Letter: On Interracial Sex
(M/f, fantasy, ir, size)

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Dear Kysa,

I know you get inundated with emails - probably from perverted guys just like me - but I felt compelled to write anyway (and this may be long-winded too <sorry>). I just wanted you to know how your site was a masturbatorial feast for me.

I am one of those white boys with a little white boy cock. I have seen 8-year old black boys with bigger 'limp' ones than my stiff erect one. Go ahead and mock me if you feel compelled - genetics was cruel to me. I simply crave to watch any kind of hot interracial action, particularly when the white girls are hot and desirable and the black cocks are monster cocks. I get off on mild/wild fucking to more extreme exploitation etc.

I arrived at your website thru JSUNRAY's "blackmeat" webpage after he came thru yahoo's chat room displaying the URL. His site was hot too and preyed upon my inferiority complex when it comes to dick size and properly satisfying 'my' women.

Unlike JSUNRAY though, who describes himself as a 'dom', I am only a pathetic voyeur (as such, I can relate to your descriptions about being more introspective about sex: as such it gives me time to contemplate and deliberate and analyze about why I am the way I am sexually). Anyway, sex now for me is like 90% in my mind. And it's totally safesex, too, as a result!

If I may continue, unlike JSUNRAY, it is like I am 'masochistic' about my view on interracial sex...like I want to be 'hurt' by viewing a white woman being exploited sexually by superiorly hung blacks and/or 'hurt' by viewing a white woman 'willingly' wanting black cock and willingly wanting to be exploited for the pleasure and amusement of blacks. I know these feelings stem directly from my 'traditional Southern white upbringing' where my sisters where indirectly taught that black cock ("niggers") were strictly forbidden. I think I am somewhat more progressive in my real life dealings, but 'sexually' - to cum terrifically - I like to hold onto those old vestiges of 'racism'. So my thoughts on interracial sex aren't all that "wholesome" regarding sensuality, eroticism of contrasts (even though it is!!), bigger cocks, seemingly more animalistic fucking, etc. A lot of what turns me on about interracial action is "racist" driven - there! I confessed it!! hehe. Also, a great deal of it stems from, you guessed it, "black penis envy"....(I often wonder if I had a 7-inch cock would I be the way I am about all this...I dunno). To my masturbatorial delight, you really play up (or seemingly play up) those aspects, certainly how superior black cock is dimensionally, and then you also play upon the 'taboo' of it too (e.g. pic of 'Mandingo', references to the "plantation mistress," numerous references about getting knocked up, etc.)

Your website is multi-dimensional and that is what I really like. it IS erotic and sexual (yeah) as well as informative and delves into the workings of your mind, from reading Ayn Rand to movies and other pop culture to your fixation on cocks - dimensions, veinage, circumcision (you little "cock connoisseur" you!): it gives a glimpse at the total 'you.'

It turns me on more to know you or a bit of you and then know you like or prefer black cock - BIG (black) cock that is.

You should know I have like the worst southern white boy curse possible: I can only (only!!) cum viewing - or thinking about - hot interracial action (white girl/black cock). My fate was sealed with my very first cum explosion: watching/spying on a neighbor girl (a hot ex high school cheerleader gone 'bad') being violated repeatedly yet willingly by 4 greedy hung black studs when I was but 13. It was erotic and the taboo of it all took my breath away immediately. it was animalistic (my first viewing of 'fucking' so it was more so) but they really exploited her with a vengeance or so it seemed, and she, she knew I was watching and made every effort to be even more blatantly slutty because of it!! She was a girl I coveted, although she was older, in college, she did play with my li'l dick when I was 11 and I wanted her to see my cock now that it was 'big' or so I thought (!!!) - I didn't realize how small I was compared to black cock, I paled in comparison. Anyway, the sense of 'losing' her to the 'savage' "niggers" <sorry for the choice of words> really anguished me. I shot sperm like a roman candle...I came each time they came up in her or on her face, and so on (like 6 times in an hour). It sealed my fate as I would nightly re-visit those memories/sights etched in my permanent memory. I inadvertently ingrained the 'need' for "anguishing" interracial action to induce my orgasms. YIPES! that is what it is: "anguish" or "torment" that induces my orgasms!

A hot girl like you really anguishes me (thanks for the orgasms)!

I induced a sorority girl - prim and proper on the surface - to 'go black' when I was in college, and soon she was the exclusive domain of blacks - not just any blacks, but very black ones, very big cocked ones, very 'ugly' ones too and ones at the lower end of the economic pole.... garbage men, janitors etc....she loved to give her prized white pussy to them.... she would let me fuck her or suck me occasionally just to let me know how good those black boys had it (just to further torment me mind you).

I think she really got off on just how 'tormented' I got over her being used by blacks for their pleasure (and hers too) and how the torment would literally induce my orgasms....so, much to my orgasmic delight but mental anguish, she quickly became a 'fucktoy' pure and simple for any black that would want to exploit her sexually. You name it, she did it, or at least she would claim that 'they' made her do it...just it get me going. She would regularly come by, jack me off while sitting on my face (I preferred servicing her 'before' the nights festivities. But she would come by afterward and 'make' me service her too) while telling me what "those nasty nigger boys" made her do to their bodies.

Now I would cherish a girl like her (and like you). I would love to roll back the clock and get back with Nancy (the sorority girl gone bad); I didn't realize at the time, she was what I needed, now I know.

Know of anyone who would be interested in a professional white male like me? You perhaps?

Anyway, hope I wish you well.

Love & Cum

The End
Kysa Braswell
Best free sex stories at www.best-free-sex-stories.com has the best free sex stories a to z with Video Hub The best are at Kysa Online and for Large Breast withSpindly Pussy And Fucking