Kysa and the Hung Teenager
(m/F, size, cons, pain)

by Kysa Braswell
kysa online

Note: This is one of the few stories where Kysa retains her deafness as part of the story.

Kysa Braswell, now all of 20-years old, has worked at the Time and Again clothing store as a seamstress along being a gofer girl (go for this; go for that…) for the past six months. Her boss, Rachel Sallis, was not only a strikingly attractive woman in her early 40s, but was a by-the-book manager who didn't tolerate imperfection well. This was a constant challenge to Kysa, given her natural clumsiness on top of being a deaf girl, which made her seem 'slow' to her colleagues.

Her deafness made every social situation a difficult one. Rachel kept Kysa away from customers and in the back, cleaning and stocking when not sewing. Kysa didn't seem to mind; it just made things simpler for her. Another person who didn't seem to mind was Kent, who was the boss lady's 17-year old son. He couldn't help but notice her stunning first impression she seems to make on everyone. However, he had noticed over the months that she would lose herself in staring spells where she would stop everything and not be able to take her eyes off of some target. He also noted her endearing clumsiness, but took her as dumb and able to take advantage of her. Despite his evil intentions toward her body, he was always kind and silly around her. In turn, Kysa enjoyed him and loved teasing and flirting with him.

He loved it when Kysa was pulled from the back room to measure a gentleman for his inseam length or alterations on a pair of pants. She looked all professional about the task, while every man she touched was visibly red in the face and uncomfortable with her touching them in front of others. She never hesitated to get close to their crotches, even tapping their cock and balls to get the most accurate measure. Kent was sure she enjoyed those moments of closeness to Mr. Every Man's genitals. For the store, it generated great business from men who soon spread word to go to Time and Again to get themselves a new pair of pants!

But Kysa's pastime was to tease Kent whenever she could. She was irresistibly playful around him. There were numerous instances of her asking his help with a box, which allowed her to flash her ample, 36DD cleavage at him. Or at holding the ladder while she climbed to store some material, while allowing him easy view of her thong panties under her dress. Kysa took her breaks down in the basement of the building, which was light by only one light in the corner and rest by small windows looking out into the street.

She was down in the basement, taking a break, drinking a diet coke, when Kent came down. He saw her fiddling with something on her dress and as he came closer, he noticed she was resetting the waist of her skirt with a brass safety pin. She didn't notice him until he was upon her. She signed 'hi' to him and he grabbed her notepad he wore around her neck and wrote,

'Whatcha doin, babe?'

"Just fixing my skirt, the snap broke and ripped, so a safety pin is my belt today."

Then he wrote, "Sorry to hear that, but I still love you, Kysa." She read the note and it warmed her heart. She reached out and touched his face. He blushed, but looking downward, he took her hand in both of his and moved it down to his bulging crotch. Kysa choked on her coke at the gesture, quickly snatching her hand away from his unusually large and warm bulk hidden in his pants.

Kent leaned forward and grabbed her notepad again, writing, "I want you to touch me, Kysa. I can't stand being around you. You make me so fucking horny. Please touch me... now." He returned the note to Kysa and as she was reading it, he was slowly pulling out his cock so that there would be no misunderstanding what he meant by the note.

Kysa pulled the note down and noticed one of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen. Her first thought was, 'OHMYGOD! How could a 'kid' be so huge?!' Kysa waived him off, trying to defuse the situation right now.

Kent took her hand and squeezed it across the immense shaft just hanging from his pants. She looked at his eyes in protest, them saying clearly, "I can't, Kent." He wasn't going to force her. He knew she was a horny slut underneath that shy demeanor and would come around to him, if not now, then in a couple of years after he graduated high school. He released his hand over hers and something happened. Or rather, something didn't happen. Kysa did not release her grasp of his thick semi-hard member hanging halfway to his knees. She was enthralled by its bulk, even in this semi-hard state. She lifted his meat toward her, its length tilted like a bat being lifted, and noticed he was uncut. In fact, he was very uncut; his foreskin hanging over a half inch below his cockhead.

Kysa liked that trait and studied it closer, all the while, Kent was saying aloud, "That's it, you bitch, go ahead, give it a little kiss. I know you can hear me you deaf whore."

