be naked, she still only felt at ease masturbating in one of two places: under the covers of her bed, or in the shower.

Once she returned to her own house, Suzanne took the other typical masturbation location option: the shower. For security's sake, she didn't dare walk around naked or frig herself just anywhere, in case her son or husband happened to come home for some bizarre reason.

At first she frigged herself wildly in the shower until she came with a feverish intensity. Then, exhausted, she got out, soaking wet, and sat down in the bathroom to rest. She started to think some more, and slowly grew aroused again.

As she ran her hands slowly over her legs, she thought, Boy, that Susan is really something. My seemingly decades-long quest to get her to become more cultured - go to plays, the opera, listen to classical music, appreciate fine wine - I'll admit it hasn't been terribly successful. But then I try to get her to go after her own son, and she becomes a hopeless case in a matter of weeks! This is so much more fun than my culture lessons.

But this path is also full of danger. I'm not terribly concerned about Ron or my husband; they'll both be out of the way soon, if I have anything to say about it. The problem is, Susan and Alan might get so into each other that they'll completely forget about me. After all, they have that whole taboo / forbidden fruit appeal thing going on, not to mention such a long and close loving relationship. And I always thought I could out-sexy any woman, but Susan is easily at least my match with her body.

I just have three things in my favor, over her. One: a readiness to go farther with him, and faster. With any luck, I can be his first fuck. Two: a more devious and scheming mind and a greater overall awareness of what others are doing. Three: much greater sexual experience. That's key. That'll be my main weapon to win both of them. I'm sure I can lick and suck and kiss and fuck way better than Susan. And Katherine too, for that matter.

Mmm. Katherine. Now there's another sexy Plummer to ponder.

Suzanne's hands had wandered over her wet skin, but now they started to converge on her ready and leaking pussy. What I wouldn't give to get my hands in her sweet hole, instead of my own! I wonder how things are faring between her and my Sweetie. Mmm. Imagine those two going at it together. There's a sexy thought. Very sexy...

Suzanne lost her train of thought for a couple of minutes as she fantasized being a fly on the wall while Susan's two children fucked each other.

But after she climaxed, she returned to her strategic thinking. Those two are going to fuck, for sure. But Katherine's like Susan: way too chaste and prudish. Since I haven't been wearing Katherine down as much as Susan, it'll take longer for the daughter's restraints to give way.

Suzanne was dead wrong on that last surmise, because she didn't realize that Katherine had a long-standing secret lust for her brother. Not only that, but she didn't do enough snooping about Katherine's behavior.

She did think a little bit about the need for finding out more about her, though. I wish I was closer to Katherine so I could really know what she's thinking about her brother. It would be great if we were close the way Susan and I are, and shared all our secrets. I should find out soon how things stand between those kids. I know things are starting to develop, but just how far have they gone already?

Given Alan and Katherine's goody-goody reputations, and Alan's lack of aggressiveness, Suzanne would never have guessed in a million years that the two teenagers had plans to fuck each other that very afternoon. But if she would have known, she wouldn't have been too terribly upset. It fit in with her overall plan to break down all the sexual barriers.


Alan had a very ordinary final class period. He played tennis during P.E. He wished he could see the cheerleader practice and see what might happen to Katherine there with her painted panties, but unlike the football players with their distant view of cheerleader practice, the tennis players played at a different part of the school.

He wouldn't have been able to see much, even if he'd been able to watch. Cheerleader practice started much like the first time Katherine had been caught.

Heather, now that the unexplained ban on her toying with Katherine was over, eagerly began the practice with high leg stretches. She immediately walked over to Katherine, and began to finger her naked pussy while one of Katherine's feet stretched up to her head. Her other fingers slid around the outside of her pussy and she detected with delight that Katherine's pussy was completely bare.

But today she didn't want to waste any time. She liked sex with men more than with women, but she just plain loved sex and she certainly wasn't averse to playing with a little pussy. She'd helped pick the other cheerleaders largely on the basis of her attraction to them and she had long range goals of having sex with all of them eventually. The panties painting had given her the foot in the door to start her seduction of the whole squad.

