Sex Bomb Cheerleader
(Mm+/f, ped, cons, preg)

by Kysa Braswell
kysa online

It started out as a way to pass an idle moment, and quickly became a habit. Every afternoon after school Paige would walk with the Carver's preschool twin boys to make sure they got home safely, yet once there little Paige Benton would sit for hours studying Mr. Carver's porn collection. She huddled between his bed and the nightstand examining the pages as if they were a new encyclopedia. The images within them opened up vistas of budding sexual desire in the young girl. She fixated on the cocks hanging from the men's loins in the photos, amazed at their beauty, and returning to the larger ones. Her eventual desire to study real cocks would portend her immediate future. Just then, Paige heard the Carver's car pull into the garage. The sixth-grader had come to their house after school and had been babysitting for them while the couple went out to dinner. She looked at the clock. It was 10:15p, and the two boys had been sleeping for over an hour already. Mr. Carver opened the door and walked into the living room. He could see Paige look up over the top of her schoolbook at him as she reclined across the sofa. Paige smiled. She had a sweet smile, and her cute little dimpled cheeks and bright blue eyes made her very photogenic. Her shoulder-length light brown hair was parted in the middle, curled under on the ends, with bangs ending just above her eyebrows.

Paige was dressed in her school uniform from Rockhurst. Mr. Carver looked over her young, skinny schoolgirl body lustfully. At only twelve years old, the 4'10, 90-lb. buxom child wore a C-cup bra, which made her tits look huge on her tiny frame. The frilly collar of her white long-sleeved blouse peeked out above a tight blue and white plaid vest. The girl's breasts were quite small, barely noticeable at all through the vest. Paige's skirt was blue and white plaid. It was a little shorter than the women teachers at school liked, but it got her a lot of attention from the boys and the male teachers. As Paige lay across the couch with her legs up and crossed, it pulled up even higher on her smooth, thin thighs, hemming out only a few inches from revealing her panties. Her white knee socks were pulled up tight around her calves, just below her soft schoolgirl knees, and blue and white saddle shoes completed the school uniform.

Mr. Carver felt his cock twitch at the sight of sweet little Paige. Mrs. Carver joined him, and the couple thanked her for watching the kids for them.

"Honey, why don't you go up and relax? I'll drive Paige home," Mr. Carver proposed.

"Sounds good to me. I'm very tired," his wife replied.

Mrs. Carver started up the stairs, while Paige gathered her school books and stood up to leave. Mr. Carver walked with Paige to the car and opened the door for her.

He got in, started the car, and pulled out of the garage. It was about a fifteen minute trip to Paige's house.

"Thank you for watching the kids, Paige," he told her.

"You're welcome sir," Paige answered.

Mustering up all his courage, he reached over and touched the pleats of her little skirt.

"I like your school uniform, Paige," he said.

Paige looked down at his hand, holding the hem of her skirt.

"Thanks," she replied. "Some of my teachers think it's too short, though."

"Not at all!" he exclaimed, still caressing the fabric in his fingertips.

"They think it shows too much of my legs," Paige explained.

"Your legs are beautiful, Paige," Mr. Carver responded, placing his right hand on her left thigh.

The man and the young girl both looked at each other. Mr. Carver smiled at Paige, and she returned the smile. He ran his hand up and down her thigh slowly and softly.

"Mr. Carver, I don't think we should be doing this," Paige said.

"It feels good to you, doesn't it?" he asked.

"Yes, but..."

"So why not?" he added.

Paige didn't say anything, so Mr. Carver continued caressing the girl's thigh. With each stroke, he slowly pushed her little skirt up higher and higher until his fingertips, on the inside of her thigh, found her white cotton panties. He rubbed Paige's little cunny once through the soft material.

Paige squeezed her legs together, trapping Mr. Carver's fingers there. He wiggled his fingertips against where he guessed her clit would be.

"Sir, this isn't right," she chided him.

"Don't you like the way it feels?" he asked.

"Yeah, but you really... shouldn't... have... your... hand...

Paige closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling. She spread her schoolgirl legs wider than before.

Mr. Carver fingered her tenderly through her panties. Paige's juices were starting to flow, and soon her crotch was soaked.

"Oh... Mr. Carver...," she murmured.

He smiled as he fingered the young girl while he drove. Paige's clit was so tender, and the friction of her panties and his fingertips made her go numb with pleasure. Soon, little Paige was breathing loudly, gasping for air.

"Oh, sir! It's wonderful! It feels so wonderful!" she groaned, her eyes squeezed shut.

Paige felt her young almost teenaged body convulse and spasm with its first orgasm. She felt an incredible tingle and surge of warmth come over her.

Mr. Carver pulled his hand from Paige's crotch. Paige pulled her little skirt back down into place.

"Thank you, sir. I've never felt anything like that before," she told him.

"You're welcome, Paige. And now, there's something you can do for me," he added.

"What?" Paige asked, innocently.

Mr. Carver reached down and unzipped his pants, then fished his half-swollen cock out into the dim light of the car.

"Mr. Carver!" Paige exclaimed.

"It's okay, Paige," he assured her.

"What did you want me to do?" she asked, afraid.

"Just put your hand around it, Paige," he told her.

He gently took her wrist and pulled her hand over to him, until her fingertips were touching his prick. Paige put her hand around it, softly.

"Like this?" she asked, shyly.

"Just like that, Paige," he answered. He smiled at her, and she smiled back with her sweet dimples.

"Now, start stroking your hand back and forth on it," he instructed her.

Paige started a slow jerk on his cock.

"Like this?" she asked again, looking for approval.

"Yeah, cutie, just like that," he answered, looking for a place to pull over for a few minutes.

He finally spotted a parking lot with a single light pole. Mr. Carver pulled the car under the light and turned the ignition off.

In the quiet of the night and the dim light, he slid forward in the car seat as the young sixth-grade girl stroked his prick with her hand.

Paige kept up a good pace as she jacked him off, innocent of what she was doing.

"Does this feel good, sir?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, Paige."

"What will this make you do?" Paige asked.

"It's gonna make me cum, sweetheart."

"What do you mean?" she asked, innocently.

Mr. Carver laughed.

"It's gonna make white cream squirt out of my dick," he told her.

"Really?" she responded, surprised.

"Yeah, Paige. Would you like to see that?"

"Uh huh," she nodded, her hand caressing his warm, thick cock.

"It's so hard and long, sir," she murmured.

"That's because you make it that way, Paige."

Paige smiled at him, then looked back down in admiration at the thick cock-stalk in her young hand.

"Do it faster, Paige," he instructed.

The young girl picked up the pace. Mr. Carver panted as he sat there, getting closer and closer to his release.

"Are you gonna do it soon?" Paige asked.

"Oh yeah! Faster, Paige!"

Paige's hand was almost a blur as she whacked away. Suddenly, Mr. Carver groaned loudly. As Paige continued jerking, thick streams of cum shot out and splattered on the steering wheel and dashboard.

"Ooh, Mr. Carver, it's squirting that stuff!" she gasped.

Paige kept up her stroke, as more and more cum splattered all over the car.

"So much white stuff, sir!" she babbled. "What is it?!"

"It's my cum, Paige. It's all for you."

Finally, it slowed to a stop, trickling down over the young girl's hand, as she slowed her hand to a stop.

"Thank you, Paige," said Mr. Carver.

Paige released her grip on him and pulled her sticky, cum-covered hand away.

"Your cream is all over my hand, sir," she said.

Mr. Carver laughed.

"Taste my cum, Paige," he encouraged. "It'll taste good."

"Are you sure, Mr. Carver?" she asked.

"Try it, sweetheart."

Paige pulled the hand close to her mouth as Mr. Carver smiled. She stuck her tongue out a little to get some from her fingers, then pulled away, embarrassed.

"I don't know, sir."

"Try it. Just once, Paige."

Paige put her hand to her mouth again, and licked a tiny bit of it. She tasted it for a moment, then licked a little more off.

"What do you think, Paige?" he asked. "Do you like the taste?"

Paige nodded and smiled sheepishly.

"Yes, sir, it tastes a little sweet."

Mr. Carver smiled as he put his cock back in his pants and started the car again.

"Well then, Paige," he said. "I'll squirt my cum in your mouth next time. That way, we won't waste it."

"Okay, sir," Paige smiled. "That would be fun. I'd like to eat more of your cum."

Mr. Carver patted her thigh with his hand. Then, Paige helped him clean the slippery cum from from his car, and the two started for her house.

And Mr. Carver rubbed her little clit through her panties all the way home.

Paige Benton spent the next day at school thinking about her fun with Mr. Carver. It was so wrong, she knew, but it was so right at the same time. When she got home, she had a phone message from Mr. Carver asking her to sit for them again.

She knew that he liked her school uniform, so she decided to keep it on. Mr. Carver picked her up at 6:45p, and the two drove to the Carver home. On the way, it was still light outside, and Paige knew that they would have to be careful so nobody would see.

Mr. Carver looked over to little Paige, who smiled with anticipation. Her sweet blue eyes, her cute little bangs and dimples, her pretty smile made Paige a picture of sheer preteen beauty.

"I wore my school uniform for you, Mr. Carver," she told him.

Mr. Carver looked her over as they waited for a stoplight. Her blue vest fit tightly over a white long-sleeved blouse with a straight collar. Her blue and white plaid pleated school skirt rode high on her smooth, thin thighs. She wore blue cable-knit knee socks, pulled up high to the bottom of her little knees, with her blue and white saddle shoes.

As Mr. Carver gawked over Paige, she tugged her little school skirt up higher until the crotch of her white cotton panties was visible. He gulped at the daylight sight of her little puffy cunt. He wanted to fuck her then and there, and his cock ached with a raging hardon.

Suddenly, the honk of the car behind him brought him back to reality, as he had not noticed the light change. Paige laughed, knowing that she had distracted him. She enjoyed the power that she seemed to have over Mr. Carver.