Kysa was holding his cock mass from underneath, supporting its growing weight with one hand, and her fingers failed to encircle his girth, leaving almost two inches out of her grasp. Her own focus was on his cockhead and as skinned his foreskin back to reveal the shiny tip, several droplets of precum fell onto her skirt as his cock began to get some steel in it, responding to the warmth and firmness of her grasp. She pulled on his cocklength in a milking fashion, looking up at him and giggling with delight. He thought it odd that she was laughing but she was making no sound. 'She's mute, too? Even when laughing? How fucking weird,' he thought to himself.

But the horny teenager dreamed of this moment for so long. He had jacked off 500 times using Kysa's body as fuel for his fantasy. And now it was all coming together, here in the basement of his Mom's business. Kysa supported the immense bulk of his cock with both hands now and brought the cocktip to her lips for a kiss. He shivered in delight at the feeling. He reached down and peeled his foreskin back, exposing the wet tip for her to kiss. Once again several heavy drops of precum dropped onto her skirt. She noticed and waited for it to stop, then kissed it, slowly rolling her tongue over the fat cockhead, making him feel so good that it gave his balls goose bumps.

Kysa continued working her way up and down the cock length until the boy was fully erect, now the massive cock was fully extended at 10 fat inches. 'My god,' she thought, 'no kid should be hung like this. It'd be a crime if I didn't take advantage of him.'

Mmmph gmphmmph mmmm mgulp! as his size was overwhelming her, making her head dizzy. His size was just too much to comfortably get her lips around. She compensated by doing the best she could and focusing on his cockhead while letting her hands jack him off into her mouth. Kent ran his fingers through her hair, careful not to mess her up too much, since she had to return to work after this break. Kysa reached lower and massaged his balls, and that one act set him afire and made his cock begin firing huge slobs of cum into her mouth. He wasn't going to pull back, instead he would rely on her to take the lead on whether to swallow. He didn't think she knew he was about to cum, as she sucked right on as if nothing was different. His powerful blasts began shooting into her mouth and she didn't pull away! She flinched and blinked widely but she kept the cock right where it should be: inside her mouth.

"What a goddamned slut!" he thought. This chick has major possibilities with his buds, he thought. He blasted away into her mouth, ejaculating at least a dozen thick ropes of cum down her gullet. Kysa responded by smoothly pulling her skirt up her thighs so that his excess load wouldn't fall from her mouth and onto it. The last thing she wanted to explain was a wet spot on her dress to the boss lady. When he was finished and shaking all over, she held his cocktip in her mouth by the foreskin alone, sucking it like a baby's pacifier.

"GODDAMN, you are one sexy fucking slut!" he exhaled. He knew she couldn't hear him, so he said all kinds of cruel, tasteless things to her.

The next day, Kent returned and waited in the basement. Only this time he had brought his friend Ridder. Practically the same scene occurred today as yesterday, only Ridder took his turn first. When Kent told him about Kysa this morning, he spent the day thinking he was just exaggerating. But now that he's standing in the presence of Kysa, he's amazed, almost intimated by her natural beauty. 'Here's a woman who will look good and be fuckable, even when she's 60' he thought to himself, staring deeply, and drinking in her image, which would serve as fuel for many future fantasies of his. Later on, as he fucked his wife, whomever she might be, he'll still be fantasizing that he's actually fucking Kysa.

Kysa was docile, but put down her coke and stood up and put her arms around him clumsily, as if they were going to slow dance. She lightly kissed his neck, tickling him and sending shivers down his spine and straight into his hardening member. He pulled back slightly to meet her eyes, then planted a passionate French-kiss right on her. Kysa did not resist, but rather she enjoyed such an odd moment. And looking out of the corner of her eye, she thought she detected a slight tinge of discomfort or jealously from Kent.

Ridder backed her away and began unbuttoning her blouse. With her blouse on, she didn't look that big. Surely not as big as Kent had described. But as he slipped off her blouse, he noticed she was packing some serious breast meat. He turned her around and unclasped the bra with difficulty, as all boys do. Standing behind her as he slowly unveiled her breasts in full view of Kent, Ridder was aghast at their perfection. Looking down, all he could see was the top of her head, the tip of her nose and two huge breasts capped by very large areolas!

Ridder pinched and squeezed her nipples, pulling them out from her mass of breast flesh, tweaking them until they stood outright over a half an inch from the areoles. Both his cock and balls quickly began to swell in his pants, situating itself between the deep cheeks of Kysa's ass, even through the material of her skirt. Kysa mewed in delight, knowing that few things were more fun than giving good looking guys uncomfortable hardons.