As the week went on she had grown increasingly aroused by the thought of what she would do with Katherine when her chance came. She resolved that she would throw caution to the wind and have her all for her own on Thursday.

"Katherine, it seems like your muscles are tight. Just like last Friday. But today they're even worse. I'm afraid it seems like you've pulled a muscle. Why didn't you say anything?" Heather's fingers kept working into her.

"Uh, really, it's nothing," said a very red-faced Katherine. At the best of times Katherine was afraid of Heather. The head cheerleader dominated all around through sheer force of will. But on an occasion like this, Katherine was completely petrified.

Heather looked like a lioness about to strike its helpless prey. Her steely, dark blue eyes practically assaulted Katherine with the intensity of her gaze.

Katherine meekly turned away.

Like a predator, Heather picked up on such signs of weakness. She flashed a nasty smile.

Meanwhile, Katherine wondered, How is it that no one is noticing what Heather's doing? She was actually fairly surprised that she and Kim had made it through the last three days of practice without anyone noticing either of their bare pussies, especially now that their pussy lips could be seen. But luckily the shaving really made a big difference in helping keep the secret. Actually, given that Kim and Heather were in on the secret, and Amy was a non-threatening friend, that only left two other cheerleaders, Janice and Joy, to keep the secret from.

Heather walked over to one of those two cheerleaders, a girl with short, red hair named Janice. Heather said to her, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take Katherine back to the lockers to see if I can't apply some cream or something to get rid of her cramp. Can you take over here? It might take a while, so don't wait up for us."

Janice was fine with taking over.

Soon Heather and Katherine were across the field and at the door to the girl's locker room. As they arrived, Heather said out of the corner of her mouth, "I don't know why, but Kim said it was very important I had to wait until today before we could play. But today is MY day. As soon as we get through this door, you'd better be ready to fuck my brains out or else. I even brought a big dildo, and you're going to use it."

At that, they walked through the door, and Heather's hands were all over Katherine's butt and pussy like Heather couldn't wait another second, which she couldn't.

"Wait!" cried Katherine. She was deathly afraid of getting caught, especially since she had almost been caught with Alan and Kim little more than an hour earlier.

"This is reckless!" Katherine moaned, and turned her head as Heather leaned in to kiss her. "Let's at least take a look around."

Heather calmed down enough to see the sensibility in that, and they quickly poked their heads all around the aisles of the locker room to make sure no one else was there. It was completely empty, as it almost always was during class, unless someone was very late or there was some medical emergency like Katherine's supposed pulled muscle.

"This is crazy." Katherine said. "The coaches even come in here sometimes." But she knew there was no way to stop Heather once Heather wanted something. So she suggested, "Here, let's do it in the shower. That'll give us the most warning if anyone comes in."

The two kissed each other passionately. Heather grew less aggressive and more tender as the kiss progressed. Katherine also found herself calming down. Despite her worries and her strong dislike of Heather, she couldn't help but get aroused. Thoughts of having sex with her brother soon had kept her on edge all day and now Heather was reaping the benefit.

Then they both began to throw off their clothes.

Once they were both naked, Katherine took a good look at Heather and said, "Damn, woman, talk about an all-over tan! What's your secret?"

"Mmm. Thanks. Talk later," Heather replied hastily as she moved in for another kiss. "Mostly sunbathing naked in the back yard a lot."

Katherine turned on two showerheads. "If anyone comes in, we're just taking a couple of showers, right?"

"Right," said Heather. "You're smart. I like that. But you can't take off your panties, 'cos they're painted on! How delicious!"

The two moved in for another kiss and began to wildly grope each other's bodies.

Heather grabbed a nearby bar of soap, and said, "As long as we're pretending it's a shower, let's make it authentic!" She rubbed soap all over Katherine.