"You look great, Paige," he told her. "Can I cum in your mouth later tonight?"

Paige smiled and nodded, a bit embarrassed, but looking forward to tasting more of his semen. He had paid her very nicely for babysitting the night before, and knew that he would probably pay her even more tonight.

It was nearly 9:30p, and the two children had been in bed for about a half-hour, but Paige thought she heard noises upstairs.

She crept quietly up the stairs, and noticed that the boy, Roger, had his bedroom light on with the door open just a crack. She tiptoed down the hall to his door and peeked through the crack.

The 12-year old boy was sitting up in bed, with his hand whacking away on his dick. Paige almost laughed at having caught the young boy in the act. She opened the door. Roger reacted with total surprise and just stopped in mid-stroke. He blushed, not knowing what to say.

"Why aren't you sleeping, Roger?" Paige asked.

I... I couldn't..." stammered Roger.

Paige smiled.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Cause I keep thinking about you," he admitted.

"Oh, yeah?" asked Paige. "What were you thinking?"

Roger shrugged.

"I don't know," he said. "I just get all horny looking at you in that school outfit."

"Really?" Paige asked. "So you were jerking off to me?"

"Uh huh."

Paige was flattered.

"Would you like me to help you, Roger?" she asked.

"Would you?!" Roger asked, incredulous.

"Sure," she answered.

Paige walked over and sat on the bed. The young schoolgirl took Roger's hard, six-inch prick in her warm hand and started the same motions that made his dad cum the previous night. Roger leaned back and moaned in delight as the schoolgirl babysitter jerked him off.

"Oh, God, Paige, you're gonna make me shoot," he moaned.

"Go ahead, Roger. It'll make you feel better."

Paige was going to suggest that the boy cum in her mouth, but she wanted Mr. Carver to have the first opportunity. So she grabbed a nearby towel and held it under Roger's prick.

"Oh God...oh God...oh God, yes!" he moaned.

Suddenly, he gasped. Paige felt his cock bloat in her hand just before it shot a stream of cum onto the towel. She kept jerking his cock as it emptied its load on the towel with several more squirts.

When Roger stopped shooting, Paige wiped his prick clean with the towel. It wasn't as much slippery cum as his dad could pump out, but she still enjoyed helping the boy to orgasm.

"Time to go to sleep, now, Roger," she told him, as she stood up and went to the door.

"Hey, Paige," Roger called. "Could I put my dick inside you next time?"

Paige smiled.

"We'll see," she said, as she turned off the light and closed the door.

By 10:30p, Paige was on her way home with Mr. Carver. No sooner had they left the driveway, than Mr. Carver put his hand on her thigh and slid it up under the hem of her plaid pleated school skirt, reaching for her sweet panty-covered crotch. Except this time, Paige wasn't wearing her panties. She had taken them off and put them in her purse before they left, and now Mr. Carver's fingertips had found the soft, sparse curls of an sixth-grader's pussy hair instead.

Mr. Carver smiled.

"You're not wearing your panties, Paige."

"I thought you'd like them off this time," she said.

"You're right," he admitted.

He probed her soft pussy with care, pushing the tip of his finger into her to get just a bit of her pussy juice. He used it to lubricate her young, tender clit, rubbing it around gently with two fingers.

Paige groaned in delight.

"God, Mr. Carver, that feels so good!" she gushed.

He wiggled his wet fingertips back and forth across her sweet love trigger, and Paige's breath grew steadily louder.

He felt her body convulse and shudder in orgasm.

"Oh, Mr. Carver, I'm getting that good feeling again!" she gasped.

"You mean you're cumming, Paige," he told her.

"Yeah, oh my, I'm cumming!" she mumbled, lost in exhilaration.

Mr. Carver pulled his wet fingers out from under her skirt. He found that same deserted parking lot and pulled off the road, then turned the car off. As the dim streetlight filled the front seat of the car, Mr. Carver pulled his dick from his pants.

"Now, Paige, you're gonna suck on my dick," he told her.

"Okay, sir. Will you squirt your cum into my mouth, too?" she asked.

"You bet, sweetheart. I'll give you plenty to taste."

Paige giggled, then leaned over to his lap, her legs spread wide apart. Mr. Carver pulled her skirt up again so he could admire her nearly-smooth snatch while she sucked him.

The schoolgirl took firm hold of his thick nine-inch cock and stroked it slowly with her hand.

"Put your mouth around it, Paige," he encouraged.

Paige slowly put his manhood into her innocent preteen mouth and sealed her darling lips around it.

"Now keep it in your mouth, but slide your lips up and down on it," he told her.

Paige started to use her wonderful mouth on him. In and out, in and out, she slid her lips up and down the shaft of his cock.

"Now suck on my cock while you do that, Paige."

She started to suck him, and suck him hard.

"Keep using your hand, sweetheart," he reminded her.

Paige started her hand jerk again, coupling that with her sucking mouth. Her little dimpled cheeks caved in as she sucked Mr. Carver for all he was worth.

"God, Paige, I can't believe this is your first time," he moaned.

"You're so good!" he added.

Paige's mouth clamped down like a vise around his prick. She loved the taste of his cock in her mouth, and enjoyed the feeling of power it gave her. She could taste his precum, and longed for a full drink of his man-cream. Her hot mouth, her intense sucking, her pumping hand would all milk Mr. Carver to orgasm any minute, she knew.

Paige heard his breathing grow quicker and louder. She knew she was going to make him cum, because he did the same thing the previous night. She waited for him to squirt his warm load down her throat.

Mr. Carver shook, unable to control his muscular actions. The sight of the young schoolgirl in her uniform, sucking his cock for all she was worth, was way too much for him. His balls ached, waiting to release his cum into the little girl's hungry mouth.

"Oh, God, Paige, you're gonna make me cum again!" he yelled.

"Here it comes, sweetheart! I'm gonna squirt it in your mouth!"

Paige felt his cock spasm in her mouth, then felt a stream of hot cum splash against the back of her throat. She almost gagged, but managed to swallow it before he shot more slippery white cum into her virgin cocksucking mouth.

The sixth-grade schoolgirl worked Mr. Carver like a vacuum cleaner. The more cum he shot into her mouth, the more she swallowed. Paige gulped down squirt after squirt of slippery white fuck-cream, as fast as he could pump it out. Finally, the sluicy ropes of cum slowed to a stop.

Paige popped her lips off his cock and swallowed once more, downing the last of his slippery fluid.

"You didn't even spill a fucking drop, Paige," he said in disbelief. Mr. Carver shook his head.

"Was I okay?" Paige asked, still holding his cock in her hand.

"You were better than perfect," he told her.

Mr. Carver squeezed a couple more drops out, beading up on the head of his immense prick.

"You left some," he told her.

Paige looked down and saw a few beads of white on his pricktip. She bent down again and slowly licked them off with her tongue, as Mr. Carver moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, you sweet girl... sweet little Paige, you're a great little cocksucker!"

The schoolgirl smiled at him with that cute dimpled smile, and Mr. Carver kissed her passionately on the lips. Paige opened her lips slightly, meeting his tongue with hers.

She had never French-kissed before, and she felt a wave of desire crash over her.

"Have you ever fucked, Paige?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"No, Mr. Carver," she said. "Why?"

"Because I'd like to fuck you next time," he told her.

"That sounds like fun, sir," she answered, with that cute schoolgirl smile.

Paige could hardly wait to have Mr. Carver's cock in her virgin pussy, and her mind swirled with her new discoveries. There were many more cocks for her to suck, and she had to find them.

Paige sat in her English class at Rockhurst Middle School. The teacher, Master Thoms, a strict man in his sixties, was as boring as ever, and little Paige found herself daydreaming, as usual in this class. She sat in the last row of the class, which didn't exactly help her to pay attention. She was wearing one of her new cheerleading uniforms for the basketball game that afternoon, and she looked absolutely stunning. The sixth-grader's light brown hair hung to her shoulders, cut straight across and curled under on the ends. Her bangs were full and covered her forehead, ending just above her eyebrows. Paige's bright blue eyes, thin lips and dimpled cheeks gave her an angelic face of youthful innocence. Her cheerleading uniform fit her like a glove. The white sweater pulled in tightly across her tiny tits, with a blue megaphone on the front and the white letters "RMS" emblazoned on it. Paige's cheerleading skirt was bright blue, with sixteen inverted white pleats. It was very short on her, and made of a flimsy fabric, which made it dance high on her delightful, tight little ass when she walked, flashing all those white pleats. Her long, thin legs were encased in white knee socks with a matching bright blue ring around the top, pulled up high just below her small kneecaps, and white Keds canvas shoes completed the uniform.

Paige sat there daydreaming, her mind was fixated on how she sucked Mr. Carver off, and imagined him fucking her sweet young pussy, as he had promised.

The more Paige thought about Mr. Carver's long, thick cock, the wetter and hotter she got. She squirmed in her top row seat, her tight cheerleading panties rubbing her clit as she moved. It felt good, but she knew her squirming would get lots of attention from the teacher and other students. Paige spread her nice, thin legs at the knees. Her little blue cheerleading skirt fanned out in white pleats between her legs. She held her pen low in front of her, positioning the back end of it against the skirt and wiggled it up and down, back and forth. The small amount of friction through the skirt and panty fabric was just enough to make her cum if she did it long enough. Paige stroked her pen across her covered clit repeatedly, looking around occasionally to make sure that the other students, sitting in front of her, weren't noticing. The cheerleading schoolgirl worked herself to the point where she could feel her panties getting moist with her own juices. She wondered if she could get herself to cum at her desk. Suddenly, she saw Master Thoms look squarely at her, and realized that she had been caught. She pulled her pen away and put her knees together like a good girl, as Master Thoms scribbled something down on a piece of paper.

"Paige," he called, "please take this down to the principal."

He held out the folded slip of paper.