She reached behind herself and skinned her hand up his thigh and along his bulge, squeezing his bulk hard into her palm. Ridder groaned and collapsed toward her neck, sucking her skin and kissing her earlobe. Ridder couldn't hold back much longer. He walked Kysa over to a nearby bench table and bent her over the edge. Lifting her long skirt, he was delighted to see her white g-string panties, showing off a tautly rounded ass that invited any man to partake of her flesh and commit as many sins as possible with it. Ridder pealed off her panties and tossed them at Kent. "Here, sniff these asshole, while I bang your little girlfriend!" A muted 'asshole' was Kent's only response as he reposed to watch the scene unfold in front of him.

Ridder dropped his pants to reveal a nice little 7-incher, nowhere near as large as Kent's whopper, but with it he would fuck the daylights out of Kysa for the next hour. Kneeling behind her, Ridder spread her lips and raked his tongue along her sweetness, straight across her ass and up the small of her back. Then he blew lightly onto the smear he had created, instantly creating goose bumps on her skin. Leaning over her and lifting her chest off the table slightly, he filled his fists with her breasts again, and uttering another 'goddamn!' toward Kent, loving her long nipples, and secretly wishing milk would come out. He smiled at the thought that he was kinky, especially when Kysa knew he was only another normal guy with normal sexual desires.

Ridder leaned back, and slid his cock up and down the length of her pussy lips, wetting his cockhead with her sweetness. He found his aim and pushed into her warmth as hard as he could, stopping at about the three-inch mark, hearing her exhale and internally yell in pain. The sudden stop had injured him for a moment, forcing him to rethink his entry.

"Jesus, this chick is tight! Ain't no way you could've fucked her, Kent!"

"In that case, don't hurt her, shithead. I want to be able to do this again. Wouldn't want to turn her off to fucking, ya know. Besides, once I get into her, I'm going to tear that pussy UP! Hahahahaha!" Kent said.

Meanwhile Ridder was pounding the holy hell out of her, tits slinging underneath her wildly back and forth, all the while Kysa had a pained look on her face, as if not enjoying the moment. But both Ridder and Kent enjoyed seeing a girl in pain. They loved to make a girl yelp, cry, and then leave them so sore that they had no choice but to tell every other girl they met that either of the two would fuck them senseless if they got in their pants. Problem was, THIS chick wasn't going to be telling any other girls. The two boys had never seen her with anyone other than that Leslie girl, who was far too protective of Kysa. She was even a bitch to other guys about treating her nice. Nonetheless, they would break Kysa in good over the next few months, getting her addicted to cock and cum.

An hour later, Ridder was still pumping Kysa's ass furiously; intent on making sure she could barely walk the next morning, if at all. He spent much of the time squeezing her asscheeks and breasts very hard, leaving bruises all over her. It was obvious her inner thighs would bruise heavily given the vicious, extended fucking that Ridder was giving her. He had spent the last several minutes attempting to cum inside her, but kept pulling back, as if he couldn't pull the trigger. It only delighted him that he fucked her longer than any other prick had fucked her before. She wouldn't soon forget ol' Ridder, he thought.

He concentrated one more time, and by virtue of having a hardon for so long, he spewed a bucket of cum inside her, laughing loudly as he came over and over, the wet smacking of their loins growing louder with each deep stroke. Finally, after almost a minute of ecstasy, Ridder collapsed onto her sweaty back, licking her sweet flesh, loving her taste. His shrinking cock flopped out of her pussy, plopping like a cork, and a flood of his seed dripped and fell heavily onto her thighs, ankles and onto the floor.

"If that much cum doesn't give her a baby, then nothing will!" Ridder laughed.

"Glad you're finally finished, old man. I was getting worried, and bored watching you. You're a boring fuck, ya know?" Kent added.

"Oh yeah? Ask her and see if she agrees." Ridder challenged.

Kysa slowly pulled her skirt down and retrieved her panties from Kent. Then walked over to Ridder and got close to him. It was easy to see she had been crying at some time during the vicious fucking. She looked at him in his eyes and then punched him hard in the stomach, doubling him over. She slipped her hand over the side of his cheek and while he was still nude, she tiptoed and kissed his face, slowly fondling his cheek and neck while smiling right into the back of his eyes. Slipping on her panties, she hobbled out, noticeably sore from his fucking.