Soon both of them were covered in sudsy bubbles. The slick soapiness turned them both on all the more and led to more hands exploring everywhere.

Within minutes they were down on the floor in a sixty-nine position. Each stuck her tongue deep into the other's pussy.

Katherine had never done anything with a woman more serious than licking and fingering Kim a bit, but she took to the new position like a fish to water.

Heather didn't even realize that Katherine was completely winging it and assumed that Katherine had been secretly and actively bisexual for some time.

Katherine just tried to imitate what Heather was doing to her. She could tell from mews and moans when she was doing something right.

They kept going like that for a while, until they both started to orgasm. It seemed the shuddering and climaxing would never end. Had someone walked in then, neither girl would have noticed or cared. Actually, it was fair odds that someone could come in at any time. If someone did, though, they would be okay as long as they could stand up in time to make it look like they were showering. But the danger of being caught only made them that much more aroused.  

Finally, both were too tired and breathless to go on, and they took a break. They sat underneath the water as it poured from the showers and regained their strength.

"Are you keeping track of time?" Katherine asked. She lazily ran her hands over Heather's slick, bronzed skin. She added with a smile, "I guess being forced to have sex with you isn't such a bad thing, after all."

"The only thing I'm wearing is my watch," replied Heather. "We've got lots of time... By the way, for such a stuck-up prude, you can lick and finger pretty well. You seem to have some experience with women. I had you figured all wrong. And such enthusiasm! I was rather looking forward to really forcing you, but this is just as fun, if not better."

"Well, you're nice!" replied Katherine sarcastically. "My only experience with this is with Kim in the last week, thanks to the way you forced us together. And you, for such a stuck up bitch, I have to admit you're pretty hot."

Heather let the "stuck up bitch" comment slide, since they were so intimate at the moment and she got called that all the time (though few dared to say it to her face).

Katherine went on, "And you're not too shy with women either. To think you've been watching us cheerleaders practice every day - I can only wonder what you've been thinking. Whatever would your boyfriend, the star quarterback, have to say?"

"He'd get all hot and bothered if he could see us." She began to caress Katherine's wet and glistening shoulders and boobs as if to emphasize the point. She started to soap her again since the soap had mostly washed away. "But that prick isn't going to get so lucky. I just do him for the status. I've got a couple of other pricks on the side who are much more filling and tasty. And then there's Simone and a couple other girlfriends. I'm a busy girl."

They began to kiss, lick, and finger each other all over again. Their hands slipped and slid all over their bodies.

Heather generally took the lead, since she was much more experienced in Sapphic lovemaking.

Katherine leaned up against the wall of the shower while Heather got on her knees behind and ate her out as the water ran down all over them.

"Wait," said Heather suddenly. "I almost forgot!" She got up, ran to her locker dripping water all the way. She came back with a black dildo that wasn't too thick, but was nearly a foot long. It was handheld and not of the strap-on type. "Mr. Excitement!" she said. "It's even got batteries." She turned it on, and it began to shake and even rotate.

She walked towards Katherine with it. "Are you ready for this throbbing monster?"

"Wait!" said Katherine. "I'm still a virgin! I don't want my first time to be with Mr. Excitement!"

"I still don't feel a hymen," Heather said skeptically as she probed deep inside Katherine's pussy with her fingers.

"I am! You know how prudish I was before last week. But now I'm getting all slutty, and I don't think I'll be one much longer. Next time we do it, I'll be happy to feel Mr. Excitement, but for now let me do it to you. Please?"

Heather could hardly object to that. "Get me off!" she cried. She turned off the water, leaned up against the wall, and thrust her ass out.

Katherine held Mr. Excitement in her hand, but she hesitated, happy just to soak in the view.

Katherine was staggered with Heather's beauty. The head cheerleader's perfect butt was raised high in the air, and bent higher and higher as Heather wriggled in anticipation for the dildo to come. A deep tan covered every inch of Heather's privates. It made her naturally blonde bush stand out in contrast all the more.