"Yes, sir," she replied, as she got up and walked to him at the front of the classroom.

She took the paper in her hand and walked out the door toward the principal's office. As soon as she was out of sight of the teacher, she opened it and read as she walked:

Headmaster Rasmussen,
  Paige Benton was stimulating herself during class in an inappropriate manner, and I am sending her to you for punishment.
                                     - Master Thoms

Paige almost cried. She knew that she was in trouble, and she could only hope that the incident would be kept a secret. She tentatively walked into the principal's office, fearing Headmaster Rasmussen's reaction.

"Can I help you, Paige?" asked the secretary.

"I'm supposed to give this to Headmaster Rasmussen," Paige explained.

The secretary picked up her phone and dialed him, telling him that Paige had something for him.

Seconds later, Headmaster Rasmussen opened his office door.

"Come on in, Paige," he invited her.

Paige walked in slowly and Headmaster Rasmussen closed the door behind them. They both sat down, the principal behind his desk and Paige in a chair facing him.

"Now what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I'm supposed to give you this," she said, nervously, holding the paper out for him.

Headmaster Rasmussen took the paper in his hand and read it, then looked at Paige. Paige was embarrassed, and didn't return the eye contact.

"What were you doing in class, Paige?" he inquired.

"I was rubbing myself with my pen," she muttered.

"Show me how," he demanded.

Paige took a pen from his desk and demonstrated what she had been doing. She spread her knees apart, about shoulder width. Her little blue cheerleading skirt fanned out its white pleats as she opened her legs. Then Paige mashed the end of the pen against the skirt fabric at her covered crotch.

Headmaster Rasmussen gulped as he watched the cute young cheerleader wiggle the end of the pen against the front of her tiny skirt.

"You know you shouldn't be doing that in class, Paige," he chided her.

"I know, sir," she said. "I'm sorry."

"Of course, you have to be punished, Paige."

"I know."

"I'll need to spank you for your immoral actions. Stand up, Paige."

Paige stood up before him. Headmaster Rasmussen felt the huge bulge growing in his slacks, and Paige saw it, too.

"I'll go easy on you, Paige, because you've been a good student. I'll just use my hand," he told her.

He stepped around the front of the desk.

"Bend over my desk, Paige," he instructed.

Paige obeyed, bending forward onto the desk. Her skirt pulled up high on her tight little ass, showing her cunny mound swollen up in her tight white cheer panties.

Headmaster Rasmussen ruffled her soft white pleats, pulling the skirt up even higher on her ass.

"Oh, Paige," he muttered, his voice trembling.

Headmaster Rasmussen drew his hand back and slapped her firmly on her panty-covered ass.

"Ouch!" Paige gasped.

He spanked her again, this time keeping his hand on her tight little ass cheek.

"You're lucky your ass is so tight, Paige. That way it hurts less," he told her.

He spanked her a third time, this time rubbing an ass cheek through her tight white cheer panties.

"Ooof!" Paige groaned, noticing that Headmaster Rasmussen's hand was squeezing her ass.

She waited for him to spank her again. Instead, she felt his fingertips reaching through the leg band of her panties.

"Headmaster Rasmussen!" she reprimanded, leaning up from the table and looking back over her shoulder.

"It's okay, Paige," he responded. "Trust me."

Paige, her elbows resting on the table, looked back at him, watching him as he reached up under her skirt and grasped the waistband of her panties.

Headmaster Rasmussen started wiggling her panties down.

"You shouldn't be doing this, sir," she told him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Cause you're a headmaster," Paige answered.

"But I have human desires, too, my dear," he said.

The headmaster wiggled her panties down, till they fell to her ankles, around her white knee socks and Keds canvas shoes.

"But Paige, I took an oath not to have sexual intercourse with a woman," Headmaster Rasmussen told her.

"So you're not gonna fuck me?" Paige asked.

"No, my dear. I just want to put my penis between your legs and orgasm that way, instead of putting it in your pussy."

Paige was half-disappointed, but also happy, because she wanted Mr. Carver to be the first to fuck her.

"Okay, sir, go ahead," she approved.

Still looking back over her shoulder, she watched the headmaster fish his already-swollen cock out of his pants. He fisted it up between her thighs, just touching her pussy lips.

"Put your legs together, Paige," he asked.

Paige clamped her legs together, holding his meat firmly between her tight preteen thighs and her pussy lips.

Headmaster Rasmussen groaned in delight and started pumping from behind her. He scrunched the little cheerleader's skirt up in a pile of blue and white on her back, and then grabbed the sides of her tight white sweater for leverage, pulling himself against her hard with each thrust.

His legs slapped against the back of Paige's legs as he fucked the young girl's thighs. Headmaster Rasmussen began to perspire in his suit as the intensity of his thigh-fuck grew stronger.

"Oh my God, Paige, I'm going to orgasm any moment," he groaned.

"Do you wanna do it in my mouth, sir?" she asked, curious to taste his semen, as well.

"Yes! Yes!" he gasped.

But before he could pull it out from between her legs, he started to cum. A gush of hot cum squirted between Paige's legs. As he pulled back from her, Paige spun around and dropped to her knees.

Headmaster Rasmussen's cum was squirting everywhere. Paige grabbed his cock as quickly as she could and guided it to her mouth, but cum flew all over in the process. With cum being pumped all over her face, Paige finally got his prick in her mouth. The principal shot a few final streams of cum down her throat before his balls finally drained themselves of his seed.

Paige laughed, with his cock still in her mouth. She could not believe that a guy could pump out that much cum!

Headmaster Rasmussen, laughed, too, looking down at the darling young cheerleader. Poor Paige had cum all over her face, in her hair, dripping from her chin to the carpet. More splotches of semen were on her beautiful white cheerleading sweater.

Paige wiped his semen from her face and stood up. She felt more cum from his first squirt as it dribbled down the inside of her thighs and ran down onto the blue band around the top of her white knee socks.

"I'm sorry, Paige. I didn't mean to cum that much, usually I only cum about a dozen spurts is all," he apologized, quickly pulling tissues from a box on his desk.

"It's all right, sir," she assured him. "That was fun."

Headmaster Rasmussen smiled and winked at the schoolgirl cheerleader.

"Come back and see me anytime," he told her.

"You can count on it, sir," she replied, returning the wink.

That night, Paige was asked to babysit for the Carvers again. When Mrs. Carver asked her over the phone, Paige could not help but sound excited. She hoped she didn't sound too excited, however, because she didn't want Mrs. Carver to know what was going on between her and Mr. Carver. Paige knew her period was about to start, and she hoped that it would wait until Saturday. She stuffed a tampax pad in her purse before she left for school Friday morning, just in case, and wore one of her cheerleading uniforms for the game that afternoon.

Mrs. Carver picked Paige up at school after the basketball game. When Mr. Carver came home from work, Paige was sitting on the couch, anxiously waiting for him.

Mr. Carver walked into the room. His eyes lit up when he saw the young girl.

"Hi, Paige," he said, smiling.

His eyes devoured the sight before him. Paige lay across the couch, decked in her cheerleading uniform. He had not seen her in a cheerleading outfit before, and his cock nearly sprang out of his pants in anticipation. Mr. Carver admired her as she sprawled on the couch. Her long-sleeved sweater was bright royal blue, with two inch-wide white bands down each arm, separated by only a tiny strip of blue. The white bands ran up to the shoulders, and then down the front and back of the sweater in a chevron shape. A tiny white megaphone with the blue letters "RMS" adorned the front of the sweater, above the V. Paige's royal blue cheerleading skirt matched her lovely sweater, pulled up high on her thighs as she lay there, with sixteen inverted white pleats splashed out across the couch. His eyes traced her uniform carefully. He could hardly wait to see what color her little cheer panties were. Paige's thighs were so thin and smooth, and resting just below her soft little knees was a pair of royal blue knee socks, with three thin white bands around them, near the top. Her white Keds canvas shoes contrasted nicely with her knee socks. Paige smiled with her sparkling blue eyes, that darling, talented mouth and the sweet dimpled cheeks. Her light brown hair, parted in the middle, framed her face so nicely, as it curled under her jaw line on the sides and hung down in pretty bangs across her forehead. He wanted to fuck little Paige right then. He heard his wife go into the backyard to see the kids before she left.

"I didn't know you were a cheerleader, Paige!" he said.

"Yeah, do you like my uniform?" she asked, softly.

"I love it," he whispered. "I wanna bust your little pussy right now, my little sweetheart."

Paige laughed, stopping as she heard Mrs. Carver come back into the house.

"Are you ready?" Mrs. Carver called out to her husband.

"Yeah, I was telling Paige here about my photo equipment," he said.

"She wants to see it," he added. "I thought I'd show it to her before we left."

"Now?" Mrs. Carver asked impatiently.

"Sure. It'll only take a few minutes," he replied.

"Okay, dear. I'll be waiting in the car, so hurry up," she added.

Mrs. Carver walked out to the garage and closed the door to the house.

"Come on, Paige," Mr. Carver said. "I want to show you something upstairs...."

Paige followed Mr. Carver up the stairs to his large den, where he kept all his camera gear. He closed the door behind them and locked it.

"You wanted to show me this stuff?" she asked.

"Sure, some other time, but right now I want you to suck me off, my little cheerleader princess."

He unfastened his pants while little Paige dropped to her knees in front of him.

"I thought you were going to put your penis in my vagina," she quizzed.

"I will, later tonight, darling. But I'm so fucking horny right now, I need you to suck me off."

Mr. Carver whipped out his enormous nine-incher, which looked absolutely enormous in proportion to the small girl's face and hands. It dangled, hard and heavy, in front of Paige's cute face. Paige took hold and placed the head in her eager mouth. Her lips clamped around it and she started sucking for all she was worth, knowing she only had a few minutes to work his cum out of his balls.

He stood there, looking straight down at the girl. Her hand grasped the cockshaft firmly, massaging it gently as she stroked the entire length.