"Goddamned crazy bitch! What the fuck was that about? I thought she liked it." Ridder coughed.

"It was about you being an asshole, asshole." Kent replied. "You don't pummel a girl for more than hour, fucking her into jello, and then expect her to enjoy THAT."

"Well, she'll be back for more of this Ridder-cock, trust me." Ridder bet.

"Yea, well, just don't hurt her. I like her, but I don't want to ruin a good thing." Kent said.

Days passed before Kysa could walk or sit comfortably again, still recovering from the vicious fucking. Her pussylips remained swollen and puffy, too. She told herself, 'I didn't like it, but god, I sure loved cumming over his cock. Next time, Kysa, don't be so stupid. Suck the guy off if you don't want to get fucked like that. That way, with their load blown, they won't have anything left to fuck you with, girl.'

That strategy melted when Kent found her in the basement stitching a hem on a skirt. The boss, Rachel, was gone for the day so they were safe down here. She saw him out of the corner of her eye as he approached, but didn't acknowledge his presence. Losing her concentration on the hem, her mind wandered to Kent's cock and what it looked, felt, smelled, and tasted like the last week when she sucked him off. The simple task of finishing the stitch took three times longer than it normally would without him standing there.

Kent came behind her and unbeknownst to her, he had released his already hardening cock from his pants and pressed it against her back as she sewed. He massaged her shoulders, and distracted, she rolled her head and neck in a circle, enjoying his long, strong fingers on her tender neck. He played with her ears, wondering if it would make her mad, but it didn't. Kysa felt his hardness against her back and thought it was just he leaning against her through his pants. But Kent had leaned back and pulled his foreskin back, revealing more than a tablespoon full of precum that slathered on her rayon blouse. She felt the cool wetness, and jerking in her seat, she turned to see Kent's pants down just below his balls, and his cock fully extended, bouncing like a buoy in the water.

"Go ahead and suck all you want, bitch, but you're getting fucked today one way or another." Kent warned her aloud.

Kysa pursed her lips, pouted slightly while looking up into his eyes from her seated position. Her eyes seemed to tell him, 'You're not really going to fuck me, are you?' But she knew the answer was yes, and she just prayed he wouldn't be the brute that Ridder was.

"Let's start with sucking the knob, cleaning up my precum, little girl." Kent then grabbed his shaft and slathered his wet cockhead against her lips. Kysa didn't open her mouth, just closing her eyes against the mild assault. He grabbed a fistful of hair at the back her neck and squeezed until she cried, her mouth opened, and he slid his cockhead in a couple of inches, raking its sensitive cockhead against her smooth teeth.

"Be careful, there, babe. We don't play that game. Lay off the teeth." Kysa was great, though. She took to sucking his cock like a little girl sucking on a lollipop. She licked, sucked, smacked, slurped, and made sure that her tongue covered every single one of his ten inches. After 10 minutes of this all-star lip treatment, Kent became impatient, and lifted Kysa from the chair and pointed for her to get naked. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing those incredible tits shackled inside of a white lace bra. He was tempted to rip it down her waist, but he refrained. Inching down her panties, she stood completely naked and vulnerable before him. His cock towered toward her taught belly as he drew her to him and kissed her deeply, squashing his fat cock up along her belly touching her cleavage.

Releasing her, he flicked off the light switch, led her to a pile of material in the corner, and laying her down, he spread her legs and walked himself up between her legs. Without touching his cock, he poised it right at her cunt and just looked at her to insert it massive thickness into her. Kysa took the nonverbal hint.

'Oh god,' she thought. His thickness would be the hardest part. She grasped his cockshaft firmly just below the head, and slid about an inch just inside her. 'Ahh!' she gasped, and she stopped his progress, giving her time to breath deeply several times and relax around his immense width. After another minute, she let go and put her hands on his shoulders, signaling she was ready for more. Kent slid another two inches into her, and she gasped harder, and began hyperventilating around his cock, pushing his shoulders, then his hips to stop him again.

Her eyes were squinted closed, and Kent couldn't tell if she was enjoying this, or if he was killing her. 'Didn't matter,' he thought, 'she has no choice today. Today, this pussy is mine.' He held fast and flexed his cock inside her until he saw a tear come out of her right eye, followed by one in her left eye, rolling down her cheek. Kent then slid the five inches he had inside her back and forth, raking her pussylips in and out of her, gripping his cock like a glove that didn't want to come off. He punched his length into her, pushing as much as 7 inches into her, forcing her to cry out again, and she reached up and hit him on the shoulders twice really hard.