As if that wasn't enticing enough, Katherine loved the way the water from the recently turned-off shower head continued to roll down Heather's skin. Mesmerized, she watched the water roll down Heather's back, ass, and legs, and fall to the floor.

"What's taking you so long?" Heather asked, a little bit irked.

"Just admiring the view. Sorry. ... And I can't believe this is happening right here in the locker room."

Katherine snapped out of her reverie and put Mr. Excitement in all the way. Then she stuck a finger in Heather's anus and began to finger her there, even as she reached around and began to grope Heather's dangling boobs and pinched her nipples.

From the surprised and happy sounds Heather made, it seemed the anal finger was a new experience even for the very sexually experienced head cheerleader.

The two went on like that for some time, until both of them were nearly completely dry from their showers. They could have kept it up for much longer, but their fun came to a sudden halt when they heard the door leading from outside to the girl's locker room open.

They both froze. It took a few seconds for someone to walk farther into the locker room before they could turn and walk down a hallway and into the showers, but that's exactly what they heard someone doing.

The main problem was that Mr. Excitement was impaled deep in Heather's pussy. Katherine thought, Shit! Caught again! Twice in one day.


As they separated from each other and tried to stand up, they heard a voice say, "Heather? Katherine?"

It was Amy. She turned a corner and saw them both naked in the showers as they tried and failed to act casual. Her eyes opened wide.

"Hi Amy!" they said simultaneously, both faking enthusiasm to see her.

"Hi! There you are!" Amy said happily and casually; she wasn't the kind of person to stay surprised for long. "I heard the water running. Janice sent me to see what was taking you."

She frowned, quizzically. "But why are you two taking showers in the middle of class? ... And Heather! What's that thing sticking out of you?!" She pointed towards Heather's pussy.

"Oh shit!" Heather said. While Katherine remembered the dildo and was fretting about it, Heather had temporarily forgotten and was just standing there with it sticking lewdly out of her pussy. It was impossible to miss about six inches of the big black dildo and the pussy juices running down it and all down Heather's inner thighs.

For once in her life, Heather felt totally embarrassed. For a moment, she thought she was totally ruined, and lamely attempted to cover breasts, as if that would help. Heather had done a lot of wild things, but she'd never been caught, and she didn't know what to do or say.

Katherine quickly sidled up to Heather's ear and whispered, "Don't worry; I know Amy. Let me handle this. Just follow my lead."

"Amy!" Katherine said out loud in a casual voice. "That's a good question! Why don't you come over here and I'll explain all about it." She had no idea what she would say, but she was stalling for time.

"M'kay!" said a happy and completely unsuspicious Amy. "But wait. It's wet over there. And what about practice?"

"Don't worry about practice. After all, Heather is head cheerleader and she says this is an important part of your practice too, right Heather?"

"Right," said Heather uncertainly, still recovering from being caught. Her reaction wasn't helped by the fact that she was a natural exhibitionist and was actually juicing up even more while Amy continued to stare at her with a puzzled expression.

Katherine explained, "We're just practicing some different kind of stuff. So just take off your clothes and come over here. You probably could use a shower anyway." She knew how much Amy liked being nude and thought she could use that to her advantage.

Amy began to take her clothes off. "Yeah, Janice is making us all sweaty." She shucked off her clothes so enthusiastically that it seemed as if it was a crime for her to ever wear clothing in the first place.

As Amy took off her clothes, Katherine whispered again in Heather's ear, "Let's have a little fun with Amy, but not too much, okay? Follow my lead."

Heather just nodded dumbly in reply as she watched Amy strip. She was blown away by the situation and was still speechless and unusually frightened. She was so wrapped up in the situation that she'd completely forgotten to take out the dildo still obscenely protruding out of her pussy.

Amy was out of her clothes in a flash and shyly walked over towards them with a hand over her pussy and an arm over her considerable boobs.

Katherine wasn't sure if she was happy or jealous that, of all the women in the high school, these two were nearly the only other two with bigger boobs than her own (though not by much).