"Oh, God, Paige, you're so fucking wonderful," he murmured.

Paige sucked long and hard, finally coaxing a bit of precum onto her tongue. The sweet but slightly salty taste made her anxious to milk every bit of his stuff out of his balls.

"Paige, I should call you the amazing little cocksucking cheerleader!" he exclaimed.

The schoolgirl cheerleader looked delightful, kneeling before him in her little uniform, his cock plunging in and out of her mouth. The end of her hair swung in rhythm with her mouth-fuck, and soon she had Mr. Carver exactly where she wanted him. He was almost gasping for air by now, and Paige knew she was going to get the tasty treat she was wanting.

Suddenly, they both heard Mrs. Carver call from downstairs.

"Honey," Mrs. Carver yelled up the stairs. "Are you almost done?"

"Yeah!" he shouted. "I'm coming!"

He stifled a loud cry as he arched his back and shoved his cock deeper into little Paige's hungry mouth. His cock exploded, firing squirt after squirt of slippery white cum into her sucking mouth. A dozen spurts later, and he was still cumming strong, feeling more rising from his fat balls. Paige choked a little bit, her mouth filling rapidly with a mixture of saliva and cum, as his cock pumped its semen. She pulled his cockhead out about halfway, so she could quickly swallow, and he continued with a few more squirts of semen. A few strings of sticky cum oozed out the sides of Paige's mouth and dripped to the carpet, but she managed to swallow most of it. Still grasping his cock firmly, she felt the spasms in it subside.

Paige sucked it dry, then pulled it out of her mouth and squeezed one more time at the base, just above his balls, working her hand forward. The last beads of cum oozed out the piss-slit, and Paige caught them with her tongue before they dropped to the floor.

"Shit! We've got to get going!" Mr. Carver whispered.

Paige released his cock and stood up, licking the cum from her lips, while Mr. Carver hurriedly buckled his pants. Then they both walked down the stairs, as if nothing happened.

"It's about time," Mrs. Carver said, as she turned toward the door to the garage. Mr. Carver followed behind, patting Paige softly on the ass through her soft pleats.

Paige smiled. She could hardly wait till the Carvers got home, because she knew she was going to have her sweet little cherry busted.

The Carvers came home early, about 9p. Paige jumped into the car with Mr. Carver and they started driving to her house. In typical fashion, he had his right hand up under her little blue cheerleading skirt in a matter of moments. Paige giggled in anticipation, feeling the friction of his fingertips through her bright blue cheer panties. She was so anxious to have Mr. Carver fuck her. Her tiny nipples grew hard, nestled in that tiny bra of hers under the cheerleading sweater. Mr. Carver loved the feel of the thin lycra panty fabric in his hand. He reached a little under the leg band, and Paige spread her legs to give him more room.

"Do you want to do it in the same place, in that parking lot?" he asked.

"We could do that, or we could go to my house," she offered.

"Your house?"

"Yeah," Paige answered. "My dad's out of town on business, and my mom has to work until midnight tonight. There won't be anybody home till then."

Mr. Carver glanced the dashboard clock.

"That would give us at least two hours," he said.

"Yes sir," she agreed, smiling at him.

"Okay, sweetheart."

"You are going to put your penis in my vagina tonight, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes, darling, tonight I'm going to fuck you," Mr. Carver replied. "It's okay if you want to talk dirty to me."

"You're gonna fuck me real nice, aren't you, sir?"

"Yes, Paige, I'm gonna fuck you really good."

"You're gonna stick your cock in my pussy, aren't you, sir?" she said, excited by the dirty talk.

"Yeah, Paige, I'm gonna fuck your pussy with my big cock and shoot my cum up your sweet little pussy. And if you keep talking dirty like a little slut, I might just impregnate you!"

"Huh?" she asked.

"Cum inside your womb so much that it gets you pregnant; makes you have a baby!" he said.

"Oh my, Mr. Carver! You could really do that?"

"Only if you wanted, but I know I sure would love to plant a baby inside your little belly," he said.

Paige giggled again. Mr. Carver worked her clit through the leg band of her panties, rubbing it around, using her pussy juice to lubricate. Paige's little chest heaved. "God, sir, you're gonna make me cum again, talking so naughty like that!" she muttered. "Aaahhnnnnnngggh!!!" she screamed. Her thin body convulsed as the young girl was consumed in involuntary ecstasy. She grabbed the hem of her cheerleading skirt, squeezing it hard as she came. Paige's thin, sweet thighs trembled as the powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. Her royal blue cheer panties were soaked, and she didn't mind a bit.

Mr. Carver pulled his wet hand out from between her thighs and wiped it dry on his trousers, just as Paige's house came into view. The lights were off as they pulled into the driveway, and Paige led Mr. Carver to the front door, opening it for him.

Paige locked the door behind them, then gave Mr. Carver a big hug.

"Come on, sir," she said. "You can fuck me on my bed with all my stuffed animals."

Paige led Mr. Carver up to her bedroom. It was painted bright yellow, her bedspread a pretty floral print with frilly fabric trim. There were a number of stuffed animals both on the bed and on shelves nearby.

The sixth-grade cheerleader sat on the edge of the bed, and Mr. Carver sat next to her. He put his hand on her thigh and caressed it softly.

"Are you gonna show me one of your cheers?" he asked.

"Sure," she said.

Paige jumped up and moved to the center of the room. Mr. Carver's eyes devoured the young girl, from her royal blue cheerleading sweater with the white trim, down to her matching royal blue skirt with the sixteen inverted white pleats, down to her blue knee socks with the white rings. Paige could see the bulge in his pants, and she smiled. It made her feel so good to have that kind of power over men.

"Your thingie is big again, isn't it?" she asked, teasingly.

"Yes, Paige, all because of you," he answered.

Paige started doing some of her cheers. She jumped around in her little uniform, her skirt dancing about and flashing its color from her pleats.

"Yea, Tigers!" she shouted. The young schoolgirl spun around, her short skirt rising to show off her tight blue cheer panties. She did some high kicks, giving Mr. Carver short, peeking glimpses of her wet, panty-covered crotch.

After several cheers in a row, she stopped and fanned herself.

"It's warm in here," she said. "Especially with this sweater."

"So take it off, Paige," Mr. Carver suggested. "You'll be cooler."

Paige smiled.

"You just want to see my breasts, don't you, sir?" she asked.

Mr. Carver nodded.

"Yes, Paige, I'd love to see your breasts."

She reached down with both hands on the waistband of her sweater and peeled it off over her head, then tossed it aside. Tentatively, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then, a bit embarrassed, pulled it off. Paige's breasts, even though a C-cup, were very firm. The nipples were hard and begged to be sucked. Mr. Carver stared at them longingly. The young girl blushed.

"They're wonderful, Paige," he told her. "I think you should do some more cheers for me."

She smiled and started jumping about again with various arm motions. Her firm, small tits hardly moved, the nipples jutting outward. The topless cheerleader did a couple more cheers for Mr. Carver, then stopped, waiting for instructions.

"Okay, Paige, take your panties off for me," he ordered.

She reached up under her bright blue skirt, the sixteen white pleats fanning out, and thumbed her panties down to her knees. They dropped to the floor, and Paige kicked them aside. Mr. Carver quickly peeled his clothes off at the same time, then sat back down on the edge of the bed.

"Come here, sweetheart," he said, patting the bed next to him.

Paige, dressed only in her blue cheerleading skirt, blue knee socks and white Keds canvas shoes, sat down. He turned to her and engulfed her lips with his, kissing her tenderly at first, then slowly probed her young mouth with his tongue. She responded, and soon both the man and the young cheerleading schoolgirl were passionately kissing each other. Mr. Carver's hand caressed her tiny tits, rubbing the nipples gently between thumb and forefinger. Paige purred softly as she felt his hands touch her virgin breasts. Her rock-hard nipples rolled around gently in his fingertips. Then Paige, still with her eyes closed, her tongue caressing his, felt the man's hand on the inside of her thigh. He pulled her down onto the bed slowly, slightly on top of her. She felt his hand rustle the hem of her little skirt, then reach underneath, as he rubbed the inside of her smooth thigh, all the way up to her crotch. She moaned softly as his warm fingers gently mashed against her almost-hairless love nest. He massaged her pussy lips and clit, already wet with anticipation. Then he reached a finger up into her. Her pussy was wonderfully tight, and his finger slowly slid up into her young body until it mashed up against her hymen. Paige was definitely a virgin, and Mr. Carver was simply amazed that a virgin girl could suck a cock so well.

"I think we're gonna need a towel, Paige," he told her.

She pointed to a closet across the room.

"There are towels in there," she told him.

Mr. Carver jumped up and quickly retrieved one, then jumped back onto the bed next to her.

"Are you going to put it in me now, sir?" she asked, a bit impatiently.

"Just a minute, sweetheart. First, I wanna eat your pussy."

"You wanna what?!" she asked, surprised.

"Eat your pussy," he repeated. "Just lay down here."

Paige squirmed to the middle of the bed, lying on her back, watching him with interest.

Mr. Carver raised her legs at the knees, then spread them apart wide. Her pussy lips gaped open for him, swollen and bright pink. He pulled her little cheerleading skirt up out of the the way, the blue and white pleats piled up high on her tight little tummy.

Paige saw his head dip down between her legs, then felt the most wonderful sensation of her young life. His tongue lapped her love hole and caressed her tender clit.

"Oh, God..." she gasped.

She knew she would never forget this moment. The friction of his tongue was just right, and his warm breath against her preteen cunt made her quiver in delight.

"Sir, that feels so wonderful, ohmygod..." she gushed.

He ate the schoolgirl with a frenzy, building up the pace and intensity slowly, until poor Paige was literally screaming.

She screamed over and over as her thighs shook uncontrollably. Paige reached down and grabbed her legs, trying to stop the involuntary reaction.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! I'm gonna cum, sir! I'm getting it! I'm getting it! AIIEEEEE, nnnnnggg ohgod!" she screamed.