"Ouch, you goddamned bitch. You're getting all this cock, whether you want it or not. So you can cry and fight all you want, but it won't matter. I am going to pour my seed in your belly with or without your pleasure." And with that he tore into her, fucking her viciously.

'Ah! Aaahh! Unngh, oh, god!' she thought.

"Unh, ahh, yeah, goddamn that pussy feels tight!" Kent yelled.

For five straight minutes, he pummeled her pussy just like Ridder did and she felt like she was being raped, which was exactly what Kent was doing, raping her little pussy, but moreover, he wanted to stretch that pussy out and make her HIS bitch, so that every time he fucked another guy, she would long for and need his size, not their ordinary 7-inchers like Ridder's. That way, he figured, most guys would be out of bounds for her, leaving her to be a slut for his cock only.

He pulled her up to a sitting position by grasping two handfuls of tit flesh and pulling her up. She groaned some incomprehensible sound. She could sure fuck, but not being able to talk was a drawback, since she brought nothing but her body to sex. He kept punishing her with his cock, ramming all ten inches up into her cervix, and just holding his cock there, watching her face contort in pain from taking his immense girth. She would never be the same after him. She'd be spoiled for all men, except men who sported extraordinary dimensions between their legs.

His cock was greasy from her juices combined with his precum that dripped from his cockhead every time he got a hardon. After another 30 minutes of pushing his cock into Kysa from every position, Kent set about to cum inside her. He didn't care if she got pregnant, he was so horny looking at her body and feeling her tight pussy around his member. The great thing was that her pussy gripped his cock even tighter as he fucked her, because it was trying desperately to return to its normal state. Kent wasn't about to let that happen, as he wanted to make sure she took some sick days off after this fucking.

Grasping her thighs, he pulled himself into her all the way, until he felt his balls tickling her asscheeks. Holding just a moment, he stepped back and slid his length out slowly until only his cockhead was left inside. 'Surely, thank god,' Kysa thought, 'maybe he's done now.' But it weren't to be: he tore into her slamming his entire length into her belly, still holding tightly onto her thighs, leaving her no wiggle room, and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again he punctured her pussy with his rippling cock, pulling it all the way out his foreskin sheathed over his cockhead, but leaving it poised over her gaping hole, then quickly sliding all 10 inches all the way back into her cervix.

Watching her pained reactions gave him great pleasure and he could feel his balls tighten as his orgasm began. He was going to bury his seed as deeply as he could into Kysa and if she was even faintly fertile, he knew she would become impregnated. He fucked her faster than ever, 8-9 inch strokes tearing her pussy apart until finally he planted himself firmly in her as deeply as he could and started cumming. As he felt his warm seed soak and fill her womb, he backed out his cock inch by inch as the flood of sperm filled her vaginal tunnel. After 20 lengthy ropes of cum spurted inside her, he was left with only an inch inside her. Her face said it all, as her eyes were squinted in painful pleasure. His flood of cum reduced her to a quivering mass of sweaty tit flesh and grasping pussy muscles.

It felt to him as if she were doing kegel exercises on his cock. But as he pulled his cum-covered cock fully out of her, he watched as a river of cum slid and dripped heavily out of her hole.

"Goddamn, that looks fine! I love your pussy, Kysa!"

He pushed his softening length back into her and more cum quickly squirted out from the sides of his cock and down onto her asscheeks, then dripped onto the material below, which he knew would be ruined. He pulled out once again and slathered his cum covered, dripping cock all over her pussy hair and belly until she was a complete and total mess. Kysa was just relieved to have that monster cock out of cunt, which she feared was irreparably stretched.

As he cock continued to soften, she leaned up groggily, and wiped the tears from her eyes, studied his drooping cock length and felt sorry for him that he was done. She took his member in her left hand and lifted the heavy shaft to her lips where she set about cleaning every single inch of his cock until he was tempted to get hard again.

Being only 17, that's exactly what he did, and this time, he flipped her over and began rubbing its length along her asscheeks and pointed the fat head right at her asshole. The fun was just starting for him again; and the pleasure of newfound pain for her.

The End
© Kysa Braswell
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