Katherine and Heather each stood under individual shower heads where water lightly flowed onto them.

Heather suddenly realized how bizarre Katherine must look to a stranger: completely naked, but with black panties painted on. She couldn't help asking Amy, "Amy, aren't you wondering about Katherine's black panties as well?"

Amy blushed, and acted like she wanted to answer but couldn't.

"That's okay, Amy," Katherine butted in. "Heather is the other person who knows." She turned towards Heather and added, "Heather, I already explained to Amy the other day about the panties. I gave her a very brief explanation about how I forgot them on Friday and you're punishing me for forgetting by making me wear these for a week." She emphasized the words "very brief" in the hope that Heather would get the hint not to say anything more, such as mentioning Kim's role.

Amy smiled, relieved that she wasn't in a bind about keeping that a secret from Heather. "Oh, good," she said.

"Amy already knew?" said Heather, slow on the uptake.

Katherine pressed on. "Yes. Here Amy, why don't you stand here and take a shower while we talk. We were just finishing our own showers." She led Amy to the showerhead next to her own. Amy grabbed the soap and began to soap up her impressive body.

For a moment, both Heather and Katherine just watched Amy showering and admired her remarkable, if slightly heavy, body. Amy might even have given Heather a run for her money in the Homecoming Queen contest if she had the right personality to go along with her calendar girl physique.

But Katherine meanwhile still had no idea how she could explain why a dildo stuck out of Heather's pussy, or why the two of them had taken so much time away from practice. She wasn't too worried now that the shock of being caught had worn off. It was the clueless and nave Amy after all, so the threshold for believability was pretty low. But she still frantically searched her brain for any ideas to say.

"Amy," Katherine finally began.

"Mmmm-hmm?" cooed Amy as she enjoyed her shower.

"You know how Heather said I had a muscle cramp? Well, she started massaging me between my legs, where my cramp was. And after while, it felt better, but... What was really weird is, all this whitish liquid started pouring out of my vagina. Neither of us could figure that out. So Heather put her hands up in there to see what was happening, and that seemed to just made it happen even more."

"Really?" said a rapt Amy. "I have the same problem too! Remember how you, um, helped me out a few days ago?" Amy referred to the day Katherine and Alan shaved her pussy but tried to be vague since she wasn't sure if that also was a secret with Heather or not.

"Yeah," said Katherine. "I said that it was okay if you touched yourself down there."

Heather looked at Katherine with a very surprised glance and wondered what exactly they referred to. Heather knew that Katherine was one of Amy's "protectors" from sexual mischief, so she found Katherine's new behavior - starting from not wearing panties on Friday up to this - extremely puzzling.

"Exactly!" Amy said. She was relieved since she wanted to say that, but had held her tongue since that it was part of the secret, too. "So I began touching myself there, starting that very day. And it seemed like after I did that for a while, a liquid started to come out of me, too! Just like your problem. I was too shy to ask my mom what it was."

"We don't know what it is either," lied Katherine, "but I'm afraid it may be some kind of problem. So anyways... Actually, Amy, why don't you sit down in front of us and show us what you do to make the liquid come out? Maybe that'll help us understand."

"M'kay!" said a happy and still soap-sudsy Amy. She sat down underneath her showerhead and pushed her fingers into her pussy and began to rub. With both arms in her crotch, her boobs pushed out impressively.

Heather greatly desired to reach out and touch them, boobs which were a near mirror image of her own, but she held back very reluctantly and waited for direction from Katherine.

Katherine gave Heather a quick and encouraging wink while Amy wasn't looking. Then she said to Amy, "Anyways, so Heather used her fingers on me much like what you're doing right now. And this liquid kept coming out. It would even make me shudder sometimes, and made me feel really good, and hot too."

"Really?" interrupted Amy. "Gosh! That totally happens to me, too!"