Her orgasm slowly subsided to a stop. Mr. Carver pulled his head out, with her cunt juice dripping from his chin. He smiled and she laughed, looking at his drenched face.

"Sir, you're a mess!" she giggled. "You've got my juice all over your face!"

Mr. Carver wiped his face clean with the towel.

"Raise your hips, Paige, so I can get this towel under you," he told her.

She complied, and he positioned the towel properly under her.

"Are you going to put it in, now, sir?" she asked again.

"Yes, Paige, I'm going to fuck you."

She smiled as he crawled up on top of her. Mr. Carver positioned the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

"It's gonna hurt a little at first, sweetheart," he warned her.

"Okay, sir," she acknowledged.

"But I'll be as gentle as I can, Paige," he assured her.

She nodded.

Mr. Carver slowly slid the head of his cock into the young cheerleader, then pressed it up against her hymen.

"Okay, this is gonna hurt a little bit," he said.

Paige bit her lip as Mr. Carver punched his cockhead into her cherry. She yelped and her muscles tightened as he firmly but gently pushed his immensely thick cock through.

Paige's eyes watered, and tears came. Mr. Carver felt sorry for her and tried to ease her moment of pain.

"Easy, sweetheart," he told her. "It's okay now, the pain is over. Since this was the first time you've been fucked, your cherry wasn't broken yet. It'll be painless from now on." He wiped the tears from the young girl's eyes, and she smiled. Mr. Carver pulled his cock out, then back in again, this time a tiny bit deeper. Then back out, back in. Each time, he fucked a tiny bit more of his prick into the darling schoolgirl. She was so incredibly tight, that he knew he wouldn't last too long.

"Are you okay, now, Paige?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Carver," she answered. "It's just so BIG! It feels even bigger than it looks! I feel better now. Keep fucking me, sir, but gently."

He was only too happy to oblige, and soon his thrusts were coming nice and steady, being careful not to shove his nine inches all the way into her.

"You're so fuckin' tight, Paige, I'm gonna cum pretty soon," he said.

"Oh no, sir, don't do it in me. I might get pregnant yet," she responded.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I had a vasectomy about five years ago, which means I can't get you pregnant," he lied.

Paige nodded beneath him.

"Okay, sir, go ahead if you'd like," she consented.

"Yeah, Paige, I wanna cum in your sweet little cheerleader pussy," he said.

Paige hooked her knee socks around his back as he rode her. The sight of the man fucking the young cheerleader was absolutely beautiful.

"Okay, Paige, any moment now!"

"Cum in me, sir. Cum in my tiny little cheerleader pussy." Paige loved the sound of her dirty talk. It made her feel hotter and nastier than ever. His cock was so big that it felt like his arm was inside her. She didn't realize it would hurt THIS much the first time!

Mr. Carver groaned twice, pumped once more into Paige, and fired his load. Paige felt his cock spasming within her and knew he was pumping her full of his sticky white cream.

"Yeah, oh god, sir! Pump your cum in me! Pump it! Pump it!"

Mr. Carver pumped Paige's pussy full of slippery cum for a full minute until it overflowed her tender, deflowered muff. He stopped his fuckstroke and pulled his cock out of her her. Blood and cum dribbled out of Paige's pussy onto the towel. He mopped up the mess and dabbed her cunt with it, then folded the towel so the fluid wouldn't ooze out. Mr. Carver leaned forward and kissed Paige, who just smiled with those precious dimples.

"Thank you, sir," she said. "That hurt so bad, but was fun."

"No, Paige, thank you," he corrected her. "You've made me feel like a youngster again. I'm sorry it hurt, but all girls hurt the first time. Your little pussy will eventually stretch to accommodate my size as you get older."

He got up, wiped the small amount of blood and a lot of cunt juice from his still bloated, hanging cock, and then started getting dressed. "I've got to get home now. My wife will wonder where I've been."

"I know, I know, Mr. Carver," Paige nodded. The young cheerleader watched him finish getting dressed, still lying there on the bed, knees raised wide apart, skirt pulled up high.

"Bye, bye, Paige," he told her, blowing her a kiss. "I'll see you again soon, I hope."

"I hope so, too, sir," she said, smiling. She watched him walk out of her bedroom, then listened as he walked down the stairs and out the door.

Paige closed her eyes, absorbing the moments which had just passed. She had learned so much in the last couple of weeks, and she knew there was still much to learn. Many more sexual experiences still would await her.

It had been almost a week since Paige's cherry-busting fuck with Mr. Carver, and Paige still thought about it constantly. Luckily, she had started her period the day after, and now she was free again to continue her exploration of sex. She came to school, dressed in her formal school uniform, since there was a special presentation to be given by the faculty of Rockhurst that day. She had her soft, light-brown, curled-under hair parted in the middle as usual, except today she had it pinned back along the sides behind her ears, with her bangs hanging across her forehead. Paige's outfit consisted of a blue blazer over a white long-sleeved blouse with a high-necked collar. Her blue and white plaid pleated school skirt rode higher on her thighs than most of her fellow female students, showing more of her delightful legs to the men and boys of Rockhurst. She wore blue cable-knit knee socks that day, tugged up high on her smooth calves and ending just below her dimpled knees. Her blue and white saddle shoes completed the wonderful ensemble. When Paige smiled as she walked, she was the envy of the whole middle school. She kept a bounce in her step, causing the soft pleats of her short plaid pleated skirt to swish from side to side. She knew now what those looks from the male teachers were all about: they wanted to fuck her. Paige was on her way to lunch with her brown paper bag as she passed the principal's office. She saw Headmaster Rasmussen watching her from just inside the office door, smiling and leering at her sweet sixth grade body. She returned the smile, and he motioned for her to come to him. Paige stopped and turned, walking into the deserted office.

"Yes, Master?" she asked. "Did you want me for something?"

She knew exactly what he wanted.

"Yes, Paige. Step into my private office, please."

Paige smiled as she opened his private office door and walked in, where he had dry-fucked her thighs and splattered her with cum just a couple of weeks before. She knew he wanted more of the same, maybe even to fuck her pussy.

She stepped in, only to find three other priests in the room, sitting on the large couch. Another fellow girl student sat between two of them, dressed in the same formal school uniform. Paige recognized her as Amy, a fifth-grader who was taller and very thin. She looked a little bit younger than she really was, but that was because her long honey-blonde hair was fixed up in braided ponytails, and she wore glasses and braces. Amy's legs were spread wide apart, and one of the teacher-masters had his hand mashed into her white cotton panties. Another had his hand in her blazer, fondling her tiny breasts through her still-buttoned high-necked blouse.

The two girls looked at each other, somewhat embarrassed at first.

"Hi, Paige," said Amy, with a sheepish grin.

"Hello, Amy," Paige answered.

"Both of you girls have been very nice to us," Headmaster Rasmussen interrupted. "And you will both be getting straight A's at the end of the term."

"Really?" asked a surprised Paige.

"That's right, my dear. Of course, both of you must never tell anyone about this," he added.

Paige and Amy looked at each other and both nodded in agreement, smiling. They would both be getting top grades and some fun sexual education in the process.

Headmaster Rasmussen put his arms around Paige and pulled her tightly to him. She could feel the bulge in his black trousers pressing firmly against her. Headmaster Rasmussen pressed his lips to hers, thrusting his eager tongue into her sweet, young mouth. The other teacher, Master Sterbenz, stood behind her and pulled the back of her little pleated skirt up high, cupping her ass cheeks through her white cotton panties. Paige saw Amy move off the couch and onto the floor, being led by the other two priests. Amy dropped to her hands and knees on the carpet as one master positioned himself in front of her and one behind, both on their knees, as well. Paige felt Master Sterbenz pull down her panties from behind. With her panties draped over her saddle shoes, she suddenly felt hot breath on her ass. She felt him spread her ass cheeks with his hands, and then felt his tongue on her asshole.

"Oh, god!" she exclaimed. She spread her legs wide apart for him as he ran his tongue down to her almost hairless cunt. The friction of his tongue on her pussy lips made her tremble with pleasure, just as Mr. Carver had done to her. Paige heard Amy groan, and looked over to her young schoolmate. Young Amy looked darling in her little uniform, minus the jacket. Her plaid skirt was pulled up high over her waist, her panties in a tight roll around her thighs. The master behind Amy had just pushed his cock into the girl's pussy. Paige saw him pull it out slowly and sink it back in again, guessing that it must be ten inches long. That thing could kill a little girl! She was impressed that Amy could take the whole length of it, and figured that Amy must have done this a few times before, anyway.

"Aauugghhh!" groaned Amy, grimacing and showing her braces as the master fucked her schoolgirl pussy. He sawed his prick harder and harder into her, slapping her tight ass hard with his thighs on each downstroke.

Paige's attention was pulled back to Headmaster Rasmussen as he gently pushed her down to her knees. But it was clear to Headmaster Rasmussen that Paige was enjoying watching one of her schoolmates getting it.

"Would you like to watch Amy?" he asked Paige.

Paige nodded sheepishly, and Headmaster Rasmussen pulled her up to her feet and led her over to the couch. Paige and her two priests sat and watched Amy get hers from the other two priests. Amy's braided ponytails and her pleated skirt swung forward and back repeatedly as the master behind her kept his fuck rhythm. At the same time, the master kneeling on the carpet in front of her tried to get his stiff cock into the fifth-grader's brace-filled mouth.

"Master Ostadt's enjoying himself, isn't he?" Headmaster Rasmussen asked.

Paige nodded.

"Yes, Master. He's fucking Amy really hard, now."

Amy groaned each time Master Ostadt hammered her tight, hot snatch, her groaning muffled by the other cock in her mouth. The two priests were timing themselves so that, when Amy would rock forward from Ostadt's thrusts, the other master would shove his hips forward and drive his cock deep into little Amy's mouth.

"Ohgod!... nnnnnnggnnhh," Amy gasped.

Little Amy was getting hammered from both ends, until she almost choked on the cock in her mouth. She pulled it out and coughed several times.

"Oh my God!" Master Ostadt exclaimed. "I'm gonna cum!

"Please, Master, don't do it in me!" Amy begged. "I don't wanna get pregnant!"

"I'm gonna fucking cummmmmmmm!" he shouted.

"Please, sir!" she implored. "Do it in my mouth like before! Just don't do it inside me!"

Master Ostadt pulled his swollen prick out and rolled Amy onto her back. He scurried up to her face, and so did the other master, who was jacking himself off furiously. Paige thought sweet little Amy looked wonderful. Still fully dressed in her formal uniform minus the panties, she had her knees cocked high in the air, her little pleated skirt piled up on her tummy. It was such a nasty scene, with the young schoolgirl getting a quickie from her teachers. She just lied there smiling at the two cocks being hand-pumped above her face.

"Oh, Jesus god! I'm gonna do it! How about you?" the one master asked Master Ostadt.

"Yeah, I'm gonna cum, too!" he gasped. "Open your mouth, Amy!"

The two priests pointed their massive pricks straight down at little Amy, who obediently opened her brace-filled mouth for them, and let loose with two groans. Sticky cum squirted from both thick cocks, splattering on Amy's innocent face. Amy started laughing as both men dumped glob after glob of cum all over her face. She had semen going everywhere, all over her glasses, in her blonde hair, dripping down her cheeks, on her braces.

"Motherfucker!" muttered Headmaster Rasmussen. "Look at that little whore, Paige!"

Paige started laughing, too.

The two priests jacked their huge pricks off to the last drop, and poor Amy's face was coated in cum. The master who had been fucking her, straddled her and squatted down, pushing his cock at Amy's mouth.

"Open your mouth, Amy," he said. "Suck the last drops out of it. Suckle the foreskin, baby..., that's a good little girl!"

Amy obeyed, and the master pushed it between her slippery braces. She sucked hard as he frigged down the length of his prickshaft, squeezing off the last drops of cum from the long foreskins into her young mouth. He pulled it back out of her mouth, stretching a string of slippery cum until it snapped back onto her face. Amy just laughed, as the other master handed her a bunch of tissues to clean herself off.

"Okay, Paige, your turn," said Master Sterbenz, lifting her from the couch, then lowering her to the floor.

Master Sterbenz reached up under Paige's school skirt and pulled her panties down quickly. Paige lifted her ass so he could pull them off. He flipped them aside, then tossed the front of her pleated skirt high on her waist. Paige watched as he fisted his cock, hanging outside of his trousers, to her tight snatch. She felt the head of his penis pop into her little cunt, and she bit her lip. It was only the second time she'd been fucked, and it still hurt like hell.

"OWWWWW!!!" she screamed into his ear in electrifying pain.

Master Sterbenz didn't care and began fucking Paige hard, slamming his fat cock into the little girl as everyone else watched.

"I get the little whore next," said Headmaster Rasmussen.

"Rape her, Headmaster Rasmussen!" said Amy. "Rape her little ass good, sir!"

Paige looked over at Amy, surprised at the fifth-grader's dirty talk.

Master Sterbenz started banging Paige's sopping wet cunt as hard as he could, thrusting all eight-and-a-half inches of himself into her. Paige was glad he wasn't any larger, but she was still enjoying it. Paige wrapped her kneesock-clad legs around the master, using her calves to pull herself tightly against him with each thrust.

"Yeah, sir, fuck her hard! Bust her little pussy!" added Amy.

Paige was soon panting hard. Master Sterbenz was fucking her much harder than Mr. Carver had done, and she was getting exhausted, but she was also having fun. She grimaced as she felt her young body building to orgasm.

"God, sir, I'm getting it!" she groaned. "God, I feel good!" Her thin tiny body shuddered as his cock showed no mercy.

"Yeah, sir, fuck her hard!" Amy added.

"Don't cum in me, sir," Paige asked. "I can't get pregnant; I want you to cum in my mouth, instead. I wanna taste your cum."

Master Sterbenz said nothing, just kept pumping his cock into Paige, now with short, rapid fuckstrokes.

"Okay, Paige!" he exclaimed.

He pulled himself out quickly and jumped to his feet, pulling her by the hand up to a sitting position. He pulled her head to him, and Paige opened her mouth for him. Then he shoved his cock between her lips. Master Sterbenz grabbed her by the sides of her head and started pulling and pushing her head back and forth, fucking her mouth hard. Paige groaned a few times, uncomfortable at first, then enjoying the sensation of having her mouth fucked. His cock wasn't that long, so she wasn't worrying about him choking her.

"Fuck her mouth, Master!" cheered not-so-innocent Amy. "Cum in the little slut's mouth - yeah!!"

"Yeah, Paige, get ready cause here it comes," he said.

Master Sterbenz grunted and shot his load of spunk into Paige's hungry mouth. It exploded against the back of her throat, running straight down to her tummy. She felt his cock spasm again and again, knowing that he was shooting his cum down her throat with each contraction. He pulled his big dick out a little more, and at least she could taste it now on the way down. It was a little bitter tasting, not anywhere as good as Mr. Carver's cum. A little disappointed, she politely finished downing his load of cream, then smiled as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. Master Sterbenz milked a few final drops out of the piss-slit and held it in front of her. She kindly licked them off.

"Okay, Paige, now my turn," said Headmaster Rasmussen.

"Okay, sir, how do you want to do it?" she asked.

"I'm gonna fuck you doggy-style," he said, and Paige laughed.

She got on her hands and knees. Still fully dressed in her uniform, she watched the master flip the back of her pleated plaid skirt over her waist. Paige felt him punch the big cock into her pussy. He held her by both sides of her waist and started a slow stroke, then got faster and faster with it. Poor Paige was so worn out by her first fuck, she couldn't enjoy this one as much as she had hoped. She was already sore, but she also knew the more she fucked guys, the more she would be able to enjoy it. She secretly thought of a plan.

After about ten minutes, Headmaster Rasmussen closed his eyes and pumped his prick into the young girl, enjoying every second of it. The feeling of her tight snatch gripping hard on every inch of his cock was ecstatic, and he had wanted to fuck her for so long.

"I'm gonna cum, Paige," he said.

"Already, sir?" she asked.

"Yes, my dear. I'm much too excited to hold off any longer."

"Okay, Master, do it in my mouth again," she told him.

Headmaster Rasmussen didn't answer, just kept on fucking hard into her sloshing wet preteen's pussy.

"Do it in my mouth, okay?" she repeated.

"Little girl, I gonna cum in your pussy!" he exclaimed.

"But, sir! I wanna taste your stuff! Do it in my mouth!" she begged.

Headmaster Rasmussen gripped her tightly, and she couldn't move. While the others watched, he tightened his grip on little Paige, slamming his thighs hard against the back of hers.

"I'm gonna cum in your pussy, Paige!" he told her. "I'm gonna fill your tight little cunt I want my seed in your womb!" He kept on fucking her from behind, his breathing getting louder and shorter with each stroke.

"Okay, sir, do it in me, then," she consented, a little disappointed that she wouldn't be drinking his cum. She had just finished her period, so she figured she couldn't get pregnant now.

Paige knew he was about to ejaculate, and she coaxed him the rest of the way.

"Shoot it, Master. Shoot your stuff in me. Shoot your cum."

With a loud groan, he fired his first burst of cum deep into her sweet young pussy. She could feel it pulsate within her, and knew he was filling her with his hot cream. His huge prick kept on pumping its load into the sixth-grade schoolgirl as he continued fucking her, until it dribbled down the back of her thighs.

Amy was giggling as she watched Headmaster Rasmussen's cum run down Paige's legs. "You fucked her good, Master," she chortled.

Headmaster Rasmussen finally pulled his obscenely swollen and dripping penis out of Paige, and all four men and the two schoolgirls laid there, relishing their lunch hour of forbidden passion.

Friday afternoon, Paige was ready for the big basketball game against Montpelier Middle School, the game for the Campus League championship. She was the first of the Rockhurst cheerleaders to arrive at the gym, and spotted Coach Carmeli studying a playbook on the first bleacher row.

"Hi, Coach!" she said, smiling.

Coach Carmeli looked up from his playbook at the alluring cheerleader walking toward him. His eyes devoured her young body with lust, and little Paige knew that he wanted her. She smiled knowingly with those dimples, her shoulder-length light brown hair curled under, and her bangs combed out evenly across her forehead. Paige's lipstick made her angelic smile seem even sweeter to him.

"Hi, Paige," he answered, still taking in the delightful sight before him.

"Do I look okay?" she asked. She turned around slowly, giving Coach Carmeli a good look at her cheerleading uniform.

Her cheerleading sweater was bright royal blue across the top half of both the body and arms, with a few blue and white stripes below that, running across. The bottom half of the sweater was white, on both the torso and arms, also. The sweater pulled in tightly against her small tits, and was a v-neck, with a white detachable collar. Paige's skirt was a matching royal blue with eight white inverted pleats. It ended extremely high on her thighs, barely covering the glove-tight white cheer panties underneath. Below those thin, smooth thighs were a cute pair of slightly-knobby knees and white kneesocks with three thin blue stripes around the top. The uniform was made complete by her all-white Keds canvas shoes.

"Why, Paige, you look just fine to me," he told her.

"Well, this uniform's getting a little too small, because I've grown this year," she told him.

Coach Carmeli looked at the tight sweater hiding her preciously fat tits. She smiled again, because she knew she could drive him wild.

"Well, Paige, I like it," he said.

"My skirt's getting too short, also," she added. "You can see my cheerleading panties when I bend over."

"Oh?" he asked.

"Yeah, look," she said.