"Yeah. So Heather and I were thinking that it must be something really serious. Heather has been helping me figure it out, in case I'm really sick or something. I get hot like I have fever, so maybe I'm sick."

"Oh no! I get all hot when I'm leaky!" cried Amy. "That means I must be sick, too!"

"Maybe," continued Katherine. "But maybe it happens to everyone. We weren't sure. So to test that, I thought we should check with Heather and see if she also leaks this fluid. So I began rubbing her vagina, too."

Katherine wanted to show with a visual example, but Heather's pussy was still occupied with the throbbing, rotating dildo. She appeared somewhat glassy eyed.

"Heather, why don't you show Amy what we mean?"

Heather snapped out of it, but still didn't take the dildo out.

Soon they were all sitting on the floor, with the water still falling in the general direction.

Heather scooted closer, and opened up Katherine's black pussy lips. She was fascinated by the contrast between her painted black skin and her gushy pink interior.

Heather let out a squeal of pleasure as it suddenly occurred to her that they weren't going to get in any trouble at all and that in fact they could keep doing what they'd been doing with Amy a possible extra pleasure. Her usual confident and even domineering self took over.

She motioned to Amy as she held Katherine's pussy lips open wide. "Yes, Amy. Take a look at this. You see this stuff coming out?"

"Yeah?" Amy replied as she scooted closer.

"This is the problem. And I'm not even doing anything. Watch what happens when I start doing this." Heather worked her fingers in and out of Katherine's pussy. "See what I mean? You try it?"

Amy jilled herself while staring at Katherine's lips intently like she was studying for a test.

There was a silence for a few moments, except for the sounds of squishy noises coming from Heather and Amy's pussies.

Then Katherine continued, "So anyways, Amy, I did that to Heather for a while, like what she's doing to me now. And lo and behold! She began leaking the liquid too. So Amy, do you know what that means?"

"Wh-what?" Amy had already begun to lose it and drift into an erotic fog, due to the ministrations of her fingers. She was very sensitive.

"That means you and I aren't sick! If it happens to all three of us, three randomly-chosen women, that can't just be coincidence. It must happen to everyone."

"Oh... Woooow..." said a glassy-eyed Amy. She was the only one directly under a shower head. So when drool rolled down from her mouth, it got washed away by the shower's water.

"So that's where this big black thing comes in," continued Katherine and pointed to the dildo which was still buried and rotating in Heather's pussy. "We thought, maybe if we can't stop our vaginas from leaking, then maybe we could plug them up with something, and then we could go back out to practice. So we looked all over for something to use as a plug, and couldn't find anything but this thing, which is called a dildo. It's actually made to be a pussy plug. We put it in Heather, and it seems to be working. She still feels really good, but she's not leaking as much, right Heather?"

"Uh? Yeah, right." Right at that moment Heather was distracted by her own need to climax. She was unbelievably turned on by the sight of Amy pleasuring herself and Amy believing the absurd story. Of all the other cheerleaders, she'd assumed Amy was the one off limits to seduction, because the other cheerleaders all did their best to protect and keep her innocent ways. But now Katherine, Amy's chief protector, was the one voluntarily leading Amy's seduction. It blew Heather's mind.

"Oh woooow..." was all Amy could say as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Soon she and Katherine began their own powerful orgasms. Both of them had their legs spread as wide as they could go, which was very wide for a couple of limber cheerleaders.

Seeing them, Heather gave in and had a very satisfying climax of her own.

But the three of them were all so worked up they hardly paused to rest.

Katherine soon said, "Amy, would you like to try? Would you like us to stick this big dildo up your pussy and see if it also stops you from leaking?"

"Um, isn't she a virgin?" Heather asked Katherine quietly.

"Nope!" replied Amy for herself. "I broke my hymen thingy years ago!" She said this happily like she said most things, as if she was describing getting an A on a test.

Katherine leaned towards Heather and clarified in a low voice, "Amy IS a virgin, but she lost her hymen in an accident."