Paige bent over, facing away from him. As he watched in disbelief, her little blue pleated skirt rose up high, showing off her skin-tight white cheer bloomers. Her pubis bulged between her legs.

"Ohmygod, that's fantastic!" he blurted out.

Paige laughed, knowing she had the coach right where she wanted him. She straightened upright and turned around, spying a huge bulge in his slacks.

"Do you need me to help with anything in your office, while I'm waiting for the game?" she asked, teasingly.

He knew what she was getting at, and he was only too willing to go along with it.

"Sure, Paige," he said, with a smile. "Come with me."

The coach led her into the boys' locker room, making sure nobody saw. They stepped into his office and he closed the door behind them.

"We've got to make this quick, though," he told her. "The boys will be here in a little while to get ready."

"Okay, coach," she acknowledged.

Paige joined the coach in an embrace. He pulled her tightly against him, rubbing her belly against his aching erection. His hand reached up under her skirt and squeezed her asscheek through her soft, tight cheer panties.

"How about a blow job, Paige?" he asked. "Have you ever sucked a cock before?"

"Yes, coach, I'm not a little girl!" she bragged, feeling her pussy getting moist from the excitement of the moment.

"Would you like to suck me off?" he asked.

Paige nodded.

"Yeah, I'd like that, but only if you fuck me the next time we're together," she told him.

Coach Carmeli laughed. "Sure thing, Paige," he chuckled. He unzipped his fly and pulled out an enormously thick ten-inch prick, as Paige dropped to her knees. She took it into her hand, caressing the warm flesh softly.

"OHMYGOD, Coach... you're thingie,... it's, uh... HUGE!!"

Coach smiled, although now that she mentioned it, it did seem to be a logical problem of exactly how his cock would fit in the little girl. "All the women and girls I've ever fucked told me I was above average in size. I'll be gentle if we ever fuck, but for now, I promise I won't cum in your mouth," he told Paige.

"That's okay, coach," she said. "I like the taste of it, so you can squirt it in my mouth if you'd like."

"Fuck, then, yes I will!" he moaned.

She closed her eyes as she slowly pulled his ten-inch cock into her sweet, preteen mouth. She sealed her lips around it and ran her tongue across the underside of the head, sucking at the same time.

"Oh jesus god, Paige..., that feels fantastic!"

Paige started a slow mouth-fuck on him, sliding his cock in and out of her eager mouth. She left lipstick marks on his prick, marking the depth to which she was taking him in.

"Oh, sweetheart," he moaned. "You darling little cocksucking cheerleader!"

He stood there, slowly pushing his hips forward toward her. Her hot breath and stroking tongue drove him wild. Paige looked adorable in her little cheerleading uniform, on her knees, sucking off the basketball coach. She could taste a couple drops of precum as it oozed from his slit. It had no taste, being neither sweet nor salty, but she enjoyed it.

"God, Paige, I love fucking your hot little mouth," he told her.

Paige giggled as she sucked him, harder now, working her tongue more aggressively.

"Yeah, my sweet little cheerleader..., wish they were all like you."

Paige could hear his breathing get faster and louder. She bobbed her head in and out on his cockhead, unable to get more than the rim in her mouth while her light brown hair swishing forward and back with each mouth-stroke.

"Oh, Paige, you're gonna make me cum if you keep this up!" he gasped.

Paige cupped his tennis ball-sized testicles in both her hands and softly massaged them. She stopped her blowjob briefly, clamped her lips hard around his cockrim and sucked away, using her tongue and pulling and gently squeezing his cum-bloated balls.

"Oh, shit, you're gonna make me do it!" he groaned.

Paige kept up the sucking, tongue-wiggling, and ball-massaging. She moved both hands from his balls to his thick cockshaft and began to jack his cock into her mouth, going faster and faster. She felt his cock swell even larger in her mouth, and knew she was about to get a pre-game meal.

"Awwwww!! Shit! GODDAMN THAT'S GOOD!!" he screamed. Coach Carmeli shuddered as his prick bloated and squirted a large load of cum into the sixth-grade cheerleader's hungry mouth. Six more heavy loads followed in quick succession, flooding her little mouth. "Oh, fuck, goddamn that's good, Paige, that's good!!" he groaned.

Paige felt his thick cock spasming in her hand as he pumped his cum down her throat. She could feel his warm semen splashing across her taste buds, briefly tasting a little of its sweetness before she swallowed. More and more cum continued to gush from his cock, filling the little cheerleader's mouth almost faster than she could swallow until finally, the coach's stream of cum came to a stop. Paige stroked his cock one more time, sucking the last drops out of him, as Coach Carmeli moaned in delight.

Suddenly, the door burst open.

"Coach, are you all right?!"

It was Ernie, the center on the basketball team. He had heard the coach gasping and cursing, and just wanted to make sure his coach was okay. Instead, Ernie saw his coach standing there in the middle of the room, his pants undone, his big swollen cock hanging out and being grasped by a middle school cheerleader on her knees.

"Oops, I'm sorry, sir...," he stammered.

Paige had turned her head as the door opened, and just stared at the sixth grade classmate, white cum coating her bright red lips.

"Sorry, Paige," the boy added, embarrassed and starting to close the door.

"That's okay," she told him.

Ernie stopped and looked at her.

"I'll bet you'd like this, too, wouldn't you, Ernie?" Paige asked brazenly, still holding onto Coach's huge prick.

"Yeah, sure!" he replied.

"I'll tell you what, Ernie," she added. "If the team wins the game, I'll suck your dick afterward, okay?"

Coach Carmeli laughed, his heavy prick bobbing up and down. "If they win the game, I think they'd all deserve to get sucked off," he chortled.

"Okay," agreed Paige. "If you guys win, I'll suck all of you off down here in the locker room afterward."

Both Coach Carmeli and Ernie grinned from ear to ear.

"Sounds like a deal to me!" Ernie added. "But what if we want to fuck you instead?"

Paige shrugged.

"Whatever, it doesn't make any difference to me," she grinned. "It'll be fun either way."

Paige licked the coach's cum from her lips, stood up and walked out.

"I'll see you guys later, if you win," she called back as she walked out, her incredibly short blue cheerleading skirt flashing its white pleats as it swished teasingly from side to side.

By the time the game began, the word of Paige's promise to the team was spread among all the players. Paige could tell by the looks she was getting from the bench, and she could only smile. In a couple of hours, she knew she would be the most popular girl in the middle school. Even if the faculty found out and complained to the principal, Headmaster Rasmussen, she knew that he wouldn't do anything to punish her, because he had fucked her, too. Paige was already fantasizing about taking on the fourteen players and Coach Carmeli. Even if the team lost the game, she would be visiting their locker room, she knew. She took the floor with the other cheerleaders for the introduction of the starting lineups for Rockhurst. As she cheered and jumped about with the introduction of each boy, she made eye contact with each one and smiled. The boys went back to the bench, and the school fight song was played. Paige did her pom pon routine to the music, exaggerating her movements, showing off as much of her white cheer panties as she could for the boys and Coach Carmeli, who just stared at her with vivid lust. Her little blue skirt with the eight inverted white pleats flipped about as she swung her hot little preteen ass. Her kicks were high, flashing her panty-covered crotch as her white knee socks with the blue trim soared over her head. Paige could feel her little pussy get incredibly moist with anticipation. She wondered if the guys could see a wet spot through her panties.

The game was a close contest, with the lead changing hands a number of times. Finally, Rockhurst went on a 14-2 scoring run in the last quarter. With just under forty seconds left and Rockhurst leading by 16 points, the two coaches began substituting their bench players, acknowledging that the game was over. Coach Carmeli looked over at Paige, and smiled. The little cheerleader winked back, trembling with excitement. She couldn't wait for the final horn to sound. When the game finally ended, the boys mobbed each other on the floor, having won the Campus League championship. The trophy was awarded and the boys quickly took off for the locker room.

Paige waited for the other cheerleaders to start leaving. Finally, when the gym had all but emptied out, she carefully made her way toward the locker room door. Making sure nobody saw her, she quickly opened the door and slipped inside, carrying her pom-poms. The boys were eagerly waiting, sitting on the benches with Coach Carmeli. They stared intently with lust at the daring young cheerleader. Paige started to blush a little. She didn't know quite what to say or how to start this.

"Would you guys like to see one of my dance routines, first?" she blurted, somewhat clumsily.

"Yeah! Hell yeah!" they cheered.

Paige smiled at their enthusiasm, and started one of her more suggestive pom-pom routines, while all the boys cheered her on. Their encouragement was all she needed to get her confidence back. She smiled as she watched the bulges in their shorts getting larger and larger. Her tight v-neck sweater, blue on the top half and white on the bottom half, with a few blue and white stripes across the middle and the white detachable collar, pulled up high with arm movements. Her flat belly peeked from the gap between sweater and skirt. Her blue skirt danced about wildly as she spun about and ground her ass, flashing those eight inverted white pleats and her incredibly tight white cheerleading panties. The boys cheered as she put on the sexiest show she could. Halfway through the routine, she reached up under her skirt and peeled her panties off. As they fell around her white kneesocks, she stepped out with one foot and then flung them across the room with the other, to the gasps of the boys and Coach Carmeli. Paige started a high kick sequence, each kick giving just a teasing glimpse of her almost hairless pussy. She ended the routine by facing away from them and bending over slowly with her feet together. Her little skirt pulled up high on her bare ass, with her sweet little cunny mound bulging between her tight preteen thighs.

The guys went wild. They flocked around Paige, kissing her and fondling her body from head to toe. Some of the guys were rubbing her firm little tits through her sweater, while others were reaching under her skirt, squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy. Several of the boys peeled off Paige's tight sweater and unfastened her bra, flinging both across the room, as well. Paige's firm, round nipples stood erect as the boys' hands roamed across her ripe C-cup breasts. Paige was lost in delight, finding herself the object of all this attention. She closed her eyes as she stood there, enjoying the feeling of warm hands all over her young figure. She felt fingers on her pussy lips, poking inside the wetness of her sweetness.

Paige could take it no longer. She had to fuck or suck somebody.

"Okay, guys," she called out. "We might as well start. I'll sit down on this bench over here and suck cocks first. If you want me to suck you off, stand on this side, and if you want to fuck me instead, stand on that side."

Paige gestured to both sides of the bench. Eight of the boys ran to the other side, wanting to fuck sweet little Paige, while six of them stood where they were, wanting the darling cheerleader to suck their cocks dry.

"How about you, coach?" Paige asked.

"I'll do you last, honey," he told her, with a wink. "Let the boys go first."

Paige smiled and sat topless on the bench, dressed only in her blue cheerleading skirt with the white pleats and her white kneesocks with her Keds shoes.

The boys all undressed where they were. The first boy stepped up to Paige, somewhat nervously.

"It's okay, Roger," she told him, taking his small but firm six-inch cock in her tender hand. While the others watched, Paige sealed her lips around him and started sucking him. Her dimpled cheeks caved in and her tongue darted all around his prick-tip, while she started a good hand-job on him. Paige knew from hand-jerking Mr. Carver's son that these boys probably wouldn't last very long. She whacked away on Roger for only a few minutes, while he moaned in ecstasy, before he let loose and dumped his creamy load into her waiting mouth. Paige was a little disappointed at how little semen came out, but knew she was making them happy, anyway. She licked Roger dry, then asked him to step aside. The next boy came up. Paige smiled at him and proceeded to repeat the same with him. This time, the boy lasted a little longer and poured more cum down her throat, but his cum didn't taste very good. The third boy hardly lasted two minutes before he shot off, but he gave Paige a good, long drink from his cock. She enjoyed his taste, too, and milked his prick for every last bit she could get from him.

"Mmmm, that was good," she told him, smacking her lips. As he stepped aside, she turned her attention to some of the other guys. "Okay, who wants to fuck me first?" Paige asked.

Ernie was first in line.

"Hi, Ernie," she said. "Are you ready?"

He nodded, while Coach Carmeli came back from his office with a stack of towels, placing them behind Paige for a pillow. Paige lied down on the bench, resting her head on the white towels. The young cheerleader smiled with her cute dimples while she pulled her little skirt up, pushing the white pleats high on her waist. She spread her legs wide, displaying her bright pink, wet pussy for the boys. "Okay, Ernie," she said. "Put your cock in me."

Ernie squatted down and pushed the head of his prick between her slick pussy lips. He punched his full six inches into Paige and started fucking her hard. Paige looked up at the handsome boy as he drilled her pussy hard. She squeezed her nipples between her fingers and raised her knees high, her shoelaces swinging in rhythm with the fuck. "That's it, Ernie," she coached. "Fuck me... fuck me good!" She could feel herself nearing an orgasm, when Ernie suddenly groaned and fired his wad up into her tight snatch. He stopped abruptly, letting his cock squirt itself dry into her. Then he pulled it out and stood back up. Paige was glad that Ernie had fucked her, but she would have liked to have gotten off, too. Maybe the next boy would do it. The next boy, a starting forward named Mike, lowered himself on top of her and pushed himself into her pussy. Loud sloshing noises could be heard in the locker room as his cock squished through the cum already in her cunt. Paige giggled at the sloppy noises, but the boy was all business as he rammed it hard into her. Meanwhile, another boy couldn't wait any longer. Paige watched him whacking himself by hand and knew he was going to jack off before she could suck him.

"Come here," she motioned.

The boy scurried to her side, still beating his meat.

"Squirt your cum in my mouth, okay?" she asked.

The boy nodded, and Paige opened her mouth wide for him. She waited patiently for him to orgasm, and when he did, he pushed his cock toward her mouth. Cum splattered all over her cheeks, but he missed her mouth with most of it. Paige scooped up most of his cream with her finger before it ran into her hair, and licked it clean. The boy fucking her was getting close to cumming and suddenly pulled out of her, just as he shot off. His cum splattered all over her tits and the underside of her pleats.

Coach Carmeli toweled her off as the other five boys continued stepping up to fuck the sweet sixth-grade cheerleader. Each one got off in a matter of only a few minutes, with all of them shooting their cum into her sopping pussy. When they had finished, Paige mopped up the mess from her cunt, most of which pooled on the bench as it ran out of her when she sat up. The last two boys waited for their blowjobs, which Paige gave to their satisfaction, drinking down every drop of creamy white cum that she could get. Only Coach Carmeli was left, and Paige knew he wanted to save the best for last. She pulled her legs high over her head, her pretty white kneesocks cocked high, her shoelaces dangling.

"Come on, coach," she said, smiling at the man whom she had already pleased once earlier.

Paige pulled her swollen, almost-bare pussy lips wide apart for him, as he straddled the sixth-grade cheerleader.

"Fuck me good, sir," she asked him, as he fisted his already rock-hard cock into the darling young girl. "Mmmm, yeah..." she groaned, closing her eyes as she felt his manhood slide up into her sloppy snatch, filling her juicy cunt. The cum from the other boys squeezed out of her, pooling under her ass on the bench. Coach Carmeli whipped out his huge cock gave her a solid, hard fuck. The boys watched Paige get nailed by their coach, staring at the incredible sight. Paige looked magnificent with her blue cheerleading skirt's white pleats splashed up high on her tummy. Besides, the size of Coach's big whanger did not go unnoticed.

"Be careful that it doesn't come out her throat, Coach!" one of the boys yelled.

"Ooohhhh... ooohhhh..." Paige kept moaning, squeezing the hem of her pulled-up skirt with both hands as Coach Carmeli drilled her with hard, short, measured fuck-strokes.

"Oh, God, sir..." she groaned. "You're gonna make me cum... So hard!"

He smiled down at Paige, whose breathing was getting faster and faster. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, wanting him to give her a pussy-killing orgasm.

"Yes... yessss... YEEEEESSSSSSS!!" she screamed, as her young body shuddered uncontrollably. "Oh, God, Coach, you made me cum, cum so fucking hard!" she gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Good, Paige. I love watching you cum over my cock!" he told her. "You deserved a big one inside your fantastic little ass!" He pulled his cock from her abruptly.

"Now stand and bend over the bench," he told her. "I'm gonna fuck you doggy-style," he added, as Paige and the boys laughed.

Paige stood up and bent over the bench, grasping the sides with her hands, looking back as Coach Carmeli flipped her little cheerleading skirt up over her back. The coach grasped Paige's tight little ass cheeks and spread them. He wanted to fuck her sweet little ass, but he didn't want to hurt the sweet girl. So he pushed his prick into her snatch again, this time from behind. The coach and the cheerleader continued fucking, the force of his thrusts driving her down toward the bench with each push.

"Hey, Coach, can you cum in my mouth?" she asked, wanting another drink of his juice.

"Sure sweetheart, I'll fill you up good," he said. He busted the little girl's ass for another fifteen minutes, tearing into her like an animal, as if he was showing off in front of his team members, showing them how to fuck a girl properly. Then abruptly he stopped, holding his cock deep inside her womb. Then remembering she wanted him to cum in her mouth, he tried to pull out, but her pussy was locked onto his big prick. He grunted, gasped, and pulled back while pushing her hips only to snap back inside her pussy balls-deep.

"What the fuck?" he asked, puzzled by the phenomenon.

"Not inside me Coach! Please..., don't cum inside me, please?" she begged.

"Goddamnit, I... can't... what the fuck? I can't... pull... LET GO of my cock, Paige, you're gripping and I'm starting to cum now!" he yelled.

The boys came closer and were intrigued by the odd scene. The two were stuck together like dogs in heat! Coach, desperate to get out of her pussy, raised his big right hand and rained down five viciously hard blows on her asscheeks.


"OWWWWWWW, oh god, ouch!!! That HURTS!!"

Amidst the severe pain, the little girl's pussy finally released its grip on his big penis, allowing him to pull out. But he was already cumming in big spurts. He spun her face around toward the huge meat exploding its load. The girl sat on the bench in her skirt and kneesocks as Coach Carmeli flogged his cock in front of her face. Paige opened her mouth, tilting her face upward toward him, waiting for the tasty treat. Coach gasped and groaned, still firing his load. Thin, slippery ropes of cum bathed Paige's mouth, face, hair and big tits. Wanting to make sure she got it all, she sealed her lips around him and with both hands wrapped around his massive shaft, jerked him, sucking him dry like a vacuum cleaner, as his cock squirted spasm after spasm of its seed down her throat. When she had worked the last warm drops from him, she pulled his cock from her mouth.

"Paige, Paige," the coach muttered, shaking his head from side to side. "Jesus H. Christ, you're incredible. You're a dream girl - we won the lottery with you, babe!"

Paige laughed and looked around the room at the drained penises on all the boys, feeling very proud of what she had done, and feeling very naughty at the same time. She couldn't wait to take advantage of her new-found popularity. She had learned a lot in a short time, but she knew there was still much to learn in this fascinating subject of sex. One thing for certain, as long as Paige could have a cock in her mouth, she would be happy.

However, within a year, Paige was pregnant with her first baby. She didn't know who the father was, but had to be one of the adults, since she was regularly "servicing" two teachers, the Headmaster, and Coach twice each week. So it was only a matter of time before the young girl's fertile womb ignited into pregnancy. One week after her thirteenth birthday, she gave birth to a six pound, nine ounce baby girl. Turned out she never wanted to know who the father was, preferring to keep the secret even from herself. During her second pregnancy, she actually made money from dirty old men who wanted to fuck a pregnant girl. Paige serviced men throughout her third trimester, and by virtue of doing so, was able to pay the entire cost of her hospital stay and delivery in cash. Don't hate Paige for being a slut or enjoying sex. Rather, hate the society that tries to make Paige feel bad about her choices.

The End
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