Heather was the most shaken up by a recent orgasm. It was all she could do to grab the still whirring Mr. Excitement dildo and hand it to Heather. It was absolutely soaked in Heather's juices. She was amazed that Katherine, a supposed prude, held the wet dildo without blinking an eye and prepared to insert it into Amy.

Needless to say, Heather's opinion of Katherine and Amy was shifting dramatically with each passing minute.

Katherine knew that Amy was her best friend and would trust and obey in anything she told her to do. She said to her, "Okay, get on all fours and spread your legs real wide again. Then I'll push the dildo in."

Amy immediately did what she was told. She didn't seem to find what was happening at all unusual.

Katherine slowly pushed the dildo into Amy's pussy, inch by inch. Because the dildo was so long, at least six inches stuck out when Katherine was all done. .

Both Heather and Katherine were incredibly turned on by Amy's eagerness to assume such an obscene position without even really knowing why she did it.

Katherine looked over at Heather and winked again. Then she said to Amy, "The only problem with this strange dildo thing is that it won't keep still! I don't know what it's for, but it keeps shaking all over the place, and turning around. But it appears to be working, do you think?"

"Yes? Oh gosh! Yes!" screamed Amy. "It feels... fantastic!"

Amy writhed around for several minutes. She remained in her spread out position, practically doing the splits. She wore a wide, gleeful smile.

Katherine sat behind her and "assisted" the dildo by pushing it in and out, and also ran her hands all over Amy's wide ass. Then she "discovered" Amy's clitoris and began toying with it.

The three of them all agreed with a lot of grunts and moans that that little bump was another mystery that needed more exploration and understanding.

Heather felt a bit neglected to be without either Amy, Katherine, or Mr. Excitement, but she was nonetheless plenty aroused frigging herself while she watched Amy from behind.

Eventually, Katherine stole a glance at Heather's watch. Then she sternly said, "Heather, look at the time. I really think you should return to the cheerleading practice. I'm surprised Janice didn't send someone else after Amy to see what's keeping her too. Go back there and tell them that I got really sick despite you trying to help, and that Amy helped take me home. We'll finish up here and go home early. Other girls are going to start finishing their sports and coming in here and taking showers soon, so it's really all over anyways."

Heather sighed. She wanted their fun to keep going on and on. She still hadn't been able to play with Amy's ample tits yet and she'd been lusting after them for a long time. However, Heather wanted to be in control, she deferred to Katherine's greater understanding of Amy and how she should be treated.

The disappointment was obvious in her voice as she sighed, "Okay. ... I guess." She got up and began to dry herself off.

Katherine turned to Amy. "I know it feels good, but you have to finish, too. When it comes to most things with pussies, um, I mean vaginas, it's good to keep them completely secret. You don't want anyone to see you doing this, ever. This is another super-secret, okay? You won't talk to anyone about this except Heather and me, when we're in private. Together, the three of us will solve this leaking problem. Okay?"

"M'kay!" said Amy happily. Then she frowned and looked over at Heather putting on her clothes. When she pulled the dildo from her nether regions, she held it up as it dripped pussy juice everywhere and asked, "But do you guys mind if I borrow this for a little while? It's really neat-o!"

Katherine realized with great relish that her time to be fucked by Alan would come very soon. But there was one problem: she wanted her first fuck with her brother to be perfect, and not marred by her funny, painted black butt. So she grabbed a rough brush she had brought along for the occasion and rubbed all of the paint off of her. She also had Amy help out.

Thanks to the right implements, Amy's help, and the desire to get the job done as fast as possible instead of playing around, the paint came off in ten minutes instead of the hour it took Alan when he'd scraped her clean before.

Other girls began to come into the locker room right as they finished up, so the timing worked out perfectly.

When Katherine heard the final school bell, she had to suppress the urge to pump her fists into the air. YES! School is fiiiiiiinally over. That was one of the most interesting but also the most painfully long school days in my life. Now, in literally a matter of minutes I'll be at Kim's house having sex with my brother. I can't wait!

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